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14 Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure While Traveling

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Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure While Traveling:- Coming home to a damaged house is every traveler’s nightmare. The chances of intrusion are higher when you’re not around, no matter how you slice it, and weather-related issues compound when discovered and addressed late.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure While Traveling
Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure While Traveling

Fortunately, you can boost your property’s resistance against the elements and outsmart burglars during your trips.

Here are the 14 Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure While Traveling.

Install a Security System #1

Surveillance equipment, motion, entry and glass-break sensors, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, and sirens work together to remotely alert you when something’s amiss while you’re away. However, a sophisticated home security system can be a significant purchase.

Consider a decoy system if you’re on a budget. Fake cameras and warning signs can be convincing deterrents.

Get Your Roof Inspected #2

A faulty roof is destructive when you’re at home. Just imagine the damage it will cause when there’s no one to address a leak urgently.

Call a roofer to inspect your system — including gutters and downspouts — before you leave. This professional can discover hidden issues and assess their severity.

If your roofing system can hold its own, you may tackle maintenance when you return. Problems needing immediate attention should be repaired before vacationing.

Fixing a broken roof can be time-consuming, so anticipate the job when planning your travel to book a credentialed contractor ahead of time.

Secure Outdoor Objects #3

Gusts and gales can send trash cans, light patio furniture and grills in the air. Fasten them down to ensure they remain where they are when you arrive back.

Stakes and bungee cords are excellent fastening tools. However, they’re only effective when used discreetly. Anchoring them in a high-profile way can give prying eyes a clue you’re not home.

Prune Overhanging Branches #4

Trees towering above your home can bruise roofing materials when the wind blows hard and clog your gutters with dead foliage. Even worse, they can give intruders access to your house.

Trim overly long tree limbs before packing your bags so they don’t compromise your home security.

Stop Mail and Deliveries #5

Few things scream an empty house louder than a pile of mail or packages on the doorstep. Speak with your local courier to discuss your situation and devise a plan.

If you usually get paper bills, switch to digital for the time being.

Pause your newspaper and magazine subscriptions, too. Ensure your online orders arrive, and don’t purchase anything before your departure.

Ask a trusted neighbor to pick up and keep any mail or delivery until you return to avoid drawing attention to your absence and protect yourself from porch pirates.

Store Valuables in a Safe #6

Do you have authentic jewelry, luxury goods, cash, and firearms and ammunition criminals may target during a break-in?

Keep them in a safe instead of hiding them in the cabinet, tucking them under the mattress or burying them in the closet.

Burglars spend minutes inside the house and they know where to look. Unless you password-protect your valuables, intruders can find and access them.

Furthermore, home safes can resist fire and water damage. A quality safe will keep your precious possessions and documents in one piece if disaster strikes.

Check Your Insurance Policies #7

Reviewing your relevant insurance papers before hitting the road is prudent.

It will refresh your memory regarding which items your policies protect and help you decide whether to upgrade your coverage.

Use a House Sitter #8

Ask a friend, relative or close neighbor to check on your property while you’re gone and report any cause for concern to you.

If you have pets, a house sitter can look after your furry companions and ensure they’re healthy and comfortable.

Set Timers on Lights #9

Having your outdoor and indoor lights on when it gets dark to create an impression of an occupied house is a brilliant idea.

Buy light timers to pull this off and program them accordingly before jetting off to see Edinburgh Castle or go white-water rafting in Bali.

Leave Curtains and Blinds Untouched #10

Cover your windows like you usually do — even if it means leaving them partially bare.

It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s a surefire way to arouse less suspicion.

Unplug Appliances and Electronics #11

Never leaving electric and electronic devices plugged in and unattended is fire safety 101. The electronics’ temperature limit is 179 F, and batteries can ignite when charged beyond 80%.

Regarding the fridge, you only need to empty, clean, dry and unplug it when you’ll be away for over a month.

Your refrigerator should be half-full for shorter trips to keep its temperature steady. Store half-filled water containers instead of perishable goods.

Lock All Entry Points #12

Ensure all your doors and windows are closed and locked. Having garage doors without an external locking mechanism can help discourage burglars.

Investing in additional locks and bolts will also go a long way.

Many intruders will give up after 60 seconds when they can’t break in, so put a premium on physical security.

Be Mindful of Spare Keys #13

Leaving a spare key outdoors is convenient but irresponsible because thieves are familiar with common hiding places. Entrusting it to a friendly neighbor is safer.

Be Quiet on Social Media #14

Posting vacation updates on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook tells the world your house is empty. If you must share your experience on social media, do it when you return.

Prevent Break-Ins While Taking a Break

Worrying about your home while you’re away defeats the purpose of leisurely traveling. It’s impossible to make your property 100% impregnable, but applying these tips will make your house weather-resistant and burglarproof.

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