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12 Perfect Places to Call Home in Ohio

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Places to Live in Ohio: Ohio has everything from small towns to bustling cities and natural treasures. Located in the heart of America’s heartland with Lake Erie on its northern border, this state offers affordable living, diverse communities, rich culture, natural beauty, and many economic opportunities.

No wonder the quality of life here is attracting so many people to put down their roots. 

Planning to move to this fascinating state?

Dive into our ultimate list of the 12 best places to live in Ohio to choose the perfect location to call home:

Dublin #1

This suburb of Columbus is home to excellent schools, ample parks, bike paths, and a tight-knit community.

Famous for the Dublin Irish Festival, this charming suburb also offers a plethora of entertainment options with the Muirfield Village Golf Club which holds prestigious golf tournaments, the beautiful Hayden Falls, a plethora of restaurants, spas, fitness centres, and more.


The housing cost and rent here are well below the national averages, making it one of the best places in Ohio to live, especially for young professionals and families just starting out.

Mason #2

Moving with family?

This Cincinnati suburb may be a perfect place for you.

Featuring numerous top-rated schools, Kings Island Theme Park, and one of the largest community centres in the state, this beautiful suburb attracts many families to call it home.


Enjoy swimming, rock climbing, hiking, and biking on its vast network of bike paths, or watch the world’s best tennis players play at the annual ATP World Tour Masters, the activities to enjoy here are endless.

What’s more?

Housing here may be slightly expensive but the high median household income covers it. 

Columbus #3

Love the vibrant big city life? Head to the state capital.

With its thriving art & music scene, lively nightlife, and ample outdoor recreational opportunities, this city offers something for everyone.


There are plenty of impressive museums, historic sites, picturesque parks, and ample green spaces here. At the same time, it boasts a diverse economy and is home to The Ohio State University.

The city is also big on music & sports events. You can find affordable rent options here.

Just like any other big city, certain neighbourhoods are safer than others so do consider that while choosing a location here. 

Pepper Pike #4

Outdoor movies in the park, beautiful winding streets, open green spaces, wooded retreats, and two impressive country clubs, Pepper Pike offers all this & more.

If you love a laid-back small-town vibe with big-city amenities, you can get the best of both worlds at Pepper Pike.

Its proximity to Cleveland offers easy access to the city’s rich culture & entertainment scene.

Pepper Pike

This beautiful suburb is considered quite safe & holds summer concerts, an annual ice cream social, and a fall clambake. Housing is pricey here but the amenities make it worth every penny. 

Upper Arlington #5

With the low unemployment rate, high median household income, and plenty of parks & top-notch schools, living in Upper Arlington has many benefits.

This Columbus suburb is home to a tight-knit community wherein you’ll see numerous generations living together. Jack Nicklaus, the golfing legend grew up here.

Along with a plethora of green spaces for outdoor activities, this suburb also has many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops for a lively outing.

Upper Arlington

What’s more?

The crime rate is low, making it a great place to raise a family.

Given the offerings, housing is pricey here but if budget is not a constraint, you won’t regret choosing this beautiful place. 

West Chester #6

Want the tranquillity of a small town but with easy access to the big city amenities?

Head to West Chester.

A thirty-minute drive from Cincinnati, this vibrant township boasts an excellent school system, high median household income, a lively downtown, and a thriving business community.

West Chester

It is home to The Square, a great gathering place featuring farmers’ markets, concerts, and an annual food truck rally amongst many other events.

The place also has plenty of kid-friendly entertainment options with the EnterTRAINment Junction which is home to the world’s largest train display as well as the Voice of America Park which offers great outdoor activities.  

What’s more?

You can get affordable renting options here.

The north part of the township is usually considered safer than the south.  

Amherst #7

Located in Lorain County, this suburb is a picturesque place offering a serene rural vibe.

Replete with excellent schools, churches, parks, hospitals, and other essential amenities, the place provides everything you need for a good quality of life.

Places to Live in Ohio

Hike at the Amherst Beaver Creek Reservation, test your throwing skills at Savage Society Axe Throwing, or get some fresh produce from the local farmer’s market, the activities to enjoy here are endless.

Owing to the plethora of parks & kid-friendly options, this place attracts a lot of families to settle down.

What’s more?

Cheap rent and high median household income add to its desirability. 

Marietta #8

This picturesque town is located at the confluence of the Ohio & Muskingum Rivers.

Named after Marie Antoinette to honour the significant role of France in the Revolutionary war, this quaint town has a rich history and features many buildings with Victorian-style architecture.

It has two waterways, and a vibrant downtown as well a commercial district. You’ll find plenty of antique shops, boutiques, galleries, and great restaurants, historic theatres, and museums.


If you’re looking for an affordable option, this will fit well within the budget with its affordable housing options.  

Granville #9

Just outside of the vibrant city of Columbus sits this quaint suburb. You’ll get a strong community vibe here with plenty of options for recreation.


From golfing to hiking and horse riding, the place is great for those who love an active lifestyle. There are also plenty of local businesses, boutique stores, lively bars, and excellent restaurants for an enjoyable outing.

What’s more?

There are excellent schools in the area as well as a low crime rate, making it a great place to raise a family.

The high cost of housing is more than compensated for by the high median household income. 

Beavercreek #10

This Dayton suburb is one of the fastest-growing areas of the state.

The highly rated schools coupled with the low crime rate attract many families to put down roots here.

Beaver Creek

Over a hundred restaurants and bars serve varied cuisines and make for a lively night scene. Couple this with a high median household income & you get a great place to live.

Despite such incredible offerings, housing here is quite affordable. 

Mentor #11

Love spending time amidst nature?

Head to Mentor.

Nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, this beautiful suburb offers a plethora of outdoor activities from swimming, hiking, boating, biking, and more.


Manufacturing & Retail are two of the biggest industries here, with the median household income being higher than the national average. Couple that with decent schools, ample parks, and plenty of bars & restaurants.

Its close proximity to Cleveland enables easy access to the big city entertainment scene.

What’s more?

The cost of living is quite affordable and the suburb also has a lower crime rate than the national average. 

Hudson #12

A suburb in Summit County, Hudson boasts of an excellent school system and a low crime rate.


Considered a ‘jewel’ of Northeast Ohio, this impressive suburb features historic neighborhoods, high-end shopping, and a vibrant culinary scene.

There is no dearth of outdoor activities here either with bountiful parks, wildlife preserves, and three golf courses.

Love to shop?

The suburb is home to a bustling shopping area and hosts plenty of exciting events from weekly concerts to theatrical performances.

Owing to its popularity, housing is slightly expensive here but households bring an income almost double the national average. 

So, pick the one that caters to your needs and get ready to begin the next chapter of your life in your brand-new home. 

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Q. What is the nicest place in Ohio? 

Dublin, Mason, Columbus, and Hudson are some of the nicest places in Ohio. 

Q. What are the negatives of living in Ohio? 

Harsh winters, humid summers, heavy rains, and thunderstorms along with limited public transportation in some areas are some of the cons of living in Ohio. 

Q. Why are people leaving Ohio?

Many retirees are leaving due to the harsh weather while many youngsters are leaving Ohio for better job opportunities in more vibrant states.

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