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Discovering the 05 Best places to live in Colorado: A guide to popular communities

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Best places to live in Colorado: Colorado is a developing state, making it an alluring option for people to live in. The state is a perfect blend of diverse living regions such as rural, towns, and urban communities.

The best place to live in Colorado state for you will be influenced by several factors such as your job, cost of living, family, relatives, etc. But if you want a transparent comparison of some of the best Colorado places, you have come to the right place.

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Today, we will compare Colorado’s top cities on diverse factors to find the best option.

Here is our list of some of the best places to live in Colorado:

Pueblo #1

If your budget is crunched, Pueblo is one of the best places to live in Colorado. It is due to its inexpensive cost of living and accessible means of living.

The culture has a southwestern influence because the sun is continually shining. The Riverwalk in the city center is home to a ton of entertaining stores.

If you have a ravenous appetite, the city has a wide selection of cafes, restaurants, and activities.

Its extremely varied weather lessens the impact of winters. It receives less snow than cities like Denver and Fort Collins, receiving about 32 inches year.


The population of the area is approximately 112,368. The average cost of a property is $399,900, while the average monthly expenditure is $6,428.

The unemployment rate is 5.4%, and there were about 2079 documented criminal offenses in the previous year. However, the city offers a welcoming environment and is generally safe.

Durango #2

The next on our list of best places to live in Colorado for families is Durango.

Do you adore scenic vistas and ski slopes? If so, Durango is where you want to go.

With its thick jungles, it’s also a great location for hiking and getting up close to nature. A lovely tiny town with a slow-paced lifestyle, Durango is ideal for families.

The city is extremely safe; only 350 criminal acts were registered there last year. Although tourism is the main driver of the local economy, due to its magnificent mountain location, living expenses are somewhat higher here.


The place has a population of around 19,223. For the cost of living, the home prices average $874,000, and monthly expenses are around $7,187.

The unemployment rate is also meager, around 2.9%, which opens up several earning opportunities for people living here.

Fort Collins #3

Consider Fort Collins to be Colorado’s most underappreciated city. Its economy is expanding, and its residents enjoy first-rate lifestyles.

You have the ideal combination of a small-town feel and a quickly expanding economy, which offers the inhabitants several chances.

Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins

Numerous events and activities are organized by Colorado State University, which keeps the city bustling.

A magnificent tour of the city may be taken on the 30 miles of lovely paths that have been developed around it during the year.

Because it has the highest concentration of brewers per capita in the US, it is frequently referred to as the “craft beer capitol of Colorado.”

Fort Collins

The area has 168,538 people living in it. The average cost of a home is $399,900, and the average monthly expenditure is $6,29,950.

The unemployment rate is 2.8%, and there were about 3996 documented criminal incidents in the previous year.

Grand Junction #4

Would you like to sample Colorado’s extensive wine collection?

Grand Junction is the final stop after that.

It is sometimes referred as as the Western Slope’s primary hub. If owning a home in Canada is a goal of yours, move toward Grand Junction. It is because buying a home is quite affordable and has a marginally low cost of living.

Grand Junction

Away from the crowds of the city, you can also choose accommodations at outdoor locations. The area is home to Grand Mesa, one of the city’s top tourist destinations, and the Colorado National Monument.

People who enjoy skiing will find the location to be very fascinating. It provides access to ski resorts like Aspen, Vail, and Telluride, which are only two hours from the city center.

The healthcare and educational sectors are the main employers in the city. However, the city’s private sector is also expanding significantly, creating a number of new income opportunities, particularly in the remote work segments.

The area’s average salary, which is roughly $54,570, provides a great standard of living.

There are almost 66,964 individuals residing there. The estimated cost of a condo is $399,900, and the average monthly bill is $478,500.

It is safe to reside in the state because it has a 3.6% unemployment figure and only had 1,113 alleged criminal offenses in the previous year.

Denver #5

Now we are coming to the surreal city of Denver, which is among the best places to live in Colorado. The location, which is in Mountain West, can be regarded as one of Colorado’s most economically robust communities.

places to live in Colorado

Given the abundance of high-paying career options and the relatively small population of 711,463, the unemployment rate there is extremely low at 3.3%. The area’s infrastructure and transportation options are impressive.

You can enjoy a fantastic nightlife, which makes it the best place to live in Colorado. There are numerous professional sports venues here if you enjoy sports.

The city is a great tourist destination because it is also well-known for its natural landmarks. One of the top ski resorts, such Mike High City, is also within a 4-hour drive.

The cost of living in Denver city itself is high. Some areas of the city, such the Aurora suburb, are less expensive and only 30 minutes from the city center.

The population amounts to about 711,463. The average cost of a home is $399,900, while the average monthly bill is $637,000. There is a 3.3 % unemployment rate and around 12,029 criminal offenses.


Colorado has several job options and a great atmosphere for living. Nevertheless, it is a sizable state with numerous cities, each of which has a significant impact.

The best places to live in Colorado are included in the list above, which takes a descriptive approach to several aspects.


Is Colorado a reasonable place to live?

Colorado features a number of locations that range in price from expensive to budget-friendly. For example, Pueblo is quite reasonable while Denver is fairly pricey. Here, the annual cost of living is roughly $46,600.

Is it a good idea to relocate to Colorado?

The state provides the ideal fusion of natural beauty and way of life. Along with a variety of adventure and travel choices, there are also numerous earning opportunities. Therefore, it is worthwhile to travel to Colorado.

Are Colorado residents friendly?

Colorado is a great area for families to live since the people are welcoming and nice. There are other cities with notably lower crime rates, making them extremely safe places to reside.

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