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07 Best Places to live in Hawaii in 2023

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Best Places to live in Hawaii: It is not wrong to say that Hawaii is not just a State, but it’s a state of grace. You will get all here. Beautiful seas, sun and islands.

It’s like an aesthetic full world inside our big world.

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You will get some best sunset moments by sitting near the ocean, getting some fresh fish and walking for hours and seeing the beauty all around.

Hawaii is one of the main vacation houses, people love to go there once in their life for a vacation, but living there is still a dream for many.

You got this chance, so you don’t want to miss this. But getting some best places to live in Hawaii for cheap is a major task to go through. But don’t worry, in this article, I will let you know  some best and most affordable places where you can live and enjoy your life.

As Hawaii is surrounded by 8 beautiful islands, so it’s sure-sure that there is no problem with the view and whether.

But living in a place is more than that, you are looking for schools, colleges, shopping areas, transportation facilities, medicals, and other necessary things that you need on a day-to-day basis.

So yes, we take it for all. Let’s discuss some  best places to live in Hawaii for cheap.

7 Best Places in Hawaii to live


Located on the northern side of the Honolulu community, Maunawili is one of the cheapest and most affordable places to live in Hawaii.


You will easily get some of the best houses to live in here, as it gives a modern and radiant surrounded vibe, and also has an island of Oahu with looks so beautiful.


The next place is all about millennials, you live there alone or with family but it’s the best to get in. you will easily get some best and most affordable houses on rent or to buy.


Along with that, you will also get green space, a golf club, T mink park, Malls, and the best restaurant.


If you are looking for space in Hawaii to live with your Family, then this is best for you. Kailua gives you the best area for children, as it has some good and reputed schools and colleges.


And the transport facility is fully safe and good.

The prices for houses are a bit more expensive than in other places, as it provides you with so many good facilities.

It is also one of the main tourist places.

Many houses are set up in front of beaches, you got gorgeous sunset moments with your friends and family.


Located on the right side of mamala Bay, on Oahu Island, present between Waikele and Kailua.


Ocean Pointe is an affordable place for families to live in, and you will get some wonderful opportunities to work.

Simply you get the best quality homes, schools, and colleges, and how to forget the prime sunset.


The living tale area, located near Pearl city, and right next to Harbour, Wailalu is an area of young people with fresh ideas and opportunities to work.


It’s a safe area, with a great transportation facility.

But the house prices are high in this area as it kind of gives you the best surrounding.


Located on the island of Maui, is a small coastal town. It’s a hilly area with beautiful surroundings.

Best Places to live in Hawaii

You will get some of the best cafes and restaurants to get the cultured food of Hawaii.

Most families live there, as it has the great facility of school and extra classes.

But living here alone also gives you a wonderful vibe, as you will get some wonderful community to surround yourself with.


Another affordable city in Hawaii, is Pearl. As the name sound elite but you will get some best houses to live in.


The best markets, cafes, park and other facility is also so good to be there.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Where is the best and safest place to live in Hawaii?

Kalaupapa, Molokai is the safest city to live in Hawaii.

Q2. Which Hawaiian island is the safest to live on?

Kusai island is a safe and secure island with a minimum crime rate in it.

Q3. Which Hawaiian island is most affordable?

Some of the affordable islands in Hawaii are Kauai, Molokai,  Oahu, and the island of Hawaii

Q4. Where do Millionaires live in Hawaii?

Kahala is one of the elite and luxurious places in Hawaii to live, located at the eastern end of Diamond Head,

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