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07 Beautiful Things to See in Treasure Island

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The name itself makes one intrigued about this enchanting place.

Things to See in Treasure Island: This coastal paradise offers a plethora of activities for a memorable vacation. Located on a barrier island along the Gulf Coast in Pinellas County, Treasure Island abounds in white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.

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The small city exudes a laid-back vibe and is home to a vibrant downtown with numerous hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Whether you’re looking for a tranquil retreat or an adventurous vacation, this place won’t disappoint. 

Wondering where to begin?

Dive into our list of the most beautiful places to see in Treasure Island for an epic holiday: – 

Sunset Vista Park #1

Escape the hordes of crowds as you relax at this picturesque stretch of beach. Dip your toes into the soft sands as the warm Gulf waters play with your toes.

Sunset Vista Park

You can even see manatees and dolphins swimming near the shore. As the name suggests, the beach is perfect for catching the magnificent Gulf Coast sunset.

It is one of the most beautiful things to see in Treasure Island. No wonder this is a favourite spot amongst locals to hang out.

Treasure Island Beach #2

Featuring 3 miles of coastline, this is a perfect spot for a fun family outing. If you’re looking for some adrenaline rush, the beach offers an array of water sports to indulge in.

Treasure Island Beach

You can enjoy snorkelling, paddling, and swimming amongst others. There are kayaks, paddle boards, and shady cabanas available for rent. 

What’s more? The beach also hosts an annual kite festival. 

Caddy’s Treasure Island #3

Located on the beautiful sunset beach, this picturesque waterfront restaurant is the perfect place to soak in the natural surroundings while relishing your favourite food.

Caddy’s Treasure Island

They also hold yoga sessions on several mornings at their private beach area.

So, head to this beautiful restaurant to rejuvenate your senses and energise yourself with a delicious breakfast. 

Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Centre #4

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll love it here. Appreciate the beauty of nature’s various creations at this vast centre.

Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Centre

It is home to more than 250 animals such as turtles, tortoises, alligators, and many others.

The centre is the perfect place to learn more about the natural history of wildlife in a fun immersive way.

Treasure Bay Golf and Tennis #5

Take a swing at the sprawling greens of the golf course at Treasure Bay Golf & Tennis. This waterfront recreation centre is perfect for a sporty afternoon.

Treasure Bay Golf and Tennis

You can play golf, tennis, footgolf, and pickleball amongst many others. The place’s beautiful location adds to its charm.

When hunger strikes, head to the on-site picnic pavilions equipped with BBQ grills. You can also relish a drink at the Clubhouse. 

Sanding Ovations Master Cup behind Bilmar Beach Resort  #6

If you’re visiting during the week before Thanksgiving, attend the Sanding Ovations Master’s Cup, a four-day sand sculpting exhibition and competition.

Sanding Ovations Master’s Cup

Many of the nation’s top sculptors participate to make this a grand event. You’ll find exquisite sand sculptures.

Soak in the magnificent beauty of these sculptures as you witness the fireworks light up the sky on Saturday evening while the bands play energizing music to elevate the experience.

The event is free for the public. Even if you miss the event, you can still visit to see the beautiful pieces of art right after it.

Boca Ciega Bay #7

Located near St. Petersburg is this beautiful place offering a host of activities from jet skiing to wildlife spotting. The bay is home to numerous endemic varieties of fish and other marine creatures.

The bay has a mangrove shoreline which makes it a great spot for wildlife spotting. The place abounds in oysters and vegetation such as seagrass and corals.

You can also climb up the 35-foot-high observation tower to soak in panoramic views of the area. 

A notable mention near Treasure Island includes Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. It has a unique building that features different glass formations and also has a spiral staircase inside.

Take a stroll around the museum as you witness the intriguing works of Salvador Dali, a world-famous artist. 

With so many incredible places to see in Treasure Island, a fun vacation is guaranteed. So, get your itineraries finalised and head to this beautiful place for an unforgettable time. 

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Q. What is the best part of Treasure Island? 

Sunset Vista Park and Treasure Island Beach are two of the best places in Treasure Island. 

Q. Is Treasure Island walkable?

It is quite a walkable city. There is an 85-mile-long Treasure Island Beach Trail which is perfect for walking and bicycling. 

 Q. How much does it cost to get into Treasure Island?

The average cost for a week-long trip for one person to Treasure Island is $1,285-$2,055.

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