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Your Best Guide to Fisher Island, Washington State

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Your Guide to Fisher Island: Washington State is home to sparkling lakes, incredible hiking trails, two volcanoes, impressive glaciers, gushing waterfalls & pristine islands.  Fisher Island is a small island, located on the Washington side of the Columbia River. 

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Guide to Fisher Island
Fisher Island

Curious to know more?

We’ve curated the ideal guide for you to find out everything you need to know about this quiet island. Dive in!

Where is Fisher Island, Washington?

Sprawling across 1.5 miles, this serene island is just downstream of Longview, Washington at Columbia River Mile (RM) 59 & 60. You’ll see a Fisher Island Slough that separates it from the mainland.

To the south of Fisher Island is Hump Island, a man-made island. If you go upstream, you’ll find Willow Grove which runs partially on the border of Fisher Island Slough. 

History of Fisher Island

This small island finds its name frequently in the pages of the city’s history. 

It draws its name from early homesteaders, George & Catherine Fisher. Prior to that, it has found its mention by other names in the adventurous journey of Lewis & Clark who passed the island on in November 1805 & once again upon their return in March 1806.

Guide to Fisher Island
Fisher Island source: facebook

Fast forward to a couple of decades later, the island was found by Charles Wilkes who was heading the ‘U.S Exploration Expedition’. The expedition thoroughly explored the Pacific Northwest region.

This included travelling up the Columbia river to learn more about the places. While Charles mentioned the island as ‘Plumondon 1’, the name again changed to ‘Elizabeth 1’ in a government survey of 1854.

Eventually, in 1959, the island was officially named ‘Fisher Island’ & the channel that separates it from the State mainland was named ‘Fisher Island Slough’.

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife and Ducks Unlimited bought the island from its resident Lloyd Ewing who lived here in the 1940s.  

What to expect?

The rambling blue waters of the Columbia river with the backdrop of Mt. Saint Helens, an active stratovolcano in Washington state make this island a perfect place for a tranquil getaway.

Your Guide to Fisher Island, Washington State
Fisher Island source: facebook

This serene island is a nesting site for more than a hundred great blue herons who make a cosy home in the lush green vegetation. You can also see bald eagles, geese, and ducks here. 

Things to do

Go Fishing #1

Bring your fishing gear with you to get some good catch in the rambling waters. This is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts. You can catch varieties such as Chinook salmon, White Sucker, Yellow Perch, European grayling & the like.

Chinook salmon

Enjoy birdwatching #2

If you love to watch the fascinating movements of the great blue heron, this is the perfect spot. You can take a boat ride across to reach the beautiful island.

Bring your binoculars along to make the best of your experience. 

Go for a picnic #3

With such peaceful natural beauty around, one of the best ways to spend an enjoyable afternoon here is to have a picnic. Bring along your picnic basket & lounge on this island for a rejuvenating break from the busy city life.

Nibble on your favourite delicacies with such a spectacular view to for an enjoyable day out. 

Fishing Island & The ‘Maid’ Web Series Discussion

Based on the bestselling memoir from 2019, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay & a Mother’s Will to Survive, written by Stephanie Land, the Netflix series,’ Maid’ was a huge success.

The ‘Maid’

The series depicts its setting as Washington State. In the beginning, the protagonist Alex takes a Fisher Island Washington Ferry to go on her first job. The Island offers stunning views & seems like a natural haven to visit. 

However, Fisher Island which is depicted in the series is actually fictional & the scenes were shot on Vancouver Island.

In the web series, Fisher Island is situated near Seattle whereas the real Fisher Island in Washington State is located further South. 

The real Fisher Island, Washington State may not be home to the uber-wealthy but is sure worth a visit.  

Offering tranquil surroundings and a host of different activities to indulge in, it is a great spot to enjoy solitude or spend undisturbed quality time with your loved ones. 


Q. Where is Fisher Island Washington?

It is located on the Columbia river, just downstream of Longview. 

Q. Who lives on Fisher Island Washington?

It is a quiet & secluded place frequented by visitors who come here for fishing or an outing. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife and Ducks Unlimited bought the island from Lloyd Ewing who lived here in the 1940s. 

Q. Is Fisher Island Washington real?

Yes, there is a real Fisher Island in Washington State. 

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