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World Mountain day: Here’s are the top 3 Picks for anyone looking to scale these natural marvels!

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The United Nations General Assembly designated December 11 as “International Mountain Day / World Mountain day”. As of 2003, it has been observed every year to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and to build alliances that will bring positive change to mountain peoples and environments around the world. 

To mark International Mountain Day, NomadLawyer would like to put forward three mountain ranges from India. 

world-mountain-day Hanuman-Tibba

Peak Name: Mt. Hanuman Tibba

Altitude: 5932m Coordinates: 320 20′ N, 770 02′ E Location: Kullu Himalaya Expedition Season: March – October Difficulty Level: *Grade II 


Peak Name: Gangstang

Altitude: 6162m Coordinates: 32o 45’N 76o 76’E Location: Lahaul Himalaya Expedition Season: Late May-July, September- early October. Difficulty Level: Grade IV 

Peak Name : Reo Purgyil

Altitude: 6816m Coordinates: 31°53’02“N 78°44’06” E Location: Kinnaur Himalaya (Himachal Pradesh) Expedition Season: May to July, and September Difficulty Level: Grade IV 

What can you do on World Mountain Day

1. To create awareness about the mountains, their importance and their impact on the people who live near the mountains. 

2. Raise awareness of global warming in the mountains. 

3. Keep the mountains clean. If you are going on a trek or climbing the mountains do not leave behind the thrash. We should be responsible to Mother Nature during our travel. 

4. Educate people about the role that mountains play in supporting billions up and downstream – by providing fresh water, clean energy, food and recreation. 

You can also find the details of this mountain in The Traveller Trails magazine contributed by avid mountaineer Rishi Sood. Visit the link: https://thetravellertrails.in/


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