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What You Can Expect Best in El Mangroove Marriott?

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El Mangroove Marriott:- If the mere thought of another day at the office is stressing you out, maybe it's time for a break. If you can take a few days to reset yourself mentally and physically, Costa Rica is your place to be.

Whether you want a romantic beach getaway or an active vacation filled with adrenaline, this country in Central America is a must-visit destination.

Mangroove Marriott
Mangroove Marriott

If you have your eye on Costa Rica, you might be overwhelmed by the choice of location. But whichever coast you decide on, you won’t be disappointed. However, our suggestion is the Gulf of Papagayo, especially Panama Beach.

This peaceful place in the province of Guanacaste is heaven for those who want an idyllic vacation on the Pacific coast.

Your next step is to book accommodation, and El Mangroove Costa Rica Hotel on Panama Beach allows you to stay directly on the beach, waking up and falling asleep to the soothing sounds and scent of the ocean.

It’s a modern, luxury resort in a boho-chic style that will satisfy all your senses. If this introduction rings your bells, read on to find out what you can expect in this upscale hotel.

Excellent Service in El Mangroove Marriott

One of the first things you’ll notice after landing in Costa Rica is that the people are friendly and always smiling. Don’t expect anything less at the El Mangroove Hotel.

The staff is at your service all the time, as well as the help desk, which is open 24/7, for everything you need. So don’t hesitate to ask them anything, anytime.

The hotel staff will definitely make you feel like royalty. El Mangroove is the epitome of luxury, but what adds up to its excellence is impeccable service and staff for whom no request is strange, too demanding, or inappropriate.

They’ll serve you with a smile on their face and definitely make your day. Don’t forget to tip the staff, as they deserve that.

A Variety of Offerings in El Mangroove Marriott

Apart from the staff, what El Mangroove can boast of is the variety of services. This hotel belongs to the Marriot group, an international portfolio of luxury hotels, and as such, has top amenities and facilities.

Bearth Spas in this hotel offers a variety of treatments and indoor and outdoor facilities such as saunas, plunge pools, and open cabanas for massages with the most beautiful view.

For more details on Bearth Spas in El Mangroove see below:

You can enjoy five swimming pools with an ocean view or go directly to the beach, as the resort has private access to the beach with dark sand and crystal clear, tranquil water.

A touch of luxury next to the pool is fancy cabanas, where you can stay for an extra price if you’re caught in the rain at the pool or simply want to isolate and relax.

In outdoor beach centers, you can rent equipment for water adventures (jet skis, boards, kayaks, etc.). Since the El Mangroove hotel is on the beach, you can enjoy boat trips, excursions, diving, snorkeling, or paddleboarding courses.

If you want something less intense, you can pay some extra bucks and take part in yoga classes, wine and coffee tastings, etc.

Mangroove Marriott
Mangroove Marriott

Comfortable and Top-Equipped Rooms

All 85 suites in El Mangroove Marriot are open-space concepts with a separate sleeping area. Superior comfort and design that bring the spirit of Costa Rica at every step make staying in these rooms an ultimate experience.

King-size beds, the latest technology, and huge showers with a rainfall effect make you enjoy every moment.

Most rooms have ocean views, but even those that don’t will not be disappointing. Each suite has an adjoining space, something like a lounge room. There, you can lay in a hammock or sofa and look at the surrounding greenery and wildlife, which will leave you breathless.

Sensational Food

Three restaurants within this resort will satisfy the palate of every gastronome. There are also bars with music and the phenomenal atmosphere of a tropical paradise where you can refresh, relax, or have a drink (or a few) with friends.

You can go that way long into the night, enjoying tropical nights to the fullest. And here’s the list of tropical cocktails you should try.

Prices in restaurants vary, as does the offer. Matiss restaurant features a sandbox setting with an ocean view, which turns into a stylish dining area with a DJ and cocktails in the evening.

Makoko restaurant is more affordable, but the offer seems more diverse. From a rich breakfast buffet with local specialties to international dishes from all the meridians, you can try foods you’ve never tried before.

El Mangroove Marriott Hotel in Costa Rica’s Panama Beach exudes luxury at every turn. This beach-side resort is in a perfect location and features top amenities and facilities that will provide you with hours of fun and enjoyment.

So what are you waiting for?

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