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What Type of Cases Does a Family Law Lawyer Handle?

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What Type of Cases Does a Family Law Lawyer Handle?:- There are many reasons why people reach out to an attorney in Phoenix who understands family law. It may be because they are about to get married and want help with a prenuptial agreement.

Or maybe they are dealing with domestic violence or are looking into ending a long-term marriage with complicated assets to divide.

What Type of Cases Does a Family Law Lawyer Handle
What Type of Cases Does a Family Law Lawyer Handle

This and other legal aspects are what a family law lawyer handles. Let’s see what else these professionals can help you with.

Estates and Wills

Planning for the future is always a smart thing to do. If you have young children, you will probably find peace of mind knowing that you have legal paperwork stating who will care for them in the unlikely event of your death.

Maybe you have grown children and want to leave each one of them certain assets.

When the time comes for a will to be read, you may discover that the assets left behind go through a process known as probate, which can be complicated. Or maybe the heirs disagree on how the assets are divided.

A family law attorney can help you navigate these complicated processes or, when needed, they can help determine if you have a valid claim against certain assets.

Protective Orders

Domestic violence seems to be a national epidemic and this is something that can happen to everyone. As a victim of domestic violence, you may feel isolated, not knowing where to turn.

In these cases, the guidance of a family law attorney can be invaluable since they can help you with a protective order.

This legal document orders the abuser to stay away from you and your loved ones.

It may also require the abuser to attend anger management classes or counseling.


If you are unable to have a child or have decided that the best way to grow your family is through adoption, a family law attorney can help with the adoption process.

This involves completing an application and undergoing a home study carried out by a social worker. The adoption process can be lengthy and complex but the end result will be worth it.

You will be providing a home for a child who needs one, maybe because they have been abandoned or are orphaned.

Your lawyer will make sure that both your rights and the child’s are protected.

Family Business Dissolution

Having a family business may be exciting and may be something your family can be a part of for generations. However, there may come a point when the family business needs to be dissolved.

A family law attorney can help at this point by taking care of the legal matters surrounding the business’ termination.

At this point, you may also be dealing with family disagreements, financial issues, the death of one of the partners, or the decision of one of them to retire.

A family law lawyer can help by ensuring that assets are distributed fairly and can be a mediator among family members.

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