Brush Stroke

Busch Gardens Tampa

By: Vishal        


Brush Stroke

The park’s opening time is 10 AM and closing time on most weekdays during winter, spring, and fall is 6 PM.  



Location & Parking  

The space for general parking is across the street from the park. If you don’t prefer to walk from there, you can hop on a tram.   

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You can also pick Any Day Ticket which is around $136.83, if you don’t have a specific day planned for the outing.  

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Another one is Tigris, the state’s tallest launch coaster that takes you forward and backward with several twists and loops.  

Adrenaline-pumping Rides 

Gentle Rides 

If you don’t prefer rides that make your heart beat way too fast, there are many gentle ride options that you can enjoy.  

Open Hands

You can also get on the Serengeti Express Train and witness zebras, rhinos, gazelles, giraffes, and more.  

Busch Gardens Wildlife 

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