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10 Virginia’s Best Camping Sites for Families 2023

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Virginia’s Best Camping Sites for Families: Camping is an excellent pastime activity that allows you to take a break from your busy schedule to recharge. Additionally, it is a great way of bonding with your family and friends.

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If you want to camp, you should look for a friendly camping site, especially if you are spending time with your family. The campsite should be child-friendly and with adequate amenities.  

Where can I camp with my family when in Virginia?

Virginia is an ideal place to camp, with your family, with several sites to spend your time.

Read on to know the Virginia’s Best Camping Sites for Families.

1.      North Bend Park Campground

If you are into water activities, North Bend Park Campground, situated on the John H. Kerr reservoir, is the place to be.

Virginia’s Best Camping Sites

There are over 240 single-family camping sites, with some having electrical hookups for your convenience. You can swim, fish, canoe, or enjoy the scenic beauty of the proximal water body.

2.      Douthat State Park

Douthat State Park is among the most notable entries in this piece, courtesy of its more than 70-year existence, with its design influencing other state parks.

Virginia’s Best Camping Sites for Families

The park has an awe-inspiring mountainous scenery, complemented by a lakefront, which you will appreciate if you are into photography.

You can camp by tent or RV, with facilities such as picnicking spots, an amphitheater, and a playground.

Furthermore, there is an over 40-mile track for hiking or bicycling. After your day’s activities, you may spend time at the restaurant overlooking the lake.

3.      Hidden Acres Campground

Hidden Acres Campground is one of the finest family campsites in Virginia that you can book for your camping vacation.

The quiet wooded campsites promise a memorable moment with your family away from your daily ups and downs.

Virginia’s Best Camping Sites

You can rent a cabin with utilities such as electricity, a fire pit, and a picnic table. Restrooms and showers are nearby.

Alternatively, you can camp in your RV or tent and enjoy satellite TV, cable, and electricity connection. There is also a garbage bin, fire pit, and picnic table.

Available amenities include a swimming pool, biking track, and easily accessible attractions like Kings Dominion Park and Richmond International Raceway for NASCAR races.

4.      Holiday Trav-L Park

Virginia’s Best Camping Sites

Holiday Trav-L Park is among the must-visit campsites in Virginia, promising a fulfilling time for your family.

Facilities include miniature golf, a swimming pool, and a game room.

You can bring your RV, book a cabin, or set up a tent on the camping site. You will love the adaptability of Holiday Trav-L Park, as there is something for everyone.

5.      Outlanders River Camp

A nice site and excellent customer service are among the appealing features of Outlanders River Camp.

This camping ground is proximal to a river, where you can kayak, swim, or fish. You can also access two ponds with a scenic view of mountains to test your fishing skills.

Outlanders River Camp is ideal if you and your family are into hiking, swimming, biking, and photography.

Moreover, you can enjoy birdwatching as you spend time with your loved ones.

6.      Bull Run Regional Park

Kids require ample space to play when on a camping vacation.

Bull Run Regional Park has adequate space and facilities to ensure your kids have the best time.

This recreation park has over 1500 acres of natural space where you can have a breather from your routine, with your young ones having the time of their lives at the Atlantis Waterpark or playground.

7.      Paradise Lake Family Campground

Virginia’s Best Camping Sites

Your family will have the time of their life at Paradise Lake Family Campground courtesy of amenities like a basketball court and a swimming and fishing lake.

This campsite also has walking trails and accepts pets.

8.      Westmoreland State Park Campground

This campsite’s primary redeeming feature is its scenic beauty and a waterfront where you can swim, fish, or boat.

Virginia’s Best Camping Sites

Westmoreland State Park has biking and hiking trails suitable for therapeutic walks with your loved ones.

9.      Grayson Highlands State Park

Grayson Highlands State Park is an ideal camping spot for backpacking, with facilities like yurts and bunkhouses.

Virginia’s Best Camping Sites

There are hiking trails and a nearby waterbody where you can swim or fish.

10.  Picture Lake Campground

Situated in Petersburg, Virginia, Picture Lake Campground stands out for its calm ambiance and picturesque scenes.

Virginia’s Best Camping Sites

It is the perfect hideout for you and your family during your vacation, with niceties like a swimming pool and hiking trails.

Furthermore, it is proximal to attractions like the Petersburg National Battlefield and the Virginia Motorsports Park.


What Is the Best Time of The Year to Go Camping in Virginia?

Summer is always the best time to go camping, as the weather is conducive. In Virginia, fall is another perfect time to venture outdoors, as it is less humid and has a cool refreshing breeze.

What Makes a Camping Site Suitable for Families?

Safety is crucial to a camping site’s suitability for your family. It should be secure from wild animals and must have active lifeguard services if there is a swimming pool. Additionally, it should be easily accessible and have the right amenities, like a cooking area, ample sleeping space, and washrooms.

Are There Any Restrictions on The Use of Portable Generators at These Camping Sites?

Most of the sites have electricity, though you may bring along a portable power station for camping, in case of emergencies, like a sudden blackout. Always inquire from the campsite authorities about the power situation for prior planning.

Can I Use a Portable Power Station to Power My Camping Appliances, Like A Mini Fridge or Electric Stove?

A power source is a must-have camping utility to power appliances like electric stoves, mobile phones, and other electronics. For convenience, you can invest in a solar portable power station for camping, which is easy to charge.

What Are Some Fun Activities for Families to Do While Camping?

There are several fun camping activities to enjoy with your family, such as swimming, hiking, nature walks, and fishing. You may also have storytelling sessions at night and take photos of your surroundings if you are into photography.

What Are Some Tips for Packing for A Family Camping Trip?

When packing for a family camping trip, you should ensure that you have enough items to last everyone during your stay. Pack toiletries like soap, and toilet paper, as the camping site may not provide them. Additionally, carry disposable utilities like cups and plates to save you from the hassles of cleaning after use. Pack ready-to-eat food for easy preparation.

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