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Top Benefits of Staying in a Hostel During Your Travel to a Foreign Location

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A hostel is a low-priced accommodation, which usually the travellers share. Whenever someone books a stay in a hostel, they generally book a bed for themselves for a night or two. So, the primary difference from a hotel is you get a bed, not a room.

There is a room, but it shared with four or even twenty other travellers, depending on the kind of hotel you pick. You will have dorm-style bathrooms in the hostels, which are large and equipped with multiple shower stalls, along with a row of sinks.

On every floor, there is a maximum of one or two bathrooms.

Moreover, in addition to being decently priced, hostels also enable more interaction. However, this comes at the cost of personal service or the privacy you get at a hotel. Here, in this article, we will address some of the pros of a hostel. So let us get started and address them one by one. 


First things first, hostels are budget-friendly and cheap travel accommodations, especially in comparison to a hotel. However, the price for a hostel may be hugely variable, especially when you see from one location to another and one hostel to another.

However, you cannot ignore the fact that hostels are tremendously affordable and pocket-friendly. 

‘If you are tight on budget, look for a hostel with more beds. Generally speaking, the more the number of beds in a hostel, the cheaper it will be for you to stay there,’ comments Brian, an online reviewer who did the best fish finder review.

See, if you opt for a female-only room, it will be a little on the pricier side compared to the mixed dorms, which do not cost you over a dollar. You can even find private rooms with access to private bathrooms.

But again, they will be costlier. The prices will depend solely on the locality, country, and amenities you get.

So, if you are okay with a lack of privacy and want to travel on a shoestring, you must look for the biggest dorm room available. 

You can get a little privacy

A lot of you are here because you have not stayed in a hostel before. So, naturally, there is one concern hovering your head: the dearth of privacy in the hostel. Of course, you will share your dorm room with some people, but some hostels provide you with a modern private room along with ensuites.

Consequently, you can have your own space and still make the most from the flamboyant hostel atmosphere while you sit at the bar. 

‘I can vouch for it; staying in a private hostel room is like getting the best of both worlds. Of course, they do cost a little over the regular hostel with just a bed in the dorm, but they will be cheaper than even the most budget hotel out there,’ comments Eric, an online reviewer who did the best trimmer for balls review. 

You can meet people from around the world.

‘A significant advantage of staying in a hostel is that you have an array of opportunities to meet and engage with people from across the world,’ comments Stephen, who did the review for the best Kohler toilet

Several hostels have an array of hangout areas and lounges where it is easy for you to sit down and have a fun conversation with the other travellers. There are so many solo travellers present in the hostel, and you may even be lucky and find a date there. 

An array of fun activities

In the hostels, you can partake in an array of fun activities and entertainment, which can keep you occupied. In addition, they have a bunch of games, such as movie nights, quizzes, and a free tour, which can make your stay even more enjoyable. 

Kitchen facilities

Even if you can cook, this might not be what you would want to do on holiday but trust us when we say this, if you go on a more extended vacation, the novelty of eating the outside food wears off in a maximum of 2 days. The whole feeling of strolling around, looking for a place to eat, and then not liking the food there can be quite daunting. Things can be tough for people with some particular dietary requirements.

So, when you have a kitchen facility available, you can cook your meals and have them anytime you like. Moreover, if you are going on a longer vacation, this can help you save a lot of money. It is okay if you do not want to cook your meals; you can even make some coffee or tea and save some money on that. 

Well-acquainted staff

Though this may not always be the case, but at times, the travellers or the staffs are extensive travellers. It means that they have mostly seen around and have done whatever needs to be done around the area. So, communicating with them can give you access to a ton of information. 

Travel together in groups

When you stay in a hostel, you can take the whole room if you have a giant group. As a matter of fact, some hostels can accommodate as many as twenty people in a room. Imagine how much fun this can be? You and all of your friends can sleep together, and there’s no privacy concern either. 

‘In 2018, we went to Europe in a group of 15, and all of us girls booked one dorm room in a budget-friendly hostel. The whole experience was so much fun. I truly loved it better than a hotel room,’ shares Rhea, an associate with TangoLearn

Can be found in almost every prominent city around the world

Indeed, hotels are not very prevalent in the US, but you can find them all across Europe. In almost every European city, it is easy to find a hostel. Further, hostels can also be found in every major city around the globe, and every continent, too, except Antarctica. 

You get a complimentary breakfast.

In ninety percent of cases, the hostel will provide you with a free breakfast. In places like Europe, you will mostly be served bread toast for breakfast. In other places too, it will be simple meals. So, do not expect anything extravagant.

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