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Stonecrest: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Stonecrest, Georgia

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Travel Attractions – Stonecrest, Georgia

Stonecrest is found in DeKalb County Georgia (USA). The city’s borders are located in the far southeast corner with a smaller area to the north of Interstate 20. Stonecrest is Georgia’s newest urban area, covering 29 square miles and home to nearly 50,000 residents.

The city is bordered by the Lithonia municipality, Rockdale, and Henry. The area includes the Mall at Stonecrest, which is named after it, the Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve, Flat Rock Archives, and the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. Stonecrest encompasses 2,674 acres of parks and recreational centers, as well as walking trails. There is a lot of natural beauty on the trails, which are great for hiking, biking, and walking all year. 

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

Explore a land that was formed in over 400 million years. The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area can be found just east of Atlanta along I-20. The area is dominated by two granite outcrops. It offers natural wonders and fascinating history as well as heart-pumping activities. It is rich in history, beautiful beauty, and interesting cultural changes.

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Hikers can explore the National Heritage Area’s monadnocks and discover rare plants that thrive even in the most unlikely places.

The 33-mile Arabia Mountain Path, a paved trail connecting several sites within the National Heritage Area, is 33 miles long.

It can be walked or ridden down. Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort hosts a weekend wildlife event. They work to rehabilitate Georgia’s native animals. Ride through Downtown Lithonia, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. You’ll see how the city grew out of its granite industry.

More Details About Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

Address:3350 Klondike Rd, Stonecrest, GA 30038, United States
Contact:+1 404-998-8384

Stone Mountain Park

The world’s largest exposed granite chunk is the centerpiece of this major attraction. Stone Mountain’s summit can be reached via a 1.6-kilometre trail along Stone Mountain’s west side, or by the Skyride aerial tram. You can reach the top of Stone Mountain by cable car, while a steam train follows the base. The mountain’s summit is covered with rock pools and bare rocks. Clear days allow you to see Kennesaw Mountain, the surrounding skyline and, if conditions permit, the Appalachian Mountains.

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Stone Mountain Park is located on 3200 acres natural beauty. The park offers outdoor recreation activities and family-friendly attractions. You can also choose from a range of lodging options so you can stay close to your favorite spots. Summer is the best season to explore this beautiful park and also witness the nightly Lasershow Spectacular

More Details About Stone Mountain Park

Address:1000 Robert E Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30083, United States
Contact:+1 770-498-5690

Vaughters’ Farm

The Vaughters’ Farm Meadow Loop is a 1.25-mile trail that was made possible through a generous grant from REI. This easy, unpaved trail is great for a quick getaway and offers unbeatable views of the Vaughters’ Barn as well as rolling hills.

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Continue on the paved path towards Vaughters Barn. You will see an orange blaze at the barn’s large wooden marker. Follow the wooden posts to make a loop through the field. You will discover DeKalb’s urban past as you wander through the former cow pasture.

More Details About Vaughters’ Farm

Address:3366 Klondike Rd, Stonecrest, GA 30038, United States
Contact:+1 404-998-8384

SeaQuest Stonecrest

SeaQuest reveals the incredible wonders of our planet, from deserts and forests to exotic marine life. These exhibits will take visitors on an exciting journey from the Great Wall of China, to the Amazon River and beyond.

Visitors will be able to interact with the animals and learn more about their ecosystems through a variety of hands-on activities. You’re invited to touch, feed, and participate in animal interactions–including exotic mammals and aquarium fish–from five continents.

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If you are looking for something more adventurous, visit the walk-in bird sanctuary, where you can meet crocodilians, feed the caiman, and even see a crocodilians.

You can also snorkel in the 36,000 gallon aquarium, which is home to hundreds of tropical fish including reef sharks, hundreds of stingrays, as well as hundreds of other fish.

More Details About SeaQuest Stonecrest

Address:8020 Mall Pkwy Suite #1000, Stonecrest, GA 30038, United States
Contact:+1 404-793-2930

Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve

The 2200-acre nature preserve includes features such as Arabia Mountain and South River, South River Lake, South River and wetlands. You can also enjoy rock outcrops and temperature forest. Arabia’s unique ecology supports many rare species of wildlife.

The preserve also contains rare species, some of which are federally protected. Take your memories with you and enjoy the preserve.

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The PATH is the most popular source of recreation in Arabia. It is loved by hikers and cyclists as well as casual walkers. One mile of hiking will bring you to Arabia Lake. This lake is open for public fishing.

There are many opportunities to learn about environmental education in the Arabian landscape. The staff is dedicated to providing nature studies in botany, ecology, geology and conservation.

More Details About Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve

Address:3787 Klondike Rd, Stonecrest, GA
Contact:+1 770-492-5220

Yellow River Park

The Yellow River Park is surrounded a lush, rolling forest as well as a flowing stream. It is reminiscent of North Georgia’s mountain adventures. It is situated in a suburb between Stone Mountain and Snellville. The trail system can be found just outside Atlanta’s perimeter. This area is ideal for trail running, hiking, and mountain biking in beautiful forest settings.

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This hike is 3.2 miles long and takes you to some of the most stunning stretches along the river’s sandy shores. This trail, which is unpaved, follows the river its entire length and explores the park’s southwest riverine bank. It is ideal for trail running because of its elevation.

More Details About Yellow River Park

Address:3232 Juhan Rd SW, Stone Mountain, GA 30087, United States
Contact:+1 770-978-5271

Flat Rock Archives

Flat Rock Archives is located in the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. It is home to the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area’s 20th-century Georgian Cottage, known as the T.A. Bryant, Sr. House was built in 1917. Flat Rock Archives is part AMNHA’s larger landscape. It includes the Lyon’s House, the oldest historical house in DeKalb County, and the Historic Flat Rock Cemetery which contains burials that date back to the enslaved.

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The Archives is attempting to raise funds to protect and restore this rare treasure of rural history, including genealogical records and photographs, church records, school records and rare books.

More Details About Flat Rock Archives

Address:3956 Crossvale Rd, Stonecrest, GA 30038, United States
Contact:+1 770-885-8330

FAQs about Stonecrest, Georgia

Is Stonecrest GA the same as Lithonia?

The area now called Stonecrest was not Lithonia. Although the homes might have been located in Lithonia, they weren’t within the city limits. Lithonia has a small population of about 2,000 people and only a quarter mile of land.

How old is Stonecrest GA?

The median age in Stonecrest is 33.2 years, 28.8 years for males, and 36.5 years for females.

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