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Salli Valley: The Unexplored Valley In Himachal Pradesh

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Explore the Natural Beauty of Salli Valley

Salli valley situated in the heart of the nature. It is covered by high hills and deep valleys. Being still a virgin place, it gives us opportunity to be in deep forest, rivers, waterfalls and rich nature all over. Salli has very special and calm energy.

Many incredible treks begin from salli valley such as kareri lake trek, Boh valley trek, and lam dal trek. It is far from pollution, population, and corruption. People who live here are tribal people with rich warm heart. There are many different kinds of birds and beautiful animals.

There are several places near Salli Valley where you can enjoy trips to nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Srinagar is a paradise of natural beauty that offers you an opportunity to enjoy camping opportunities in the wonderful green surroundings.

Rishikonda is another great place to visit that offers you a wonderful opportunity to explore the captivating beauty of valley lakes.

In addition to these there are several other wonderful places to visit and explore on your way to Salli Valley Himachal Pradesh. A few places of interest are Shimla, Chail, Kinnaur, Lahaul, Spiti Valley, Spiti, Dalhousie, Kasauli, Chamba and many more.

When you visit Salli Valley, you will have an unforgettable vacation. It is a place that will leave you spellbound. You will never get bored during your stay here. If you want to explore some other fantastic locations then you can visit Manali, Kulu, Dalhousie, Kasauli, Spiti Valley, Lahaul and many other places.

An ideal place for camping.

A casual conversation mostly leads to a fruitful trip.  Most of my trips have resulted from such conversations.  This time also it was no different.  I was having a normal telephonic conversation with my bhaisahab and partner in business, Mr. Anil Attri- he is the founder of The Traveller Trails Magazine.

Live like a Local

During the conversation, he insisted on visiting his native village Dargela and Salli valley in Himachal Pradesh and staying at his village home to experience the life of the local people. Taking advantage of Work From Home, we embarked on our road trip from Delhi.

The Journey: Salli Valley

Delhi- Shimla- Dargela- Salli Valley- Delhi, this is how the itinerary unfolded.

We started from Delhi early in the morning with customary breakfast at Amrit Sukhdev Dhaba.  The route taken from Delhi was via Eastern Peripheral Expressway.  We avoided the normal route as the road has been blocked near Sambhu border – thanks to Farmer’ s Agitation.  We reached Shimla in 8 hours.

We checked in at Willy Park Circuit House maintained by the Himachal government.  Courtesy Anilji, Tourism Scouts India (Tours Archive – Tourism Scouts India), for booking this place in the heart of Shimla. The best part is that it has ample parking facilities. The circuit house is really an elegant property with around 90 rooms on the pattern of four or five star hotels.

Excellent Stay- Willy Park Circuit House

Thanks to Himachal Pradesh government

The circuit house is valley facing and the top story is below the road level which ensures that the view is not obstructed. It also has a conference room, lift, gymnasium, dining hall, lounge, dormitories and sufficient space to chill and enjoy the view of the city.

Parking space at Circuit House

Here Are Finest Guest Houses For Your Next Himalayan Adventure

We stayed here for three days and were also working from this place and sometimes from The Traveller Trail’s office.  The internet speed is really good here.  I used Airtel and Jiofi.

The Traveller Trails/TSI office in Shimla- WFH/WFA

TSI office

Next Destination 

Our plan was to leave Shimla by around 4pm but thanks to my wife Priyanka’s busy work schedule  and her never ending work calls (which is of course priority), we could leave shimla no sooner than 8pm.  This meant driving throughout the night, which I really don’t mind if i am driving in the mountains.  The light from the vehicle coming from the opposite direction really helps at the curves.

Journey time- 7-8 hours

Distance- 250 kilometres

Route- Shimla- Ghagas- Hamirpur- Jwalaji- Kangra- Dargela

The road is in excellent condition and a joy to drive. After driving for 7 hours, we finally reached Anilji’s home. His house is in a beautiful village call Dargela. The house is constructed in traditional Himachali style surrounded by Dauladhar ranges (Dharamshala side) and the other side as far as your eyes can gaze are all farming of different crops done by the local people. The vistas are so beautiful, green and finally we were so happy to breathe in the fresh and unpolluted air. This is really mesmerizing to say the least.  For the next three days this beautiful village was our abode.

Traditional house in Dargela

As soon as we reached, Anilji’s parents were waiting at the door to welcome us. After the formal greetings, aunty told us, “this your home and please feel free ”, I mean the hospitality and love they showered upon us cannot be expressed, as words will fall short to do justice. We can just say “Thanks Anilji” from the bottom of our hearts and we have surely found a second home in Himachal.

Priyanka with Anilji’s Dad & Mom

Next three days, we had all organic food, vegetables and fruit plucked from their own farm, and we experienced local Himachali dishes cooked by Aunty.  I must admit she is one of the best cooks I have ever come across.  For a food connoisseur like me, I am generally very critical about the cooks but Aunty “You are Par Excellence”.

SilBatta- do you still use?

Traditional Kitchen- Makki di roti and Sarso da saag

What a lunch it was 

Uncle who is retired from government service is one of the most humble and down to earth persons. The simple life they lead made me ponder “wish I could also live such a life”, so carefree, so healthy. We will always pray for your healthy life.

Thanks to Work From Home or Work from anywhere, city dwellers like us are getting the opportunity to experience this close to nature lifestyle. I consider this as a blessing in disguise.

Anilji-  my guide

More About Dargela 

Dargela is a village located in the Shahpur tehsil of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. It is a beautiful village surrounded by the Dhauladhar ranges.  This place is about 15 kilometres from the popular tourist destination Dharamshala and the highway through it leads to Dalhousie, Khajjiar.  It is basically the gateway to Chamba.  This place can be a perfect pitstop for the travellers.

Village farm

Mcleodganj at the backdrop

Highway Treat Restaurant

The best place to stop for coffee, snack or a heavy meal is the Highway Treat Restaurant which is just on the Highway. The food served in this place is really fresh and mouthwatering.  There is a special connection with this restaurant and it will be highlighted through a new story.

Facebook Link: TSI Highway Treat | Facebook

This place will soon be running as a full fledged Travel Cafe, stay tuned for that.

Highway Treat- Remember the name

Vegetable Platter

We serve breakfast also

The Trekker’s Paradise – Salli Valley

As we drove through the meandering freshly tarred roads, we were welcomed by a forested valley, flowery meadows, carpeted with wildflowers and not much human hullabaloo. Oh yes! We have reached Salli, a beautiful village located in the picturesque Khuli river valley.

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If adventure, trekking and a peaceful environment is what you are aspiring for, this is the perfect place for you.

The bird’s eye view of the valley 

Spring has just set in

For me Salli is one of the best places to connect with nature, staying in the grandeur and lap of nature while experiencing the culture and warm hospitality of the tribal people.  It is the most ideal place for a campsite holiday.

Salli valley is situated in the lap of the Himalayas.  It is surrounded by high mountain ranges and deep valleys. As this place is still unexplored it gives ample opportunities to be in forest, rivers, waterfalls and rich nature.

This place can be the origin point for many treks such as Kareri lake trek, Boh Valley Trek, Lam Dal Trek.  These treks are really incredible to say the least. This place is also rich in flora and fauna

Trout Farming

We ventured out to explore the village which was in the midst of rice and wheat fields. The stream and the dirt track that ran along it connected the handful of little houses that were spread throughout the village. 

A trout farm in the village caught my attention and I was surprised to see trout farming in this village.

If you wish to know about trout farming this is the ideal place to be in. There are many places in Himachal Pradesh like Tirthan, Barot, Sangla which are famous for Trout Farm but through this blog we would like to introduce Salli Valley as a Trout Farming destination.

More about Trout

Trout needs to live in fresh, clean water rich in oxygen specically if they are living in a trout farm. Hence, fish farm tank constantly needs supply of fresh water.

Trout farming in tank

Traditional way of catching Trout

Bingo- we got some prized catch

Hold onto your catch

Close view of Trout

Can’t wait to eat – can’t get fresher than this

Photo Gallery of Salli Valley:

We will leave you with the photo gallery of Salli valley and you can decide if this place is worth visiting.

An unexplored destination perfect for Camping.

Salli valley Himachal pradesh
Milestone- to remember

Milestone- to remember

How green is the valley

Salli-valley-Himachal pradesh
She acknowledges our place for Campsite- Coming Soon

What a view

Spring is really beautiful

Look at the vistas

I don’t want to leave this place

The Road Ahead


Perfect place for campsite

The river

The village abode

Not a bad road for driving 

The local Mandir

Maggi in Mountain is epic

Trout Lessons from the local expert 

The old bridge

You will always come across a doggy in mountains

Salli valley Himachal pradesh
Signing off from Salli Valley, with a promise to visit soon

Travel and don’t Stop 🛑

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