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The 6 Best Food Truck Cities in the US

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Best Food Truck Cities in the US:- Although you can find food trucks in every state, some United States cities cook up especially incredible mobile eats. Here's a roundup of the six best food truck cities in the U.S.

Austin #1

Despite several Austin, Texas, food trucks seeing a 75% loss in revenue during COVID-19, many survived the pandemic and continue to serve the community. The city once had one of the highest food trucks per capita in the U.S. 

Best Food Truck Cities in the US
image source:- Facebook

Some Austin food trucks have garnered quite a reputation for excellence.

According to Forbes, Vera Cruz All Natural is among the top five best taco food trucks nationwide. 

Being in Texas, Austin has several barbecue food trucks, too. There’s something for everyone, from fancy traditional mesquite and oak-smoked meats to grilled plant-based offerings.

Portland #2

If food trucks and trailers serve 2.5 billion people daily, Portland, Oregon, contributes to a large portion of the tally.

Portland is home to over 1,000 food trucks and was recognized by a Food & Wine magazine reader’s poll as the No. 1 U.S. city for food trucks.

Netflix even highlighted Portland in the second episode of “Street Food USA” in 2022.

So, where do you grab a bite when visiting Portland?

Best Food Truck Cities in the US
image source:- Facebook

Baon Kainan serves updated Filipino dishes. Or, you might also stop at Merendero Estela — a Honduran food cart with a crispy, fried quarter chicken smothered in pickled onion, cabbage salad and fried green plantains.

New York City #3

Most food trucks gather in Midtown, catering to hungry office professionals on lunch breaks. 

You would be remiss to miss out on The Halal Guys during a trip to NYC. The Halal Guys has become one of the most renowned food trucks in the Big Apple, whipping up delicious Middle Eastern eats.

Best Food Truck Cities in the US
image source:- Facebook

You can find it in Manhattan on 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue.

You can also order a gyro from King Souvlaki in Astoria, Queens, or visit Wafels & Dinges for a large, fluffy Belgian waffle topped with Nutella. Caripito’s is another food cart you’ll want to try — a woman and minority-owned mobile eatery with a unique Venezuelan menu.

Miami #4

Between 2015 and 2019, Miami’s immigrant population increased by 8.4% — with immigrants accounting for 54.7% of the city’s total population. Most people settle in Miami from South America and the Caribbean, bringing their culture, music and food.

As such, Miami has a vibrant food truck scene. Caja Caliente in the Wynwood neighborhood serves Cuban-Mexican fusion dishes — Cuban tastes combined with Mexican street food.

For instance, the vaca frita taco is a soft-shell tortilla with Cuban meat, lettuce, tomato, cilantro and an aioli sauce.

Another Wynwood hot spot is the Bahamian Chicken Pollo food truck, where street diners can grab some of the best conch fritters in town.

Best Food Truck Cities in the US
image source:- Facebook

If you’re looking for more options in one place, the Yards in Hialeah offers a casual backyard setting with eight food trucks on the weekends. 

Los Angeles #5

People often regard Los Angeles as the birthplace of food truck popularity. Naturally, it would make the list as one of the best food truck cities in the U.S. 

Best Food Truck Cities in the US
image source:- Facebook

Vendor food operations are typical in L.A. Many people trek to the Grand Central Market to feast at over 30 vendors in the old food hall, from the fresh peach donut at the Donut Man to authentic German street food at Berlin Currywurst.

However, food trucks are still most notable in the City of Angels.

Are you looking for the best grub on wheels?

Burbank and Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley are hot spots for food trucks. Or how about a date night at the Granada Hills Grubfest?

Head over to Chatsworth Avenue between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. every Friday for a food truck smorgasbord. 

Raleigh #6

The food truck culture in Raleigh, North Carolina, is unlike any other U.S. city. One might agree Raleigh’s mobile eateries are extra unique due to the Southern hospitality, laid-back atmosphere and charm.

Best Food Truck Cities in the US
image source:- Facebook

Stop by Arepa Culture for traditional Venezuelan cornmeal pockets stuffed with various fillings.

The Wandering Moose is another option, serving Black Angus brisket sandwiches for lunch or dinner.

Due to the rise in Raleigh mobile eateries, the city organized a directory of the 100-plus food trucks and their locations to make it easier for hungry diners to find their favorite spots.

Come Hungry to the Best Food Truck Cities

If you’re visiting one of the best food truck cities in the U.S., plan a day to feast on the city’s tastiest grub.

Some food trucks are better than the finest dining establishments. Come hungry and go home feeling satisfied. 

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