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The 13 Most Popular Places to See in Colorado

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Most Popular Places to See in Colorado: With sparkling alpine lakes, the majestic Rocky Mountains, the high desert of the Colorado Plateau, beautiful rolling hills, stunning rivers, and waterfalls, Colorado boasts of picturesque landscapes.

Owing to such diverse scenery, the state offers a host of opportunities for outdoor adventure, drawing many tourists for a thrilling vacation.

From enjoying various adventure sports and soaking in the beauty of lush natural surroundings in mountain towns to enjoying a lively nightlife scene in its bustling cities, there is something here for everyone.

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What’s more?

The land was once inhabited by dinosaurs and there are several natural and historic landmarks where you can learn about the Jurassic period. The state is also home to several national parks, and monuments. 

Planning a vacation to this stunning place?

We’ve got you covered with our list of the most popular places to see in Colorado.

Dive in!

Rocky Mountain National Park #1

One of the most popular national parks in the country, Rocky Mountain National Park features towering mountain peaks, scenic meadows, abundant forests, and serene alpine lakes.

From hiking, camping, horseback riding, and fishing in summers to snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in winters, there are endless outdoor recreational activities to enjoy here.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park

You can drive through Trail Ridge Road which offers easy access to the park’s terrain. It also has a vast system of hiking trails that offer numerous hikes of varied lengths.

What’s more?

The area abounds with wildlife such as elk, deer, and bighorn sheep amongst others. No wonder it’s one of the most visited places in Colorado.

Garden of the Gods #2

Soak in stunning views of jagged stone towers, giant boulders, and mountains from this picturesque spot. Located near Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods is a registered National Natural Landmark.

With over fifteen miles of walking trails, you can get up close to the impressive rock formations.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado
Garden of the Gods

You can also enjoy rock climbing, biking lanes, guided nature walks, horseback riding, or even take a jeep tour.

What’s more?

There’s also The Garden of the Gods Park Visitor & Nature Center that features impressive exhibits.

When hunger strikes, head to the on-site cafe where you can indulge in some delectable snacks while enjoying stunning views. 

Dinosaur National Monument #3

Travel back to the Jurassic Era when dinosaurs roamed the land as you explore Dinosaur National Monument.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado
Dinosaur National Monument

Located in northwest Colorado, this fascinating site features dramatic natural landscapes and you can see dinosaur remains in exposed rock walls.

Various petroglyphs provide a peek into the lives of the people who once inhabited the area. Make sure you visit the Quarry Visitors Center which enables access to the Quarry Exhibit Hall where you can witness various fossils, including some fully assembled skeletons.

What’s more?

With such a picturesque landscape and the Green and Yampa Rivers nearby, there are ample recreational activities to enjoy including hiking, fishing, rafting, and camping.

Want to spend more time?

There are various campsites in the park. 

Pike Peak #4

Pike Peak in Pike National Forest is one of the most popular places to see in Colorado. At a height of around 14,115 feet, this towering peak offers incredible views of the picturesque natural surroundings. 

You can drive to the Peak or take the Pikes Peak Cog Railway for an 8.9-mile ride.

Once you reach the top of the Peak, you’ll find Pike’s Peak Summit Visitor’s Center which features interactive displays and numerous dining options.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado
Pike Peak

Don’t forget to pamper yourself with the famous donuts served at the Pikes Peak Summit House.

Apart from soaking in the stunning views, you can also enjoy hiking, biking in the surrounding area, and fishing in the nearby reservoirs. 

Mesa Verde National Park #5

Whether you’re an adventure junkie, a nature lover, or a history buff, this stunning national park won’t disappoint.

This unique awe-inspiring site features incredibly preserved ruins including impressive cliff dwellings. It was once home to the Ancestral Pueblo who inhabited the place from 600 AD to 1300 AD.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado
Mesa Verde National Park

There are thousands of archaeological sites and fascinating petroglyphs in the park that allow a peek into the culture of the early inhabitants.

There are various hiking trails and a road that allows easy access to the ruins.

One of the most impressive dwellings here is Cliff Palace. If you wish to get up close to it, go for the ranger-led tours held during the summer.

Make sure you book your Cliff Palace visitor pass well in advance since the slots sell out soon. 

Aspen #6

Set in Roaring Fork Valley, Aspen is a beautiful ski town surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

The town is home to many Victorian-Era buildings, lavish ski resorts, and impressive ski slopes, perfect for a fun vacation.

Take a gondola ride from the town to your resort and soak in the incredible views of the area, which looks like a winter wonderland.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado

Apart from skiing, you can also enjoy movie festivals, hiking, and fine dining with stunning views. Whether you’re looking for a romantic retreat or a fun family vacation, this dreamy place won’t disappoint. 

The Million Dollar Highway #7

Stretching from Silverton to Ouray, Million Dollar Highway offers a picturesque drive in this stunning state.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado
The Million Dollar Highway

Running for 46 kilometres, this two-lane highway offers incredible views of towering cliffs and scenic valleys.

Have got more time on your hands?

Explore Ouray, which is considered the “Switzerland of America” and is known for its hot springs. 

Million Dollar Highway offers one of the most spectacular drives in the state, making it a must-have on your itinerary.  

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park #8

Enjoy incredible views of majestic cliffs and azure skies as a cool mountain breeze wafts through your hair.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado
Black Canyon

Sounds surreal, doesn’t it?

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park offers many such experiences. Witness steep cliffs that rise up from the Gunnison river, shaping the awe-inspiring 2,000 feet deep canyon. There are also various hiking and walking trails here.

Want to spend the night?

The park’s North and South Rim campgrounds are open to both tents and RVs while the East Portal only allows tents. 

Maroon-Bells Snowmass Wilderness #9

With six mountains and numerous forests, meadows, alpine lakes, and around 175 miles of trails, Maroon-Bells Snowmass Wilderness boasts lush natural beauty.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado
Maroon-Bells Snowmass Wilderness

You can indulge in fishing, walking, hiking, and camping in the summers or enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, and snowmobiling in the winters.

What’s more?

The area’s sublime beauty draws many people to pitch their tents and camp amidst such beautiful surroundings.

Don’t have much time on your hands?

Many picturesque drives allow you to enjoy the region’s charming beauty. 

 Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve #10

Wish to enjoy a desert landscape? Head to this impressive site.

You’ll find the tallest sand dunes in the country here with the most popular being Star Dune which is around 750 feet high.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado
Great Sand Dunes

Climb on the sand dunes, go sandboarding, or make a splash in Medano Creek, there are ample outdoor recreational activities to enjoy here.

You can also hike through the surrounding forest or enjoy a scenic drive on Medano Pass Primitive Road. There are also tents and RV campsites available if you wish to spend the night. 

Colorado National Monument #11

Rock spires, canyons, cliffs, and desert-like areas make up the dramatic landscape of this fascinating place.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado
Colorado National Monument

Located just outside the city of Grand Junction, the Colorado National Monument features unique scenery.

You can drive or bike along Rim Rock Drive and enjoy stunning views of the place from one of the numerous lookouts.

Craving some adrenaline rush? You can also hike on one of the numerous trails to access some picturesque areas of the monument. The incredible landscape makes it a must-have on your itinerary. 

Glenwood Springs #12

Rejuvenate your senses as you enjoy a dip in the largest mineral hot springs pool in the world.

Glenwood Springs is known for its hot springs, which draw many tourists to this tranquil town. You can also enjoy hiking, rafting, fishing, and skiing here.

Most Popular Places to See in Colorado
Glenwood Springs

What’s more?

There is also an impressive adventure park here, perfect for a fun outing.

The town’s rich natural beauty and many recreational activities make it a great place for couples, families, and solo adventurers alike. 

Denver #13

The vibrant state capital is one of the most popular cities in the country and offers a host of recreational activities.


With the Rocky Mountains right at the door, the city offers a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, from mountain biking and hiking in summer to skiing in winter.

It also has a vibrant arts and cultural scene and offers an array of entertainment options.

From catching a concert at the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre, going shopping downtown, soaking up history at Larimer Square, and exploring the River North Arts District to witnessing Broncos (NFL) or the Nuggets (NBA) in action, there is something here for everyone.

The city also has a lively downtown area, and plenty of breweries, restaurants, and shops. 

So, start with the one that attracts you the most and head to this picturesque state for an unforgettable holiday.

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Q. What is the most visited place in Colorado?

Rocky Mountain National Park is the most visited place in Colorado.

Q. What is the number one tourist attraction in Colorado?

With its stunning landscape and a host of outdoor recreational activities to offer, Rocky Mountain National Park is the number one tourist attraction in Colorado. 

Q. What is the prettiest place in Colorado?

Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness is one of the prettiest places in Colorado. 

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