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The 11 Best Places to live in Florida for families

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Living in Florida has many advantages, but the sunshine and sandy beaches are at the top of the list.

Best Places to live in Florida for families: The state of Florida appeals to people of varying financial means due to its tax policy and other economic variables. Although high property taxes mitigate some of the benefits of Florida’s lack of an income tax, the state is still quite attractive to the wealthy.

Low housing costs also entice middle-class families looking to relocate. In addition to its natural beauty, Florida is home to numerous urban attractions such as professional sports, museums, and theme parks.

For those thinking about making Florida their new home, there is a wide variety of options to investigate.

What Makes Florida Beautiful?

Florida’s coastline stretches for thousands of miles, so there are countless beaches to choose from.

Florida has a low cost of living, excellent education opportunities, a diverse and delicious cuisine scene, and a pleasant climate.

Here are the list of Best places to live in Florida for families:-

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, Florida, is one of the new additions to our itinerary for this year.

Housing costs in this coastal town are 17% lower than the national average, and residents may enjoy a wonderful mix of natural tranquilly and strong career prospects.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is a great area to reside in because of its miles of white, sandy beaches.


If you have kids, consider moving to Tampa, Florida. Bayshore is bordered to the north by Tampa Bay and to the east by Old Tampa Bay

Tampa Source: facebook

Hyde Park, Westshore, Davis Island, and Beach Park offer some of the most excellent housing options in Tampa, and all are within easy driving distance of the city’s beautiful beaches and friendly locals.

Concerning economic potential and vacant land, this area ranks sixth in the country.

There are also numerous museums and professional sports teams.


Orlando, the undisputed theme park capital of the world, is located smack dab in the middle of the Sunshine State.


Orlando is an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a home because of the wide variety of communities available, from upscale to more modest.


For many, Melbourne remains Florida’s best major city. You can go to any of the many nearby parks or beaches.

It’s ideal for young couples just starting as a family due to its affordable housing and high quality of education.

Keep your eye out for West Melbourne since it is a fantastic emerging community in the region.


Sarasota is one of the most significant locations in Florida since it is a lovely city with lots of culture and activity.

There is something for everyone to enjoy, and the quality of living is high.

College students, seniors, young professionals, and families can all be seen enjoying the city’s rich theatre and performance scene.

Source: Facebook

And since it’s on the Gulf Coast, it’s no surprise that Sarasota has some of the world’s finest beaches.


Gainesville is a great city to raise a family because of its affordable housing, low unemployment, and low crime rate.

Source: Facebook

The University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History, and Kika Silva Pla Planetarium may also be found in this city.

Several state parks are available, as are roads for bicycling and hiking.

Coral Gables

If you’re a history buff, young or old, Coral Gables is the place to be because every building in the city is in the Mediterranean Revival style.

Coral Gables

Urban design was influenced by the “City Beautiful” movement, which advocated for a sophisticated grid of pedestrian-friendly streets set within lush tropical landscaping.

Charming businesses and historical landmarks like the Biltmore Hotel define the true Venetian beauty of this area.

In the Merrick House, you may read about the people and events that inspired today’s architectural splendor.


Recent years have seen one of the most exciting cities in the country rise to the top of the list of best places to reside in the state. The average home near the coast of this bustling city is worth $474,701.


South Beach and the interior settlements may have drastically different costs, but the rest of the vibrant hub offers a wide range of options to fit various budgets.

Miami is a unique metropolis that perfectly balances coastal living and urban opportunities.

At $64,849, its per capita personal wealth is significantly higher than the US average of $55,477, making it the world’s financial, cultural, and artistic epicentre.


Many people would gladly part with an arm and a leg to be able to stroll through the central, family-friendly city at sunset.


The median home price in Naples is $345,000, while the median rent is $1,317, despite the city’s status as one of the wealthiest in the country.

Gated communities, high-rise condos, and golf course communities are also available. 371,453 people live in the metropolitan region, and those lucky enough to call the “City of Love” or the “American Napoli” home can enjoy tranquil beaches and gourmet cuisine.


Both Florida Public University & Florida A&M University can be found in Tallahassee, the state capital.

Since the nearest beach is at least an hour away, this city is excellent for those who wish to reside in a less touristy portion of the Florida Panhandle, enjoy the college town atmosphere, or are political junkies.

This medium-sized city relies heavily on the education and healthcare sectors and the state government for employment.

Tallahassee is one of the most significant towns in Florida for young adults because of the abundance of tech employment brought to the area by the Innovation Park in Tallahassee technology incubator.

Fort Myers

Fort Myers is becoming an increasingly desirable place for families, young professionals, and the elderly.

Fort Myers

Aside from its proximity to the water, the city also offers magnificent beaches, convenient shopping, and reliable transportation.

End notes

Cities in the Sunshine State provide a wide range of attractions and ways of life, as evidenced by this list. The decision of which city suits your needs and goals now rests with you. However, wait to move to Florida until later because the population and economy continue to grow.


Is moving to Florida a good idea?

The state of Florida is well-known for its abundance of tourist destinations, including warm weather, beach resorts, theme parks, and more. It’s fantastic not just for retirees but everybody seeking leisure options. There is no income tax to pay, and the quality-of-life indicators, including access to healthcare and employment, are all above average.

Where should you not live in Florida?

There are both pristine and desolate regions in every state. Opa Locka and Cocoa are two cities to avoid in Florida due to their high crime and poverty rates. The low cost of living in these cities comes with a price.

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