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The 10 Best Places to Live in Alaska State for Families

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Alaska is one of those states in the US that has vibrant and interesting communities.

Places to Live in Alaska State: So, if you have decided to settle down with your family here, then there is so much you can look forward to. A state known for its natural beauty; Alaska has many small towns that are unique in their way.

Though a majority of these places are small in population and don’t have the vibes of metro cities, all the basic amenities and entertainment avenues that are a must-have for families to settle down are available in them.

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We have compiled some of the Best Places to Live in Alaska State :-

1. Anchorage

If you are specifically looking for a big place to stay in Alaska with your family, then Anchorage is your best bet.

Anchorage has many cultural places that may be of interest to your family. These centres offer a great opportunity for your family to know in detail about the local people.


For kids in the family, there are many educational centres to get enrolled in.

The city also has numerous eateries and entertainment avenues that can be visited at your convenience.

2. Sitka

Sitka is an interesting place in Alaska and will appeal to your family through its rich historical background.

One of the best places to live in Alaska, Sitka has several schools and colleges of repute.


If you have children in your family, you should not have any problem selecting the best educational place here.

Another reason why Sitka ranks high on the list of liveable places for families is that its crime rate is amongst the lowest in Alaska.

3. Eagle River

For those wishing to live in Alaska and looking for a place that is fun and safe at the same time, Eagle River emerges as a frontrunner.

Families prefer staying here as it is close to Anchorage and has easy access to freeways.

There are plenty of shopping options available in this small town, besides numerous outdoor activities to keep yourself engaged throughout.

Eagle River
Eagle River

The communities in Eagle River are lively and give you a feel of a small town.

4. Fairbanks

Fairbanks is an excellent option for families to live in if they are looking for outdoor and sporting options seriously. A big town in Alaska,

Fairbanks offers some of the best natural views to the residents for most parts of the year.


Some of the popular industries in the region are oil and gas and tourism.

These sectors provide plenty of job opportunities to the locals.

The housing sector scene at Fairbanks is also promising as people can easily find big houses at affordable prices.

5. Ridgeway

Some of the best places to live in Alaska are small towns that are located close to the sea and wilderness.

Ridgeway, located on the Kenai Peninsula, is an ideal place for raising families.

Though small in size, Ridgeway has some of the best educational centres in Alaska where your children can study.

Besides lots of opportunities in the educational field, the town is also an excellent gateway for avid campers.

6. Juneau

If education is of the highest priority to your family while settling down in Alaska, then consider Juneau as it has some of the best and most affordable educational institutes in Alaska.

Living in this town is also beneficial for families on other fronts.

The job market scene in Juneau is excellent as the residents can look forward to trying out various positions across the tourism and government sectors.


On weekends, if your family loves being outdoors, Juneau presents an opportunity in the form of Tongass National Park where you can partake in a variety of outdoor activities like camping, boating, etc.

7. Ketchikan

Ketchikan is one of the best places to live in Alaska if you love nature.

This picturesque town may be small in size but it presents an authentic and rustic look to viewers through its colourful houses that line up at its waterfront.


Also, if you are a nature lover and an avid hiker, Ketchikan has some of the world’s best trails that you can explore with your family during your free time.

Job opportunities in the town can be found in sectors like tourism, fishing, education, etc.

8. Kodiak

Families looking for affordable housing options in Alaska can look forward to Kodiak with some hope.

The town’s median housing rents are far below the national average which means your family can stay here for a long time without worrying much about finances.


Though this small town is not directly connected to the mainland, you shouldn’t have a problem reaching other areas of the state as there are plenty of ferries to take you around.

Besides fishing, Kodiak also provides job opportunities to people in the military and tourism sectors.

Alaska’s rich culture can be best explored through this tiny town.

9. Soldotna

Families wishing to settle down in Alaska can look at Soldotna as a place that is fun-filled and diverse.

Crime rates is this small town are really low, which means you can give your family a place to settle that is peaceful and happy. Soldotna also has several schools and colleges of repute.


If you have children at home, this town will make them feel comfortable. A variety of fun events and outdoor activities are carried out by locals regularly.

Overall, Soldotna is a great place for spending your weekends and being with nature. 

10. Kenai

If you are looking to raise a family in a town that offers a unique perspective and helps bring positivity into life, then Kenai is the perfect place to be in.


One of the best places to live in Alaska, Kenai may have the vibes of a small town but certainly doesn’t lack the facilities that a big town provides.

With a plethora of outdoor and recreational options Kenai provides, this town is ideal for families that love the outdoors.

The availability of high-quality schooling system is another reason why many families love living here.


Is it expensive to live in Alaska?

Yes, it is relatively expensive to live in Alaska. There are many reasons why Alaska is a bit expensive compared to other states in the US. For example, groceries need to be shipped from other places and, therefore, they can add to your overall expenses. Alaska is a remote state in the US and a considerable portion of its landmass cannot be accessed directly. If you are moving to this part of the United States, you may need to take the help of a moving company. This too will add to your expenses. However, the good news for those wishing to live here is that you need not pay state income tax. Also, in some cases, the state pays you for living here.

What is the most liveable city in Alaska?

Anchorage is one of the best places to live in Alaska. The capital and the state’s largest city have a lot in it for any family to feel happy and comfortable. Despite being a large town in the region, its community vibe is strong and lively. You are likely to bump into someone you already know. Living in Anchorage makes you feel as though you are in a big village. This beautiful town is tax-friendly and situated amidst gorgeous mountains. There are also many educational centres and cultural sites spread across the town.

Where is the most beautiful place to live in Alaska?

Sitka is one of the most beautiful places to live in Alaska. Accessing this town is an adventure in itself as it can be reached via sea or air. Sitka is located close to the Pacific Ocean and has several lakes and rivers nearby which makes the place picturesque and natural. If you decide to settle down with your family in this town, you will have no problems accessing the numerous shopping centres, art galleries, and cafes spread across it.

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