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The 09 Most Popular Places to Live in Texas

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Most Popular Places to Live in Texas: With its warm climate, robust job market, and no state income tax, Texas is a popular destination for families, young professionals, and retirees alike.

The diverse state is a melting pot of different cultures and has a vibrant entertainment scene, offering something for everyone.

Love spending time outdoors?

From towering mountains and stunning beaches to sprawling deserts, the Lone Star State has it all, offering a host of outdoor recreational activities. 

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Couple that with affordable housing options and excellent schools. Each city and town in this diverse state has its unique character and offerings.

Wondering which would be the perfect place for you to move to?

Let’s help you narrow down your choices with our list of the most popular places to live in Texas.

Dive in: –

San Antonio #1

Looking for a charming small-town vibe with access to the big city amenities?

San Antonio is an excellent choice.

Home to the Alamo, this vibrant town has rich Spanish history and Old West heritage.

Most Popular Places to Live in Texas
It offers a lively arts and culture scene and an array of recreational activities.

Watch great performances at the Majestic Theatre and the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, appreciate art at the McNay Art Museum, cheer for the local NBA team San Antonio Spurs or treat yourself to the delectable Tex-Mex cuisine in one of its numerous restaurants, the activities to enjoy here are endless.

The town also hosts numerous fairs, events, and festivals including the popular San Antonio’s annual Fiesta.

What’s more?

There are ample outdoor recreational activities to enjoy at San Antonio’s River Walk & numerous beautiful parks.

The cost of living here is slightly less than the national average, making it a great choice for those who are just starting out. 

Corpus Christi #2

Have you always dreamt of beachside living?

Head to Corpus Christi.

Bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, this picturesque city features a stunning coastline and offers a host of outdoor recreation activities such as sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and more.

Some of the major natural attractions here include the South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Centre, the Padre Island National Seashore, and many beautiful parks.

Most Popular Places to Live in Texas
The city is home to Whataburger, one of the must-try eateries here.

You can also find a variety of dining options, from casual to upscale restaurants.

What’s more?

It has a dynamic economy with job opportunities in different industries such as aerospace and manufacturing. Couple that with affordable housing options and numerous A-rated schools. 

Fort Worth #3

Looking for a suburban vibe with access to the big city entertainment scene?

Fort Worth may be a perfect choice.

This neighbouring city of Dallas offers an affordable cost of living and features the perfect blend of cowboy culture charm with urban amenities.

From appreciating the historic vibe of Fort Worth Stockyards, enjoying a family outing at Fort Worth Zoo, appreciating art at Kimbell Art Museum to relaxing at Fort Worth Water Gardens and catching a rodeo at the historic Fort Worth Cowtown Coliseum, there is a plethora of activities to indulge in here.

Most Popular Places to Live in Texas
You’ll also find many museums, excellent restaurants, and lively bars in this vibrant place.

Its promising job market and wide variety of property types ranging from ranch-style single-family homes, and bungalows to apartments and condos add to its desirability.

Austin #4

Love to be in the middle of all the action?

Austin may be the place for you.

The state capital is known for its vibrant music scene. It hosts many renowned musical acts from across the globe along with numerous music festivals that draw huge crowds of music fans to this bustling city.

Most Popular Places to Live in Texas
No wonder it’s known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”.

Relocating with family?

The city is home to several excellent schools, the University of Texas, and around 250 parks. It’s also popular for its Tex-Mex cuisine with plenty of restaurants serving delectable breakfast tacos, Texas-style barbeque dishes, and locally brewed beer amongst other delicacies.

What’s more?

The city is a growing tech hub with many companies the likes of Apple, Tesla, and Google calling it home.

Enjoying all these offerings doesn’t come cheap with housing prices significantly higher than the state average but if you have the budget, go for it. 

Houston #5

With world-class dining, a vibrant entertainment scene, popular sports teams, and excellent healthcare facilities, Houston attracts young professionals and families alike to put down their roots here.

The lively city is home to pro sports teams like the Texans Rockets & Astros, the vast Texas Medical Centre, and NASA’s Mission Control Center.

Most Popular Places to Live in Texas
This culturally rich city offers something for everyone.

The Space City also features plenty of restaurants, public parks, and shops.

Its proximity to Galveston’s beach towns offers a refreshing change of scenery and plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Couple that with many highly-rated schools and an affordable cost of living. Certain neighbourhoods are safer than others so keep that in mind while choosing a location here.  

El Paso #6

Straddling the borders of Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico, El Paso has a rich culture and offers plenty of entertainment options.

From indulging in authentic Mexican cuisine at one of its numerous restaurants, attending the Hueco Rock Rodeo, and catching a show at the sombrero-shaped Abraham Chavez Theatre, there are plenty of recreational activities to enjoy here.

Most Popular Places to Live in Texas
Job opportunities abound in various industries including the government and healthcare sectors.

The city is nicknamed the Sun City owing to its desert climate and year-round sunny weather that offers ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

If you’re a sports fan, the city has a minor league football team as well as the teams at the University of Texas at El Paso.

The city’s affordability and numerous good schools attract young professionals and families alike to call it home. 

Brownsville #7

Perched on the southernmost tip of Texas, Brownsville enjoys a strategic position, being located at a point where the state meets Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico.

to its easy access to the Rio Grande river and the Gulf of Mexico, the city has evolved into a major trading hub.

It is also home to SpaceX, which builds rockets and spacecraft and is a major employer in the city apart from the agriculture and trade sectors.

What’s more?

Residents can enjoy easy access to the Gulf of Mexico beaches that offer plenty of outdoor recreation activities. There are also many excellent restaurants here along with numerous A-rated schools.

Enjoying all these amenities won’t break the bank since the city offers affordable housing options and cost of living. 

Amarillo #8

Located on Interstate 40, Amarillo has a rich cowboy culture and a robust job market.

Considered the largest economic hub in the panhandle, this city’s major industries include agriculture, meatpacking, energy, manufacturing, and retail.

Most Popular Places to Live in Texas
It also offers a host of entertainment options.

From playing tennis at the John Stiff Memorial Park, catching a performance at the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts, to hiking & camping at the impressive Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the nation’s second-largest canyon; there is something here for everyone.

There are also many restaurants, several golf courses, a zoo, and an amusement park, perfect for a fun family outing.

Couple that with numerous decent schools and an affordable cost of living. 

Dallas #9

Warm Weather, a diverse community, plenty of job opportunities, and an affordable cost of living make Dallas one of the most popular places to live in Texas.

The ninth-largest city in the country features over forty colleges and universities, numerous Fortune 500 companies, and a robust job market.

Most Popular Places to Live in Texas
The city also has a vibrant entertainment scene.

Explore its vibrant arts district, go cafe hopping, groove to the beats in one of its many nightclubs and music venues or soak in some history at its many fascinating museums, there are endless activities to enjoy here.

Love an active lifestyle?

The city has plenty of green spaces such as Great Trinity Forest, White Rock Lake Park, and Klyde Warren Park amongst many others.

Couple that with numerous excellent schools and affordable housing options. Like any big city, certain areas are safer than others, so consider that while choosing a location here. 

Pick the one that caters to your requirements and get ready to call this vibrant state home. 

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Q. Which part of Texas is best to live in?

Dallas, Fort Worth, and Corpus Christi are amongst the best areas to live in Texas. 

Q. What is the #1 place to live in Texas?

With its healthy economy, plenty of outdoor activities, vibrant music scene, diverse culture, and excellent educational institutions, Austin is the #1 place to live in Texas. 

Q. Is Dallas or Austin better to live in?

Both Dallas and Austin are vibrant cities with their own set of unique offerings. If you wish to enjoy a quirky city vibe with lots of options for music, entertainment, and culture as well as a booming tech economy, go for Austin. But if you prefer a sophisticated vibe with many upscale amenities and an affordable cost of living, Dallas is the way to go.

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