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The 08 Most Popular Places to Live in Maryland

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Most Popular Places to Live in Maryland: Wrapped around the picturesque Chesapeake Bay, the picturesque state of Maryland features diverse natural landscapes. From the sandy beaches on its Eastern Shore to lush forested hills & the Appalachian Mountains in the West, there is a host of natural attractions and great outdoor recreational activities to enjoy here.

The state has a rich history concerning the Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil war.  It also has a thriving arts and culture scene, excellent schools, and numerous fascinating historic sites. 

Planning to move to ‘Little America’?

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve curated the ultimate list of the best places to live in Maryland: –

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Columbia #1

Looking for a serene suburban vibe with access to the big city amenities? Columbia may be the place for you. Located in central Maryland, the city offers plenty of recreational activities.

Most Popular Places to Live in Maryland

From taking an art class at Columbia’s Art Centre, and boating at Lake Kittamaqundi, to enjoying an immersive learning experience at the African Art Museum of Maryland and indulging in a scrumptious meal at one of the many restaurants, there is something here for everyone.

The city is also home to a sports park, 25 swimming pools, various restaurants, and shopping centres.

Events such as the Festival of Arts and lively summer concerts are held throughout the year that brings the community together.

Couple that with numerous A-rated schools, a supportive business ecosystem, and a strong community vibe. Housing can be expensive, but the high median household income makes up for it.

Silver Spring #2

Silver Spring offers a vibrant entertainment scene with access to all the quintessential big-city amenities.

It features many office and retail developments, a lively Downtown area and there are various exciting festivals held throughout the year.

You’ll also find plenty of restaurants and parks here along with easy access to the campuses of Howard University and Montgomery College.

Most Popular Places to Live in Maryland
Couple that with a promising job market that attracts many young professionals to call this bustling city home.

Love an active lifestyle?

With four creeks going through its borders, the city has many hiking trails and public parks. Housing prices are higher than the state average but the offerings make it worth every penny.

Chevy Chase #3

This scenic suburb offers the perfect combination of outdoor recreational activities along with a vibrant entertainment scene.

Its proximity to the Woodland Nature Sanctuary and National Park Seminary opens up a host of activities such as hiking, biking, birding, and more.

Most Popular Places to Live in Maryland
Its leafy streets and fascinating historic monuments add to its charm.

The city is also home to lively markets, great restaurants, and cafes, perfect for a lively evening out.

What’s more?

There are several highly-rated schools, drawing many families to take up residence here.

Housing options at prices are higher than the national average but if budget isn’t a constraint, this place won’t disappoint. With so much to offer, it is one of the most popular places to live in Maryland. 

Bel Air #4

A hub of education, government, business, and culture, this small town in the northeast corner of the state comes with a host of unique offerings.

Most Popular Places to Live in Maryland
Couple that with affordable housing and excellent schools. 

From soaking up history at Tudor Hall, appreciating art at Hartford Artists’ Gallery, buying fresh produce at Bell Air Farmers’ Market, biking at Ma and Pa Heritage Trail to catching a show at Abingdon Community Theatre, there are endless activities to enjoy here.

The city is also home to many breweries, restaurants, and cafes, and has a robust job market.

Brunswick #5

Perched on the northern bank of the Potomac River, this bustling town is home to a charming historic district that is chock full of shops, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, making up a vibrant entertainment scene.

The town offers an easy commute to Washington D.C. drawing many young professionals to take up residence here.

Most Popular Places to Live in Maryland
It is also home to the popular Brunswick Heritage Museum.

There are decent schools in the area and you can easily find rental options well below the national average, making it a great place for those who are just starting out.

If you love an active lifestyle, there are ample outdoor recreational opportunities to indulge in this charming town. 

Bethesda #6

Bethesda offers the perfect combination of a serene suburban vibe with city amenities. Located northwest of Washington, this town is a great choice for those working in the city.

From enjoying concerts in Strathmore, catching performances at Round House Theatre, biking at Cabin John Regional Park to digging into Mexican delicacies at Gringos and Mariachis, and shopping from boutiques Downtown, there is no dearth of activities to indulge in here.

Most Popular Places to Live in Maryland
The city is home to several art galleries, performing arts venues, and museums.

Relocating with family?

There are several excellent schools here.

The cost of living is slightly higher than the state average but the offerings make it worth the splurge.

Gaithersburg #7

Looking for a charming small-town vibe?

Head to Gaithersburg.

Located northwest of Washington, this suburb is home to a preserved historical area called Olde Town, a famous shopping district, and a fairground. 

Most Popular Places to Live in Maryland
Residents enjoy a variety of outdoor and indoor recreational activities.

From biking at Schaeffer Farms Mountain Bike Trail, and picnicking at Bohrer Park, to witnessing musical performances at the Kentlands Mansion, there are different recreational activities to suit every taste.

The town also abounds with excellent restaurants and coffee shops, perfect for a fun evening out.

What’s more?

There are numerous highly rated schools and a low crime rate.

Enjoying all these offerings doesn’t come cheap with housing prices almost double the national average. But the high median household income helps make up for it. 

Rockville #8

Nestled in central Montgomery County, this picturesque small town offers stunning views of Lakes Needwood and Frank.  

Home to several tech and biomedical firms, this town offers an array of job opportunities, making it an attractive destination for recent graduates.

Most Popular Places to Live in Maryland

It also offers a host of outdoor recreational opportunities with easy access to plenty of beautiful parks including Woodley Gardens Park, and Maryvale Park which features amazing artwork.

What’s more?

The Rockville Town Square is lined with several excellent restaurants, and shops and has a grassy lawn as well as a seasonal ice-skating rink.

Various festivals and concerts are held throughout the year, adding to the town’s lively entertainment scene.

Couple this with numerous A-rated schools. Considering the offerings, the housing market is competitive here but if that isn’t a concern, go for it. 

So, pick the one that speaks to you and get ready to call this stunning state home. 

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Q. What are the 3 most popular cities in Maryland?

Columbia, Silver Spring, and Baltimore are the three most popular cities in Maryland. 

Q. What is the best county in Maryland to live in?

Home to numerous vibrant cities and towns, Howard County is considered the best county to live in Maryland 

Q. What is the most popular part of Maryland?

Baltimore and Columbia are two of the most popular places in Maryland. 

Q. Is it expensive to live in Maryland?

With housing and utility prices above the national average, Maryland is considered an expensive state to live in. 

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