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The 07 Safest Places to Live in Georgia

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Are you looking for places to live in Georgia?

Safest Places to Live in Georgia: But confused enough to decide which city is best for you to settle in. I completely understand shifting is a big thing, but don’t worry much as you are shifting to one of the safest states of the US.

It is one of the states where you get the best quality lifestyles and decent purchasing power from the people there.

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We make a whole list of  cities that are affordable with a good and clean environment, and also to provide you with the safest places to Live in Georgia.

So let’s move along with us, to get into these wonderful cities.

5 Best and Safest Places to Live in Georgia


A small area and the top safest city in the state, if you are looking for places to live with your family then this would be a perfect designation for you.


You will easily get some affordable houses in the center area of the city, and you can also enjoy many outdoor activities with your family.

The public areas and transportation facilities are also so good and affordable, everything from the shopping area to schools, to restaurants just so best and good to try over.


The next beautiful city located in Georgia is Grovetown. One of the easy-going and calming cities suited wonderfully for both family-people and young professionals.


You will easily get some  affordable houses here with a good market area, schools, colleges, and transport facilities.

And the cherry on top is, it is one of the low-ranking crime cities in Georgia.

It is perfect for anyone who is just looking for comfort and a decent place to live, you got all here.


Tyrone is a small beautiful city that gives you the perfect feeling of rural and urban life both. Many events are placed in this city from time to time, like sports leagues, cultural fun and many more.


It is good for family people, as it small area with some good schools, colleges, and a transportation facility.


If you love green areas and lots of trees and plants, then this city is for you.

Safest Places to Live in Georgia
Sandy Spring

Sandy Springs includes so many small and big beautiful national parks.

Also, there is easy access to everything like shops, restaurants, cafes, houses, clubs, malls, and many others.

Good for people who want to live alone calmly and look forward to their life in these beautiful surroundings.


The next safest city in Georgia is Alpharetta.

If you are looking for work opportunities as a salesperson or software engineer then this is the best to go place for you.


Alpharetta is a blooming city nowadays, with so many work opportunities, the best schools, clean spaces, good shopping areas, restaurants and cafes with good cultural food, and many events held during the year.

One of the lowest crime rate cities, people always welcome new ones, you will easily get some affordable houses to settle there.


Located in Cobb County, Acworth gives you a proper feel of home with few affordable places to live, good neighborhoods, classic restaurants and cafes, beautiful parks, lakes and small coffee houses worth your money and time for the visit.



Located 27 miles away from Atlanta Northwest, one of the most beautiful and safest places with the gorgeous sunrise not to miss there.


It is the perfect place for family people, and to raise children properly in this calm environment.

You will get affordable houses and apartments to live in.

School and colleges are also properly-known and very well established in the main area of the city.


So these are 7 beautiful and safest cities to live in Georgia, surely there are many others too where crime rates are low and facilities are  affordable for living.

Some of the places in Georgia, that are not good for consideration in this list are:

  • College Park
  • East Point
  • Union City
  • Tifton
  • Hapeville

Georgia is one of the best states to live in due to its calming atmosphere and cool weather.

Whether you look for places to live with family, or you want to do live-in, or want to live all alone, Georgia is a state for all.

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the safest area to live in Georgia?

Georgia is a state with the lowest crime rate, every area is good to choose from. Cities like Milton, Tyrone, Hampton Douglas are the safest.

Q2. What is the best city in Georgia to live in?

Atlanta, Athena, and Canton are some of the best cities to live in Georgia.

Q3. What is the friendliest town in Georgia?

Thomasville in Georgia is one of the friendliest towns.

Q4. What is the cleanest city in Georgia?

Canton and Cumming are the top ranking cities.

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