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The 07 Best Places to Live in Everett, WA

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Places to Live in Everett: Located on the picturesque Puget Sound, Everett is a beautiful city with a host of unique offerings. Nestled between Port Gardner Bay and the Snohomish river, it offers stunning natural views and plenty of outdoor recreational activities including hiking, biking, skiing, and kiteboarding amongst others.

It is also home to a quaint historic downtown that features plenty of excellent restaurants, chic cafes, lively pubs, and breweries.

From catching a game at Angel of the Winds Arena, and shopping at local boutiques to attending various exciting family-friendly events held throughout the year, the city offers something for everyone.

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Couple it with excellent schools and a robust job market. Each neighborhood of this vibrant city exudes a unique vibe with its own set of offerings for residents.

Wondering which location would be the perfect place for you to call home?

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve curated a list of the best places in Everett to live.

Dive in!

Bayside #1

Would you like to wake up to the views of the Olympic mountains?

Bayside may be the perfect place for you.

Perched next to the waterfront and Port, it offers a host of outdoor recreational activities to indulge in. From going on a fishing charter, joining a whale-watching cruise, or enjoying jet skiing, there is something here for everyone. 

Places to Live in Everett

The area features many historic homes, Clark Park, and Everett Civic Auditorium. You’ll also find plenty of restaurants and cafes for a scrumptious meal.

With numerous A-rated schools and a low crime rate, the area draws many families to call it home. Housing prices are higher than the national average but the offerings make it worth every penny.

Northwest #2

One of the oldest neighbourhoods of the city, Northwest features numerous historic homes, mature trees, and plenty of parks.

Places to Live in Everett

Love an active lifestyle?

One of the two prominent parks here is the American Legion Memorial Park which features a baseball field, a playground, a tennis court, picnic areas, and interpretive signs telling the story of Hibulb Village. The Legion Memorial Golf Course is also nearby.

What’s more?

The area is home to Everett Community College and numerous excellent schools. It also features plenty of restaurants and cafes.

Housing prices are higher than the national average but you can find affordable rental options here.

Boulevard Bluffs #3

With homes lining the bay, the area offers spectacular views. It also has ample natural areas along with the popular 1.5-acre Edgewater Park in its northwest corner which features a basketball court, a tennis court, a playground, and much more.

There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes in the picturesque neighbourhood.  

What’s more?

Its low crime rate and excellent schools add to its desirability.

Housing options here are higher than the national average, but the higher median household income makes up for it.

It is one of the best and most beautiful areas to live in Everett.

Harborview-Seahurst-Glenhaven  #4

Another scenic neighbourhood of the city, Harborview-Seahurst-Glenhaven features a beautiful waterfront with stunning views of Possession Sound.

From lounging on its sandy beaches, picnicking at Harborview Park, or digging into a delectable meal at Taqueria California, there is no dearth of activities to enjoy here.

Places to Live in Everett

The area also offers easy access to Seattle Pacific University and numerous highly-rated schools, making it a great place to raise a family. Housing can be pricey here but if budget is not a constraint, go for it.

View Ridge Madison #5

Looking for a suburban vibe? Head to View Ridge Madison.

Bordered by Pigeon Creek 1 and 2 from east to west, this beautiful area features rich natural beauty and a host of outdoor recreational activities.

Places to Live in Everett
View Ridge Madison

From enjoying a nature walk at Port Gardner Bay, picnicking at Johnston-Kelly Park, or enjoying a family outing at Hannabrook Park, there are many opportunities to soak in the rich natural surroundings.

The South East block has a retail block featuring numerous eateries and shops.

There are also various A-rated schools in the area.  Housing prices may be slightly higher but the high median household income makes up for it.

Riverside  #6

Relocating with family? Riverside may be the perfect place for you.

The area’s low crime rate and exceptional schools make it a preferred choice for families.

Places to Live in Everett

It features plenty of parks and offers beautiful mountain and river views.

What’s more?

Various events are hosted throughout the year that bring the community together.

Housing options here are affordable as compared to many other parts of the city, making it a great choice for young families just starting out. With so much to offer, it is one of the best places to live in Everett.

Port Gardner #7

Located south of downtown Everett, this neighbourhood offers spectacular views of the bay.

Places to Live in Everett
Port Gardner

It borders the entrance to Forest Park, which features a swimming pool as well as a petting zoo.

From picnicking in Rucker Hill Park, catching an AquaSox baseball game at the Everett Memorial Stadium to relishing your favourite drink at Anchor Club, one of the oldest pubs in the area, there is something here for everyone.

Couple that with decent schools and affordable housing options and you get a great place to live.

So, choose the one that speaks to you and get ready to begin the next chapter of your life in this beautiful city.

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Q. Is Everett a good place to live?

With rich natural beauty, impressive parks, a vibrant downtown, and plenty of outdoor recreational activities, Everett is a great place to live in.

Q. Is Everett cheaper than Seattle?

Everett is approximately 24% cheaper than Seattle.

Q. What is a good salary in Everett Washington?

Anything over $40,000 is considered a good salary in Everett Washington.

Q. Is Everett up and coming?

Everett is an up-and-coming city and holds a lot of potential for new as well as seasoned buyers.

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