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The 06 Best Places to Live in West Virginia

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Shifting to West Virginia?

But trying to figure out where to move?

Best Places to Live in West Virginia: West Virginia is famous for its great history, mountains, hilly areas, mines and coal industries. There are several things in West Virginia to makes this state more special than any other, some of them are;

  • West  Virginia provides a low cost of living with affordable purchasing power.
  • Home values are the cheapest compared to other states’ values.
  • It has several small towns and areas that provide a cozy and relaxed lifestyle.
  • Have a good economy too because of plastics, biometrics, medicine, and aerospace business.

So now you know why West Virginia is one of the best places to settle. But still, the question is the same, which  places in West Virginia to live?

Don’t worry, here in this article, we will let you know 6 Best Places in West Virginia to live comfortably and satisfied.

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Best Places in West Virginia to live


One of the best places to live with family, Bridgeport provides you  a space to live in a proper environment at affordable rates.

The city gives us so many wonderful opportunities to work and grow, it also has some of the best schools and colleges so your children get there.


The cost of living is also very decent to survive, and you can easily get a house and a rented apartment in the centre city also. It is famous for its great history and growing industrial areas, like oil and gas companies.

Average Household Income:$87,936
Population of the city:8675
Unemployment Rate:3.1%
Average Property Tax(in ratio):7% (total combination of state tax, country tax, and sales tax rates)


Located along the Kanawha River, the next best place in West Virginia to live is St. Albans. It is a nice, small, affordable and safe place to live and settle.

You will easily get houses, shopping areas, residents, cafes, and other safe public spaces to spend time in.


It is a perfect place whether you live with family or alone. This city provides space to all.

Average Household Income:$55,189
Population of the city:10,078
Unemployment Rate:6.4%
Average Property Tax(in ratio):0.53%


Best city if you want to complete your education, as it provides some of the great educational institutes to study.

Places to Live in West Virginia

Some of them are George Washington High School, Nitro High School, and Sissonvillle High School.

Also along with that the cost of living is too low, with decent transportation and housing facilities. The city also provides so many wonderful job opportunities to look and work for.

Average Household Income:$54,954
Population of the city:12,461
Unemployment Rate:6.4%
Average Property Tax(in ratio):0.67%


If you are a fan of West Virginia University Mountaineers, or Morgantown’s Personal Rapid Transit System, then this city is for you.

Morgantown is one of the fastest growing places in West Virginia.


It is best for people who are young and want to live their life to the fullest. You will easily get some best restaurants, cafes and other places.

Average Household Income:$36,991
Population of the city:30,953
Unemployment Rate:10.9%
Average Property Tax(in ratio):0.53%


The most friendly and happy city of all time, Wheeling provides you with a completely different and comfortable environment to live and settle in this beautiful place.


It is one of the safest places in the state, also you will get the best education and employment opportunities.

Average Household Income:$43,483
Population of the city:27,046
Unemployment Rate:6.5%
Average Property Tax(in ratio):0.59%


The last place for you to live is, Dunbar, it is a small cosy town that looks so beautiful. As it is small, the affordability factor is also going with it. You can live here calmly with the great environment and people all around.

Average Household Income:$46,219
Population of the city:7166
Unemployment Rate:3.9%
Average Property Tax(in ratio):0.55%


If you want to live in a decent place, with a decent budget and low crime rates, then these above mentioned places are best to look for.

Get any doubt related to these places, don’t hesitate to reach out us, we are happy to help you out.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1. What are the best places to live in west Virginia?

Some of the best places are Bethany, Tornado, Barrackville, Mineralwells, and Pleasant Valley.

Q2.  What is the nicest town in West Virginia?

Bridgeport is one of the nicest towns in West Virginia.

Q3. What is the Safest City to Live in West Virginia?

St. Albans is the top safest city to live in West Virginia.

Q4. How many Black live in West Virginia?

According to reports, of Population Distribution of West Virginia, there are 2.8 percent black live.

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