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Los Alamos: The 05 Best Places to Live in Los Alamos

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Best Places to Live in Los Alamos: Los Alamos is a designated town in New Mexico, United States, with around 13,600 people. This part of New Mexico’s history dates back to world war 11.

It is the location of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the first atomic bomb was developed during World War II.

Los Alamos has grown with time, creating excellent opportunities for families and young adults.

 The town has a strong sense of community and offers a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, and fishing, thanks to the available mountains and trails.

Although the location of this town may be exciting to some people, others may find it uncomfortable to live in.

This is because Los Alamos is found in a high-altitude location, with an elevation of over 7,000 feet.

This can cause some people to experience altitude sickness if they are not used to high altitudes. However, the job market in this part of New Mexico is good, with laboratories being the major employer in the city.

The town has all amenities, including restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals and even cafes.

The general cost of living in Los Alamos is higher than the national average, primarily due to the area’s high housing demand. 

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Here are the best places to live in Los Alamos.

White Rock #1 

 White Rock is a dense rural area with a population of 5 750 people currently found 10 miles from Los Alamos. The culture is diverse, and most residents are old retirees, families and young couples looking for a quiet rural place to settle.

The people here are welcoming and friendly and always come together to celebrate annual events and festivals.

There is so much peace in White rock, and it has a relatively low crime rate compared to other cities in New Mexico.

Thus, it is a safe environment to raise children.

The neighborhood is equipped with good schools like the Los Alamos Public Schools District is consistently ranked as one of the top school districts in the country, with excellent facilities and a good focus on their curriculum.

Best Places to Live in Los Alamos

The job market is immensely growing fast, with the Los Alamos National Laboratory being the largest employer in the area.

So, most people are employed in sectors like; science, engineering, and technology in the lab.

There are health facilities, schools and universities that also offer job employment to the residents.

The cost of living here is slightly higher with most items, especially homes having high taxation. The median rate for a house is $ 355, 400 while rent averages at $ 1550.

Quemazon #2

 Quemazon is a newer development neighborhood located in the western part of Los Alamos.

It is a great place to live, especially for families since the neighborhood is quiet, has low crime rates and has excellent schools.

There is much to experience for adults and kids as Quemazon features beautiful outdoor landscapes.

Beautiful mountains and forests surround the town, and many parks and recreational areas exist.

People get areas to go hiking, skiing, trekking, and even enjoy park picnics and other fun activities. 

Best Places to Live in Los Alamos

The job market is growing with opportunities in various sectors like tech, finance, education, and lab.

Also, some people are entrepreneurs. The roads are well constructed with traffic controlled well too.

The cost of living in the Quemazon neighborhood is high, and housing is the most expensive. However, there is a mix of single-family homes and townhouses for modern and old homes with cheaper options.

Pajarito Acres #3

Pajarito Acres is a rural neighborhood located on the outskirts of Los Alamos with the fewest residents, as only 300 people live here.

Pajarito is an excellent neighborhood for people who enjoy quiet rural life and those who don’t like staying in populated areas.

Nonetheless, many activities are available in this rural part of Los Alomas.

Santa Fe National Forest is located in this neighborhood, where people go to enjoy activities like hiking, mountain climbing and even camping.

This neighborhood also has major attractions like the Valles Caldera National Preserve and Bandelier National Monument.

Pajarito Acres has a low crime rate compared to other areas of New Mexico, making it a safe place for people with kids.

The culture could be more diverse, considering very few people live here, but they all live as a community. Neighbors are reported to be friendly and always ready to help one another.

Best Places to Live in Los Alamos

There are also public and private schools in this neighborhood reported to have an average performance.

The job market is slow since not many companies are established here. However, most residents commute to work at Los Alamos, and others have established their businesses, like setting up restaurants, shops, nightclubs and shops.

The cost of living in Pajarito Acres is high with the median home rate estimated to be $ 557000.

Guaje Pines #4

If you love to live in hilly spaces surrounded by trees and hills, Guaje Pines is the perfect place to settle in.

This is a small community with a population of 2000 people and a mix of cultures, bringing people together. Those who live here can attest that people in Guaje Pines are amicable and helpful.

Best Places to Live in Los Alamos

The crime rate is low, and although a few criminal cases are brought to the book, it is mostly peaceful.

The neighborhood is populated mainly by families, young adults and retirees looking for natural rural areas.

There are hiking, camping and trekking trails, and for people with kids, Guaje Pines has parks where you can take them to play.

The rural neighborhood also has restaurants and shops, so residents can skip traveling miles to eat or do their shopping. The cost of living in Guaje Pines is high; the average house rate is $ 450 000.

Los Alamos Estates  #5

Los Alamos Estates is a beautiful and affluent neighborhood located in the heart of Los Alamos, New Mexico, with a population of 10 000.

From the way of life, schools, safety and even the housing designs, this neighborhood screams affluent; hence, the high cost of living.

There are many job opportunities in various sectors around Los Alamos Estates, and schools are nearby for easy access.

Best Places to Live in Los Alamos

It is a great neighborhood to raise kids since it has a low crime rate, and parks and other outdoor amenities are ideal for kids to have fun.

The cost of living in Los Alamos Estates is high as most items, including essential items like food, are highly taxed, but housing appears to be more expensive. 


What are the top neighborhoods to consider when looking for the best places to live in Los Alamos?

There are several neighborhoods in Los Alamos that are highly sought after by residents, including North Community, White Rock, and Los Alamos townsite. North Community is located near the Los Alamos National Laboratory and offers a quiet, family-friendly environment. White Rock is located about 10 miles from Los Alamos and offers more affordable housing options and beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Los Alamos townsite is a historic area with a variety of housing options, from apartments to single-family homes.

What is the cost of living like in the best places to live in Los Alamos?

The cost of living in Los Alamos can be high, but it varies depending on where you choose to live. Generally, the cost of living in the townsite area is higher than in White Rock, but both areas have a similar cost of living to other cities in New Mexico. Housing costs in Los Alamos are higher than the national average, but the high quality of life and access to amenities like hiking trails and skiing make it a popular choice for many residents.

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