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Support Local Tourism: The Future Of Travel

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Imtiaz Ullah
Imtiaz Ullahhttps://nomadlawyer.org/about/
Imtiaz Ullah is the founder of travel website - NomadLawyer. A Corporate Lawyer, Senior Travel Correspondent, The Traveller Trails magazine and also acts as an Advisory Member, NGO - Sarvahitey. His travel philosophy is exploring new places, meeting new people, knowing the culture, eating like a local. He always believes in the idea-“ Don't just be a traveller but a Responsible one”.

Support Local Tourism: The Future Of Travel

Through this blog we will delve into the concept of local tourism. Put impetus on how to inspire positive change to this world and how this connect with travelers and  local communities can help to foster economic development at grass root level and bring about social inclusiveness.

Try to answer some pertinent questions like – why is it important to eat from local places? Why buy from local businesses? Why is it important to live like a local? 

Travel adds elixir to life

Support Local Tourism: The Future Of Travel

Spending time with Mishing Tribe, Assam after successful flood donation drive

Our lives have become so busy that we have forgotten to enjoy the small but beautiful things in life. I sometimes wonder if the urge to become materialistically successful has completely overshadowed our innate desire of becoming a successful human being.

Do we get enough time to travel? Juggling different priorities, I guess not! But we can definitely take out time from our busy schedules to read interesting travel stories, travel or follow our passion, thus widening our perspective in the process as well as refreshing ourselves. It is only fair to be ambitious to earn more and move up the corporate ladder, but don’t be swayed away by it.  We keep on running the rat-race without realizing what we are running after/ for.  But the little time that you take out from your busy schedule to travel, broadens your perspective, mental faculties and in return, you end up acquiring more knowledge.  Hence, it’s highly recommended to take out time, travel and broaden your horizon.

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I have been working in a corporate legal department for 14 years now and am still  enjoying and loving my work. But, in my quest to become a successful human being, I also devote time to the NGOSarvahitey and also write for the magazine – The Traveller Trails. It fills me with contentment and meaning in life and also founded the travel portal- NomadLawyer

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I am curious to know if it is that difficult to wear different hats? To juggle between work and priorities? However, I always believed in the saying: “Run the race that is worth running and know your goals”.

Growth of the Travel Industry

The Travel Industry has grown by leaps and bounds and adds significantly to the economy of the country. For many countries, tourism is the mainstay and the backbone of the economy. Most of us love travelling, exploring new places, experiencing different cultures and cuisine, meeting and mingling with the local/ indigenous people. This effectively adds to a refreshing perspective and generally speaking, it helps us in becoming better humans.

But the question remains: How responsible are we while travelling? Are we sensitive enough to avoid those practices that would adversely impact a place? 

It’s disheartening to see tons and tons of plastic being disposed of into the seas and oceans. Imagine the plastic waste that piles up in beautiful touristy places! 

Solution is: act before it is too late! Let our subsequent generations witness the beauty of nature.

The pertinent answer to many questions is – Responsible Tourism.

Volunteers cleaning Tirthan Valley

“Mother nature has given us 

many beautiful places to see and enjoy 

but it’s our duty to payback”

Responsible Tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make a lasting positive impact on the environment, society, and economy. It generates greater economic benefits to the local people and enhances the well being of the local communities. It also contributes positively to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, and proper care and maintenance of nature’s diversity.

Discussion on Organic Farm

I have always wondered, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could positively impact the place when we travel. We can contribute in our own small ways, for eg. by not using plastic bags or throwing/ disposing them here and there, not wasting food, by not disrespecting the local ethos and customs, teaching local people skills that we are adapted in, and so on.  These baby steps can make a humongous difference and the world will be a beautiful place to live in.

In my quest to travel for a cause, I try to take small steps through the NGO- Sarvahitey for the society and the places to where I travel. These steps are taken to impact society in a positive way.  

Why should you support  local community during travel

  1. Eating in small restaurants, cafes and stalls ensures your money goes directly into the surrounding community. It also gives you an authentic insight into what the local and regional dishes are and how they eat them.

Local Market in Assam

Local pickles from Assam

  1. Avoid big chains and supermarkets. Not only will you get an authentic experience, you will also be supporting small businesses which helps the community to thrive.

Local souvenir shop in Bali

  1. If you eat like a local, live like a local, it will impact the local community and they will be able to earn some revenue out of tourism.

Drinks from a local bar at Koh Samui

Local guide and friend in Langkawi

  1. Travel with a local guide to explore a place. It will help local people to make some money.

Bali with local guide and friend I Wayan Karsa

Post Covid Local Tourism has become even more important and the way ahead

Through this blog we are not anyways encouraging international travel rather we are advocating to be more cognizant

The threat of Covid Pandemic is still looming large. It has severely impacted day to day life. As if the entire world has come to a stand still. To know the travel guidelines during Covid  is of paramount importance. This will ensure easy travel and help us not to end up in a soup.

Travelling restrictions are imposed  in many countries of the world and India is no exception to it. However, there could be many valid reasons for travelling from one place to another even during the lockdown. COVID-19 online e-Pass has been introduced for emergency purposes and ensuring  people avoid unnecessary travels across India.

Benefits of Local Tourism

So the mantra should satisfy your wanderlust by exploring your local area . You may be surprised by what may be in store. Shifting your mindset to recognize the importance and value of supporting locals at home and abroad will help support a more sustainable world for everyone.

Team NomadLawyer is very passionate about this topic and we would like to hear your views in the comment section alternatively you can reach out to us at [email protected]

We support local tourism through following ventures:

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