Top 5 American Pizza Styles: Americans are in a relationship with their pizzas. Be it the Chicago Deep dish, or the NYC dollar slice, Detroit-style, Colorado Mountain Pie or Sicilian they deserve a standing ovation. So here is our list for best American style pizzas:

1. Chicago Deep dish:

Cooked in a deep metal tray/bowl is an American classic. With is buttery crust and Pie appearance its awesomeness overloaded. Ah, yes, cheese lies beneath the topping sauce.

American Pizza Styles

2. NYC dollar slice Pizza:

The most bang for your buck, NYC’s dollar slice is go if you’re in New York city. Plain and simple Margareta is the most sold here. Pepperoni a favorite topping of Americans.

3. St. Louis-style Pizza:

This is pizza with a thin crust, sweet topping sauce and overloaded with toppings. Cut into rectangular awesomeness, this has local Provel cheese used to top it off.

4. Detroit-style:

Crispy base, thick crust loaded with butter and chewy. Baked in rectangular trays. Pepperoni with mozzarella is an all time favorite topping for this pizza.

5. Colorado Mountain Pie:

Super loaded hand rolled pizza is a signature pizza from Beau Jo’s.

Well, this Pizza list could have gone forever, but here chose most iconic 5.