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Pros and cons of buying real estate in Antalya, Turkey

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Pros and cons of buying real estate in Antalya: Investment in foreign real estate has always been a highly beneficial business. Some foreign residents prefer to choose real estate for their permanent stay on the Mediterranean coast.

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Pros and cons of buying real estate in Antalya
real estate in Antalya

Others buy properties in Antalya to resell or rent it out. All the ways of managing a housing object are available and profitable in Turkey.

Reasonable house prices in Antalya extend the boundaries of possible real estate purchases and provide a larger space for choice.

Pros and cons of buying real estate in Antalya
Pros and cons of buying real estate in Antalya

The value of real estate in Antalya

Antalya in Turkey is one of the fashionable and popular resorts beloved by many foreign investors.

A fabulous place for a holiday, the star of the East and lots of other bright names the area has. Still, the most important motive to become a homeowner in the Mediterranean is your personal desire.

Doubts and insecurities in the situation of buying foreign real estate are natural.

It is a completely different country, where its own laws are ruled, so you never know what pitfalls await for you.

Real estate for sale in Antalya

There is a huge range of housing for sale and under construction in Antalya.

In this case, the price range can meet the demand from budget small studios to luxury villas on the coast.

Real estate for sale in Antalya

The lowest sum of money you need to have when deciding on a purchase is about €100,000.

Keep in mind, there are some additional taxes and possible hidden expenses.

There are three types of properties are available for sale:

  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Land plots

To become aware of the relevant prices and detailed characteristics of each property, visit the website Turk. Estate.

Pros of buying real estate in Antalya

  • Relatively easy procedure of getting a Turkish visa. In case the visa regime is violated, the foreigner should pay a small fine. If a resident of one of these countries acquires a property in Turkey, he immediately receives a residence permit, which then later extended quite easily. After 5 years, you can get Turkish citizenship.
  • Affordable real estate prices allow you to purchase a property of your dreams and get a good return as fast as possible.
  • Cheap medical and beauty services compared to European and CIS countries.
  • Taxes on housing and goods, which belong to the category of basic necessities, are quite low.
  • On the plus side of the economy can be attributed to a very developed sphere of trade in all areas.
  • Vast opportunities and beneficial conditions for starting your own business.
  • Friendly and welcoming locals.

Cons of buying real estate in Antalya

  • When buying real estate it is necessary to obtain a special permit from the Ministry of Defense of the country in the Military Office in Izmir, confirming that the purchased object is allowed for sale to foreigners, and is not in a secret or protected area. This can take from 1 to 3 months.
  •  When trying to buy a property on their own is a difficulty – ignorance of the laws of the country and the language barrier.
  • Despite the fact that the cost of utility bills is relatively low, electricity in Turkey is expensive.
  • There is no central hot water supply. Heat water with solar panels, which must be located on the roof. When buying an apartment it is important to clarify whether the apartment is equipped with this heater. If not, you will have to install them at your own expense.
  • A large tax on luxury.

The stages and procedures of buying a property in Antalya

In deciding to buy a property in Antalya, it is recommended to perform the following steps:

  • Getting to know the nature of the real estate market in Antalya, price differences and peculiarities of the regions.
  • Comparison of the purpose of purchase with the set financial budget.
  • Choose a reliable real estate broker.
  • Carefully study the properties and projects that are offered and compare them with the purpose of purchase.
  • Filter the options and choose the most suitable property.
  • Completing title transfer and notary deed registration procedures.

The outcomes

Buying real estate abroad is always a risky decision. To make the correct choice, it is crucial to understand your needs and desires and conduct the market analysis.

Antalya in Turkey will bring high income for those investors who have a clear picture of their own goals and plans.

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