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Top 8 Prettiest Beaches in Hawaii

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Prettiest Beaches in Hawaii: The stunning chain of tropical islands boasts a rich variety of beaches that offer something for every kind of traveller. From family-friendly soft sandy beaches to isolated coves, the state has it all. 

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Prettiest Beaches in Hawaii

Whether you want to sit back and soak in the sun or are looking to ride the waves and seeking some adventure, you can find a beach here that fits your idea of a perfect outing.

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Explore some of the most postcard-worthy beaches with our list of the top 8 prettiest beaches in Hawaii: – 

Waikiki Beach #1

Dip your toes in powdery soft golden sands as you soak in beautiful views of turquoise blue waters and the Diamond Head Mountain perched afar.

Sounds surreal, doesn’t it?

You can experience all this and more at Waikiki Beach, a beach that used to be frequented by Hawaiian royalty to relax on.

From world-class resorts to excellent restaurants, Waikiki has it all which makes it a top choice on the itinerary for thousands of tourists.

The beach is spectacular and exudes a vibrant vibe. Listen to ukulele players, buy local jewellery, or indulge in your favourite snacks from the numerous restaurants and food trucks, there is plenty to do here.

Looking for some adrenaline rush?

There is a plethora of outdoor recreational activities to indulge in including swimming, jet skiing, and parasailing to name a few. It’s also considered one of the best places to go surfing due to its consistent waves. 

Kapalua Beach #2

Located on the northwest side of Maui, this beach features clear water and white sand, exuding tranquillity.

The towering lush coconut trees add to its natural charm. Surrounded by two reefs that protrude forth on either side of the beach, creating a crescent-shaped cove, make it a perfect spot for snorkelling.

It is home to a wide variety of marine life including green sea turtles and butterfly fish.

After a snorkelling session, head to Merrimam’s to relish seafood delicacies curated with organic ingredients. 

Hanalei Bay Beach #3

Prepare to be awed by the beauty of this stunning beach. Stretching along two miles on the Na Pali Coast, the beach’s soft white sand and the emerald sea water makes for a picture-perfect scene.

Add to that a stunning backdrop of towering lush peaks.

What’s more?

You can also find waterfalls nearby.

The place exudes serenity and offers something for both nature lovers and adrenaline junkies.

It is especially known for surfing during winter while swimming is preferred during summer. You can also explore a vibrant dining scene as there are plenty of restaurants and food trucks. 

Papakolea #4

There are only four green sand beaches in the world and Papakolea Beach is one of them.

It takes its colour from olivine crystals from the eroding volcanic cinder cone rocks. You’ll have to walk across an old lava field and down a cinder cone’s side to get to this beach.

The lush cliffs that surround the beach add to its distinct character. When the waves come onto the shore, the olivine crystals get eroded and there’s shiny green sand all around.

Since the waves here can get strong, it’s better not to swim if you’re not sure you can handle them. Owing to its fascinating charm, the beach is popular amongst tourists and locals alike. 

Makua Beach (Tunnels) #5

One of the most beautiful beaches on Kauai, Makua Beach’s crystal-clear waters, golden sands, and lush vegetation make for an awe-inspiring scene.

It’s popular for being one of the best destinations to enjoy snorkelling in Hawaii.

The offshore reef and shallow waters here draw both beginner and pro snorkellers to explore the mesmerizing underwater world. It abounds with marine life, caves, and arches. 

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach #6

How about dipping your toes in striking black sands?

Head to Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, located near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The contrast created by the green hues of coconut trees lining the upper side of the sandy beach, the turquoise-coloured waters, and the black sand is impressive.

Keep your footwear on as you walk here since the black sand absorbs heat faster.

Many people come here to catch the stunning sunset and sunrise. If you’re lucky, you may even spot some sea turtles soaking in the sun on the beach.

This is a protected area and visitors are not allowed to touch the turtles or take any sand from the beach. 

 Polihua Beach #7

Enjoy a leisurely quiet stroll on the soft golden sands of this picturesque beach. Running for two miles on Lanai’s north-eastern shore, Polihua Beach offers a tranquil experience.

It is home to sea turtles and if you’re visiting in winter, you may even witness humpback whales.

Since there are strong currents, swimming is not advised but if you’re looking for relaxed beach walks away from the crowds, this is the place to be. 

Hulopoe Beach #8

An idyllic white sand beach near the Four Seasons Resort, Lanai comes with a host of attractive offerings.

Its clear turquoise waters with lush green surroundings make it one of the most scenic beaches in the Lanai.

The water here is great for swimming and snorkelling. You may also spot dolphins playing just offshore. 

Visiting with kids?

Head to the tidal pools made out of volcanic rocks and enjoy spotting small sea creatures together such as hermit crabs. 

What’s more?

Visitors can also spot humpback whales during winter. 

So, choose the one that attracts you the most and get ready for an unforgettable vacation in this tropical paradise. 

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Q. Which Hawaii island has the prettiest beaches?

Oahu is considered to have the prettiest beaches in Hawaii since it abounds with bays and calm waters.

Q. Where is the nicest beach in Hawaii?

Kā’anapali Beach is considered the nicest beach in Hawaii.

Q. What is the prettiest Hawaiian island?

Kauai is the most beautiful Hawaiian Island as it is home to lush forests, stunning beaches, and scenic mountains.

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