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It’s a dare: you get addicted to these places in Edinburgh (2023 Edition)

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City of festivals, lights, culture and architecture, Edinburgh is known for all. We don’t need a more specific reason why we need to visit Edinburgh. It’s a beauty that needs to be seen and rated by all of us. It’s a comfort for the eyes.

So if you are one of those who love and cherish appalling places to see and wanted to go deep inside their story, then Edinburgh is one of the best cities for you to visit.

But where? And how?

As a traveler, a person always thought to go everywhere and see every part of the city but sometimes its not possible due to many factors;

  • Maybe you don’t get the limited time to see everything.
  • Maybe your budget does not allow this
  • Maybe you have to visit some relatives too
  • Maybe you are with your family
  • Maybe you visit there due to some office/business work

And maybe there are other several reasons too so you don’t get the appropriate time to visit every place in Edinburgh, but don’t worry in today’s article we will tell you where you can visit in this place, and how you can do that.

So let’s lost in the world of Edinburgh with us.

How many days are enough to visit in Edinburgh?

Whether you have any reason to visit less these, but let’s take the average of in how many days you watch most of Edinburgh and enjoy up to fullest.

The minimum to get through the city is 3 to 4 days. It gives you enough time to see the main city and all the sites to get the most out of it.

What is the best month to visit Edinburgh?

Moving forward into beautiful places and their ambiances, we make sure that you know in which month we should visit there to get the most out of all.

This is a city of summer, we get the feel in the sunny season, and these beautiful architecture glows in that time. To be more accurate, I must say from June to august is the best months to visit there.

Yes, you can visit in winters too, but you may lose many festivals to enjoy. Summers give a vibrant environment, where the people of Edinburgh enjoy many festivals, light plays, and other occasional theme festivals.

Places to visit in Edinburgh?

When it’s come to think about the places you can visit in Edinburgh – then it gave you 100 of places to be there, it too beautiful and beyond our imagination to get all in one.

The history of Edinburgh is something you found very fascinating because they gave you the surrounding of every synonym of beauty.

Every place in Edinburgh is a like a tale, saying a beautiful story around this place and you can’t deny yourself to listen all these.

So let’s get into this, and saw the real beauty around Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle:

Visiting Edinburgh and not talking about the best architecture in the world, then what we do. Edinburgh is filled with beautiful castles, old houses, historic buildings, and courtyards.

Edinburgh Castle:

One of the top attractions of Edinburgh view the city from the top of an extinct volcano. Roam inside every place of the castle, because every corner of it says a story about love, life, and beauty.

Their exhibitions museums, chapels and crown jewels define the part of Edinburgh from century to century.

It’s a dare: you get addicted to these places in Edinburgh (2023 Edition)

The entrance fee is £17.50. if you don’t wanna pay that much amount, it is advisable to roam to the castle gates, you will get some best moments and also click some wonderful photos to remember all time.

Some beautiful castles in Edinburgh

  • Craigmillar castle (10:00 am to 4:00 pm)
  • Castle rock (12 noon to 11:59 pm)
  • The Scottish parliament (10:00 am to 4:30 pm)
  • Edinburgh Central Mosque (12 noon to 11:00 pm)
  • Royal Scottish Academy (11:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Calton Hills

This is one of my personal favorite place too, Calton hill is a place you get a lot of festivals happening all time in year, fireworks at night, and an orchestra that uplift your vibe.

Calton Hills

From the top of Calton city, you can see the whole of Edinburgh and if you be there at the time of sunset or sunrise, then you will get a perfect combination of two beauty altogether, natural beauty and man-made beauty. It is best to be there.

It is an unfinished structure that provides you many buildings and monuments to look up to. Some of the popular ones are;

  • Old Royal High School
  • Political Martyr’s monument
  • City Observatory
  • National monument
  • Princess street

Royal Mile

Starting off with Edinburgh castle to the main palace of Holyrood house, to the residence of the Scottish British monarchy, to the high street Castlehill, to Abbay strand and Lawnmarket to complete the Royal mile.

Royal Mile

The whole royal mile is divided into four sections all parts that mentioned above, and it between it provides you a great offer to see free museums, Christmas shops, the main parliament building, and bustling bagpipe players.

Every single restaurant, tourist shop that has been between these also gives a sense of the richness in architecture. It seems like a beautiful small castle everywhere in the streets.

Royal Botanic Garden

If you love greenly then is a must for you to go, Royal Botanic gardens are maintained here for more than 300 years, cover 7 acres of land and include 10 glasshouses that look beautiful all around.

It is a free entry place where you roam, enjoy, feel and took as many photos as you want. But to explore glasshouses, adults need to pay £6.50/person.

Royal Botanic Garden

Beauty is all around, being there seems like living in a fairytale world, flowers, trees, leaves everything has a sense of beauty that you want to remember forever and forever.

Writer’s Museum

Edinburgh is known for its beauty and architecture but it is also remarked because one of the most famous and loved writer was born here, Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle.

Writer’s Museum is a paradise for book lovers, and it is so well known that it’s got the first UNESCO city award for literature. Been there and you will get every book beauty like famous bookshops, libraries, literature live events, they will let to know every tale regarding Edinburgh or Scotland.

Writer’s Museum

And if you are J.K Rowling, Harry Potter fan then will suggest you to go there, sit there, you can feel the calmness around the books.

You can be there free of cost, some places take charge to enter but mainly all are free for you except you want to buy something. Opening time is 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

There are some other places in Edinburgh too, like art places, art galleries, haunted places, Edinburgh’s favorite food, and drinks to try on.

Some of the famous food of Edinburgh is;

  • Cullen Skink
  • Parten bree
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Haggis, tatties and neeps.
  • Scottish oats porridge.

So now you get some balance equation like where you go first and which you can wait for it. As I mentioned above also Edinburgh is a place of beauty, stories, and living in fiction. That’s why it’s not hard to say that the national animal of Scotland is unicorn. And Edinburgh is the first city in the world that has there own fire service.

All just seems magical and fill up with lots of beauty and the remarkable efforts of people to build it. Go there and enjoy your vacation very well, because what’s more you want from a holiday, when Edinburgh gives you the whole.

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