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04 Best Places to live in Georgia State for Young Adults

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Best Places to live in Georgia state for young adults Georgia is a state in the Southeastern region of the US, its capital is Atlanta. With a 10,887,743 population. This is a home for many industries; such as agriculture, entertainment, and media. 

Young adults matter about education, work, and entertainment. that is all and more you can find in Georgia country.

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Thanks to its significant advantages, this made it the Millennials’ destination. 

In this article, we showcase the best places to live for young adults in Georgia.  But now let`s know about Georgia first. 

Is Georgia a good state to live in?

Yes, The Peach State offers many Pros such as: 

  • low cost of living. 
  • One of the most religious states in the U.S.
  • A great climate provides abundant sunshine and is safe from extreme weather events
  • The Locals’ hospitality is alive.
  • #9 most diverse state in the US according to the Census Bureau. And home to 3.6 million Black people. 
  • Vital outdoor recreations; like gators-filled swamps, wild horses on seashores, presidential sites, civil rights leaders, etc
  • Georgia has approximately 69,547 miles of river as rivers.gov.com. And the 100-mile coast is the pulsing ecosystem that drives the economy and quality of life. 
  • Abundant job opportunities because It`s productivity which depends on several industries like agriculture As ibisworld.com $579.7b gross product.

What are the best places to live in Georgia for young adults?

1- Atlanta  

Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia. It`s in Fulton County with 498,044 people and is welcoming newcomers from around the country.

The city offers diversity in Arts, culture, entertainment, and folks.

This booming city offers ample opportunities for growth, better education, different options for socializing, and club party scenes.

Best Places to live in Georgia state for young adults


Midtown, Decatur, Virginia Highlands, and Buckhead are the best neighborhoods to live in for millennials.

Pros & Cons:

The pros are abundant shopping stores, vibrant nightlife, entertainment, quick commutes, exploring the World of Coca-Cola, and seeing exotic marine life at the Georgia Aquarium. 

The only cons are rent prices, taxes, and traffic.

Quick Facts:

Median Property Tax $1,737

Median Home Value $102,801

Overall Score 6.1/10 as realestate.usnews.com 

Median Household Income $69,164

Offers an urban feel

Most residents rent homes.

#18 Best Cities for Young Professionals in America on Niche

Residents tend to be liberal.

It`s an appealing place to live for young adults to Explore, meet new friendly people, learn new things, and make every situation work out to their experience.

2- Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs is in north Fulton County and the#6 largest city in Georgia with 97,000 people and is one of the best places to live in Georgia for young adults.

Best Places to live in Georgia state for young adults
Sandy springs

Sandy Springs is the perfect middle ground between 20 minutes of Atlanta which Offers an urban-suburban mix feel.

You can enjoy hikes and a farmers’ market, walk or bike to the city center. 

Pros & Cons:

Its pros are safety, a perfect place for a date night, clean, pleasant, tranquil, lush with trees, access to the highway, and close to many wonderful restaurants.

Its cons are Cost of living in Sandy Springs is 41% higher than the Georgia average

Quick Facts:

Most residents rent their homes.

Residents tend to lean toward liberals.

Median Home Value $490,200

#15 Healthiest Cities in America on Niche.com

Bachelor’s degree holders:36%

The median Salary for College Graduates is $58,826

Residents Aged 20-34: 27.3%

Crime Rate per 1,000 Residents 1.9%

Livability Score of 76 On areavibes.com 

This city is a great place to live, There is something for everyone here

3. Athens 

It’s a city in Clarke County and northeast of Atlanta with 119,648 people.

Athens offers everything to everyone from stunning historic architecture to world-class cultural amenities.

Best Places to live in Georgia state for young adults
Also, you extremely enjoy its vibrant music scene.

This city supplies youthful spirit vibes with its entertainment, creative life, shopping, and dining experiences. Thanks to being a college city littered with college students.

You can enjoy attending athletic events, museums, theaters, and historic sites, and walking in restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

Pros & Cons:

The pros are real estate prices are 11% lower, and plenty of Vegetarians and vegans restaurants.

It doesn’t have the noise, traffic, or increased cost of living of a large city.

The cons are crime rates are 39% higher than the Georgia average.

Quick Facts:

Median salary 56,800$

Median home value 203,100$

Livability Score of 67

Median Age is 26

#4 Best Places to Live in Athens Area on niche.com 

Offers a dense suburban feel 

Most residents rent their homes.

With the music, food, employment opportunities, nearby colleges, and inexpensive cost of living, Athens is one of the cheapest cities to live in Georgia for young adults.

4- Savannah 

Savannah is at the top of the state in Chatham County with 145,862 people.

Best Places to live in Georgia state for young adults
With low cost of living a thriving arts scene, warm summers, and mild winters make Savannah one of the most affordable cities to live in Georgia. 

You can enjoy the setting of Forrest’s famous bench or walk through The squares, oaks, fountains, and lined with stunning homes.

If you’re a Fan of Forrest Gump movies will like to live in this charming city. 

It`s the home of colleges: Savannah State University, Georgia Southern University Armstrong, and Savannah College of Art and Design 

Pros & Cons:

The pros: Average Commute 24.6 minutes, the Real state is lower 

The Cons: residents pay property taxes to both the city and Chatham County. The state and the county also have a sales tax.

Quick Facts:

The 2nd most beautiful city in the south 

Median salary 44,100 

Median home rent 174,000

Residents tend to be liberal.

Median Age 35.7 years


In conclusion, Atlanta,  Sandy Springs, Athens, and Savannah are the best places to live for young adults With each one has pros and cons you choose your next home.

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