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Otenga Super Fruit From Assam Aka The Elephant Apple

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Otenga Super Fruit From Assam Aka The Elephant Apple

Otenga Super Fruit From Assam Aka The Elephant Apple
Do you know why Assam is called the biodiversity hotspot of the world? 

Owing to diverse topography, climate and agro- ecological condition, Assam and North East India has rich biodiversity. It’s considered a biodiversity hotspot. Through this blog, we will highlight one such superfruit from Assam called “O- Tenga”.

Let us talk about O-Tenga

Otenga (Dillenia indica) fruit, Aka elephant apple is a native Assamese fruit. It is called Ou tenga (pronounced O, tenga ), which means ” Sour”.

It mostly grows in the moist forest of sub-Himalayan region of Assam and also some Southeast East Asian countries. 

otenga fruit

In Assam this fruit grows in abundance. Due to unawareness, and lack technical knowledge the usefulness of the fruit is overlooked and there is a lot of wastage.

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Medicinal Value

It’s medical properties pertain to liver disorders, heart and diabetic. It aids in digestion and also increases appetite. The pulp mixed with water can be applied to hair and scalp as hair tonic.

Many research have shown that O Tenga has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti- inflammatory, dyestentry, antidiabetic properties. It’s medical properties are huge and should be rightly used. 

O- Tenga as Food

It has a hard outer shell and from inside it has a soft and slippery pulp. Both the shell and the pulp are edible and can be used in different dishes and desserts.  

The shell is usually cut into pieces and is boiled  and added to dal and curries. The fruit provides a cooling effect hence, the drink of it can be served during summers. 

In Assam, traditionally the unripe fruits are used to make curries because of its sour taste and ripe fruits are used in  making pickles. The plant grows about 15 m tall. It is a regular food item of Assamese kitchen having many health benefits.

When the temperature rises, don’t forget Otenga juice for the refreshing taste and add it to your fruit palate.

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