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Explore the Secret Life of Las Vegas Mole People in 2023

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Las Vegas Mole People : Known as the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is famous for its high-end casinos, impressive live entertainment scene, sparkling neon lights, and opulent hotels.

But the ‘Sin City’ has a different world underground. The glamorous streets of the Las Vegas Strip have many ‘mole people’ living underneath. 

From the extensive network of tunnels under the city to sewer systems and drainage shafts, there are various places where these homeless people take shelter.

From individuals battling drug addictions, mental illness, alcoholism, and joblessness to war veterans and married couples who lack a place to stay, there are many who live in the underbelly of the city. 

Here is a list of some eye-opening aspects of the life of the Las Vegas Mole people: – 

They are prone to dangers #1 

The life of the Mole people is challenging due to many reasons. One of the primary issues of living in the tunnels and sewers is that they are unsafe.

From spiders to rats, various creatures also live in these spaces and can cause infections and other health issues.

Secondly, although there isn’t much rain in the desert region, occasional storms and heavy downpours can cause flash floods in these tunnels and sewer systems.

While many Mole people lose their belongings during such times, others lose their lives when unable to escape. 

Many Mole people create makeshift tents #2

There are many tunnel dwellers who have created makeshift tents that offer some level of comfort. These tents usually have a bed, shelves, and lights powered by batteries.

Many of the Mole people use whatever possessions they have and whatever they can get from the city’s streets to make these living arrangements. 

They go underneath to escape the heat  #3

Since Las Vegas is a desert city, the climate is harsh. With temperatures soaring above 110 degrees in the summer, living outside on the streets is a health hazard.

Thus, many of the homeless prefer going in the tunnels and underground spaces to escape the scorching LA heat. 

Some Mole people are happy, while many want to get out  #4

Surprisingly, there are many people who have got so used to the tunnel life that they don’t want to come out.

However, many others make desperate attempts to get out of their poor living situation.

They don’t want to live in the dark anymore and wish to make a healthier, and happier life for themselves. 

Many couples are living the underground life  #5

The dark underbelly of Las Vegas is not just filled with loners. You’ll find a lot of couples living here who are fully committed to each other.

There are several who have created a homely vibe in their spaces with things such as bookracks, wardrobes, small fridges, and containers. 

Mole people don’t spend all their time below the surface #6

Many Mole people come outside on the ground to earn money and scour the streets for things. While some perform acts on The Strip, several have jobs.

Las Vegas Mole People 
Las Vegas Mole People, Image source Facebook

Some even linger around casinos to get cash out of machines when drunk gamblers fall asleep.

They use the money to buy necessary items such as food. However, some addicts also use it for gambling. 

Organizations are offering help to the Mole people #7

There are numerous organizations that are offering help to the Mole people. They provide assistance to many tunnel dwellers who are struggling with medical issues.

They also guide them to find jobs, enabling them to shift to a normal life.

One such organization is The Shine a Light Foundation whose members help the Mole people find safer housing and rehab options. 

A former celebrity lives amongst the Mole people #8

Jenni Lee, a former p**n star also lives an underground life. Her situation was brought to light by some Dutch documentary makers.

Several people have tried to help her but her battle with drug addiction issues has led her deep into this underground world.

It’s not sure whether she escaped her tough situation. 

There are children and pregnant women among them #9

Since there are many families living underground, there are many children and pregnant women too who have to face such grim conditions.

Some workers help pregnant women to get due medical attention.

Sadly, there have been many new mothers who have handed their children to social security after giving birth. 

There is graffiti on tunnel walls #10

The underground world looks straight out of a dystopian movie. Many of the tunnel walls are sprayed with graffiti and powerful quotes that depict the harrowing conditions.

Las Vegas Mole People 
Las Vegas Mole People , Image Source:- Facebook

One such slogan is “God don’t live here.

Only me”. Such slogans and quotes portray the desperate situation of the inhabitants.

Some people live here on a temporary basis #11

There are many people who are determined to get out into society. These people are just going through a tough phase and couldn’t find suitable housing options in the city.

Las Vegas Mole People, Image Source:- Facebook

They sleep here for a few nights until they find some decent work. 

 There are Disabled veterans here too #12

It’s painful to see those who have served the nation during the time of war live in the underbelly of Las Vegas.

There are many disabled veterans who call these tunnels home.

Numerous organisations are also offering help to them but more significant steps need to be taken to tackle the situation.

They use baby strollers or trolleys to transport necessities #13

Since it’s challenging to navigate the dark tunnels, the Las Vegas Mole people often use trolleys or baby strollers to carry food and other things to their places inside.

While some buy a trolley, many others find discarded trolleys or strollers on the streets. 

Life for the Mole people is challenging but there are many organizations that are proactively taking measures to help them, offering a glimmer of hope. 

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Q. Is there an underground community in Las Vegas?

Yes, there is a community that resides in the underground tunnel and sewer systems of Las Vegas. These are locally referred to as Mole People.

Q. Are there still mole people in NYC?

There are more than 2000 people living underground in NYC.

Q. Are there moles in Las Vegas?

There are many moles that usually roam the underground tunnels and sewer systems of Las Vegas.

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