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KODEC Poultry Project for the Orphans and Widows

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Have you ever heard of a poultry farm project that will be run for the betterment of an orphanage and for the widows?

Yes, you have heard it correct. The Kichwamba Development Centre is trying to achieve this. It gives us immense pleasure to announce that NomadLawyer will be the brand partner in this project.

Kichwamba Development Centre is an orphanage group in Mirambi, Kichwamba sub-county Rubirizi District in Uganda, established to improve the welfare of orphans, Widows and families in Uganda through commercial income generating enterprises. The group was established in January 2018 and it has now 20 registered members with over 30 more women applying for membership. With the establishment of KODEC, in Rubirizi District, who are the main caretakers of their families hope to increase their family income and supporting their children. Over 92% of Widows in Rubirizi District are small scale farmers who are under absolute poverty but the drive to work only restricted by capital.

The strategies of Kichwamba Orphanage Development Centre poultry, project include the followings:

  • To improve the economic condition of orphans as well as other sectors of society as a whole. 
  • To train the orphans in income generating activities in order to generate enough money to support in paying their school fees and families at large.
  • To set up a women demonstration centre where orphans will meet to train and seek information from.
  • To train orphans to acquire more efficient management skills in agricultural production, harvesting, storage, processing and marketing.
  • To help women farmers to objectively focus on the needs of the family and the demands of the market and promote high value market-oriented crops and animals.
  • To provide improved varieties of planting materials and breeds of animals that are quick maturing and high yielding under average systems of management.
  • To mobilize and sensitize people to actively participate in the various project components. In particular to encourage orphans to voluntarily form small farming groups/associations and societies based on the interest themselves have in each enterprise.
  • To assist the government and non governmental organizations (NGOs) in the campaign in relation to organic farming and, in caring, protecting and preserving natural resources and environment for sustainable development.


There is an increasing demand for poultry meat, eggs not only in Uganda but also in the Great Lake region because of general improvement of standards of living of people. Currently there is a lot of export of eggs from Uganda to Sudan, Rwanda and Republic of Congo. Unfortunately official export figure could not be easily obtained. In addition,many supermarkets are also selling many eggs and poultry meat. Poultry is one of the most promising enterprise in Uganda livestock sector. This is because they require little space and relatively small initial capital per unit head compared to other livestock enterprises. There is easy availability of day-old chicks and animal feeds as well as animal drugs on the market. KODEC can get qualified veterinary personnel who are available down to sub-county level.

For the successful implementation of this project, KODEC is seeking support from the world at large. If you believe in this project and think this project will help in the better future of the orphans, you can donate for the  cause and write to NomadLawyer.




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