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How To Get An International Drivers License

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Imtiaz Ullah
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Imtiaz Ullah is the founder of travel website - NomadLawyer. A Corporate Lawyer, Senior Travel Correspondent, The Traveller Trails magazine and also acts as an Advisory Member, NGO - Sarvahitey. His travel philosophy is exploring new places, meeting new people, knowing the culture, eating like a local. He always believes in the idea-“ Don't just be a traveller but a Responsible one”.

How To Get An International Drivers License?

That one day, I was engrossed with a very important assignment, my mobile rang and the voice at the other end said ” Hi, Mr. Ullah, I religiously follow your website and I found the information you share very informative and helpful.” I said “thanks and how can I help you” The person asked,

  ” I wish to go on an international road trip and can you help me with the process of obtaining an International Driving Permit? ” Considering the fact  that I was very busy, I hurried through the conversation and said, ” I am not fully aware of the process and will get back after sometime.” Subsequently, I never received any further call from the person, probably I may have sounded rude, whatever be the reason, let’s not delve into it. However, I pondered about the questions pertaining to International Driving Permit- 

  • What is International Driving Permit?
  • Why do you need it?
  • Who issues?
  • What is the legal sanctity?
  • What is the eligibility?
International Drivers License

Through this blog post, I shall try to throw some light on the answers to the above-mentioned questions.

What is International Driving Permit ?

An international driving permit (IDP), often (incorrectly) referred to as an international driving licence (IDL), allows the holder to drive a private motor vehicle in any country or jurisdiction that recognises the document.

Why do you need an IDL when in India and other Countries?

An International Driving License (IDL) is a legal requirement to drive in several foreign countries. It is also a United Nations regulated travel document for your safety and ease of travel. It certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver’s license in your country of origin. India highly recommends an International Driving Document.

Who issues?

International Driving Permit will be issued to an applicant who holds a valid Indian Licence and who is a resident of India. The application shall be made in Form 2 or in writing to the RTO within whose jurisdiction the applicant resides, specifying the countries to be visited and the duration of stay etc.


  • Valid driving Licence held by the applicant and copies thereon.
  • Copies of Passport, Visa ( where applicable) and Air ticket for verification.
  • Fees as prescribed along with user charges.

Legal Sanctity 

Your IDP is a travel document regulated by the United Nations. It certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver’s license in your country of origin. IDPs are a requirement for vehicles in many countries and can also help you if you find yourself in need of identification or assistance from local authorities.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world – it is understandable to most of the local officials and authorities of the countries you visit.

In no way does it diminish the obligation of the holder to a valid driver’s license and passport with them at all times when driving overseas. A valid IDP does not allow you to drive if you are not carrying your original country’s valid driver’s license and passport at the same time.

Here is the top  international road trips from India recommended by Nomadlawyer:

  • Nepal. Distance from Delhi- 1012 km.
  • Thailand. Distance from Delhi- 4198 km.
  • Bhutan. Distance from Delhi- 2000 km approx.
  • Myanmar. Distance from Delhi- 2960 km.
  • Malaysia. Distance from Delhi- 5576 km.
  • Vietnam.
  • Cambodia. Distance from Delhi – 4802 km.
  • Sri Lanka. Distance from Delhi by road – 2,400 km.

So why wait, embark on the life changing road trip. After proper planning and acquiring all necessary permits from nations you wish to visit, you can set off on the most cherishable journey of your life. 

Benefits of international road trip: 

The experience of driving across different countries & continents, the vivid mix of cultures you experience, the sights you witness, the people you meet, the memories you make, and even the hassles you encounter, are the ingredients that will have a lasting impact  and bound to transform you as a person. As a kid, I was really inspired by the novel “Around The World In Eighty Days”. Hopefully, I will be able to drive through the world as much as possible.

 Hope this blog provides you with the information relating to IDP and inspires you to drive across the globe.

Please note- if you put information from a driving license in public forum, you should hide or redact the name and license number as this information is highly confidential in nature and should be used for personal use only.

Happy Driving!

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