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Houston vs Dallas: Where to Live?

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Thinking of moving to the Lone Star State?

Houston vs Dallas: Where to Live?: Houston and Dallas are two of the most popular options people consider when planning to move to Texas. Each of these two cities comes with its own unique set of offerings, making it challenging to choose which is better to call home. 

Houston vs Dallas: Where to Live?
Texas Park

They are at a distance of only 240 miles from each other.

While Dallas exudes a more cosmopolitan vibe, Houston exudes a more traditional Texan city character. 

Wondering which would be the best for you?

Let’s help you make your decision by diving right into the Dallas vs. Houston debate based on several factors: – 


Since most of the state is hot, summers in Dallas and Houston are no exception.

Houston vs Dallas: Where to Live?
Dallas Texas

However, the difference is that while Dallas has higher temperatures than Houston during summer, Houston has more humidity. 

Cost of Living 

Houston is around over 5% cheaper than Dallas when it comes to the cost of living. Housing in Dallas is approximately 18% more expensive and healthcare is over 3% pricier than in Houston.

Houston vs Dallas: Where to Live?

Utilities and transportation also cost more in Dallas.

So, if affordability is a major part of your criterion, it’s better to go for Houston. 


Relocating with family?

Both cities have great family-friendly attractions, with popular zoos and museums.

You’ll also find numerous highly-rated schools in both of them.

However, there are more parks in Dallas so if you love to have an active lifestyle, Dallas is a better option on this front. 

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Recreation

Dallas is home to the popular Dallas Arboretum which features over 66 acres of bountiful gardens.

Houston vs Dallas: Where to Live?
Dallas Arboretum

It also features the Pumpkin Village which abounds with pumpkins during fall and cherry blossoms and white tulips during spring.

There are many other outdoor recreational activities offered by the city from enjoying a nature walk in Prairie Creek Park to kayaking, biking, and hiking at White Rock Lake. 

Houston has the Buffalo Bayou river running through it which offers the perfect opportunity for kayaking.

Residents also enjoy picnicking in its park while soaking in stunning views of the city.

The Bayou Bend Gardens in the city features 14 acres of woodland with colorful flowers and beautiful fountains. 

Traffic & Transportation

Both Dallas and Houston are big cities with traffic issues. There is a slight difference though that makes Houston’s traffic more problematic.

Houston vs Dallas: Where to Live?
Houston Downton

The city doesn’t have many secondary route options, which pushes people to use the same primary routes, leading to congestion. Whereas, Dallas has numerous streets and freeways.

So, if you’re a pro at memorizing and navigating some complex routes, you won’t find as much congestion in Dallas as compared to Houston. 


Dallas has a diversified economy which makes it more resilient whereas Houston’s economy relies heavily on the energy sector.

Houston vs Dallas: Where to Live?

Houston Texas

Dallas has a higher median household income and lesser poverty rates than Houston. 


Love barbecue?

Head to Dallas.

The city is known for its beef-favored cuisine and many believe that it was the place where Tex-Mex cuisine was invented. But you can also find sushi restaurants and French cuisine here. 

If your preference is for a rich variety of global flavors, Houston is home to an array of restaurants & eateries serving international cuisine. From Vietnamese delicacies to Indian dishes, the city offers it all. 

Entertainment Options

If you’re an artsy person, Houston is the place to be in. Home to a thriving artist community, you’ll find many stunning murals in the city.

It features the Museum District which has the Houston Museum of Natural Science and Contemporary Art Museum.

You’ll also the NASA Johnson Space Center and a Museum of Fine Art. 

Dallas on the other hand hosts the lively Farmers Market on weekends and has many cocktail lounges and upscale boutiques.

It is also home to the Reunion Tower and hosts many spectacular events such as the State Fair’s Oktoberfest and BMX contests.


Houston vs Dallas: Where to Live?
Safety Houston Texas

While property crime rates in both cities are above the national average, Dallas is still slightly safer than Houston. 

Which one to choose?

Both cities come with their unique vibe and offerings, making it difficult to say which one is better. 

If you prefer an artsy vibe, Texas’s traditional cowboy culture, and a diverse community, Houston may be a better choice. However, if you’d rather enjoy a cosmopolitan city life with its resilient economy and sprawling open spaces, Dallas is the way to go. 

So, pick the one that ticks off the boxes on your checklist and get ready to move into your new home. 

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Q. Where is better to live Dallas or Houston?

If you’re looking for a culturally diverse city with a host of entertainment options and a budget-friendly cost of living, Houston is a perfect choice. But if you like beautiful outdoor spaces and a host of job opportunities, Dallas is the way to go. 

Q. Where is more expensive to live Dallas or Houston?

Dallas is more expensive to live in than Houston. 

Q. Is crime worse in Houston or Dallas?

Dallas has a lower crime rate than Houston. 

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