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Must Try Haleem in Delhi – Laal Haleem House

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Must Try Haleem in Delhi – Laal Haleem House.

By Chef Bharat Lal Seth, Laal Haleem House — true to its name — serves only Haleem. According to the chef  “This is our go to one-dish-meal. It’s got all—lentils, meat, bone broth and porridge, slow cooked in a dollop of pure ghee. Our Haleem is a gentle and wholesome dish, which is loved by family and friends, kids included. It makes for a hearty meal accompanied with our patli roti, condiments and signature spiced okra thins. I trust you will enjoy it”.

Link to the website: https://haleemhouse.com/

Must Try Haleem in Delhi - Laal Haleem House

If you don’t know about Haleem

Haleem is a type of stew popular in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent. Although the dish varies from region to region, it optionally includes wheat or barley, meat and lentils

It’s said that once you have experienced the taste of a rich haleem, you can never forget it. The rich Mughlai mutton-lentils wheat stew dish -which traces its origins in Arabia, where it is known as Hareesah – is a nutritious meal in its own right. Slow-cooked for 6-8 hours with lots of labour and love, the mix is as wholesome as it gets.

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Haleem In Delhi

What are the things in store in the entire meal?

Mutton Haleem a pack for two is sufficient for maybe three or four, rumali roti, soft fried golden brown onion, okra thins(crispy bhindi) and finally the condiments including prices of lemons, finely chopped ginger, chilli and parsley along with two dates wrapped in a pack with a beautiful message. 

The story goes like this – one of my best friends actually more then friends, ‘Brother’ to be specific, Sumitro Chatterjee aka Niko, in order to surprise me ordered something I love the most. To my surprise, the rider was at my door and said sir, this is a parcel for you from Lal Seth Haleem. I was like but I haven’t ordered and I don’t know the place also. He said, ” it’s a gift”. I was like I won’t mind that and happily accepted the parcel. 

As I started opening the aesthetically packed packet, I was overwhelmed to see the personalised note, then the aroma emanating from the packet took over my senses  and finally a journey of relishing one of the best Haleem started. This is for sure one of the best gifts for a food lover like me from a true foodie. Thanks Sumitro for this.


Rs 1,200 for two and Rs 2,300 for four, delivery charges extra

How to order

WhatsApp +91 9717615865 or takeaway from B-2/4, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Don’t forget to order if you are in Delhi and if you are a Haleem Lover.

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