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Good Places to Live in King County, Washington in 2023

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Places to Live in King County: King County in Washington is one of the most sought-after counties to call home in the Evergreen State. From charming serene small towns to bustling cities, the county has it all. 

It is also home to a well-educated population, a robust job market, and plenty of recreational activities to offer its residents.

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The county offers the perfect combination of urban amenities with a suburban vibe. 

Wondering which would be the perfect place to call home here?

Let’s help you narrow down your choices with our list of the good places to live in King County, Washington: –  

Bellevue #1

Only a 15-minute drive away from Seattle, Bellevue is a charming city that exudes a suburban vibe.

It features many beautiful beaches and waterfront parks. 

From hiking the Coal Creek Trail, and picnicking in Downtown Park to kayaking on the nearby Lake Sammamish, there is a host of outdoor recreational activities to enjoy.

Good Places to Live in King County

Home to Bellevue College, the city also has a lively entertainment scene. You’ll find many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and shops here.

Various festivals are held throughout the year that bring the community together.

What’s more?

Many reputed companies call it home, offering a host of job opportunities. Couple that with good schools and a low crime rate.

Enjoying all these amenities doesn’t come cheap with the median rent of a one-bedroom apartment being around $2,345.

Issaquah  #2

Want to avoid the hustle and bustle of city life and still have access to all the amenities it offers?

Head to Issaquah.

This small suburb is home to a welcoming and diverse community.

Good Places to Live in King County

If you love enjoying the outdoors, there are ample green spaces in the town.

What’s more?

It is a rapidly developing town offering many job opportunities.

Although you may not find as exciting a nightlife scene as in many other places on this list, the town hosts various local events such as the Salmon Days Festival.

Numerous highly-rated schools draw a lot of families to take up residence here.

Housing options are pricey with the average rent of a one-bedroom apartment being around $2,146.

Kirkland #3

How about waking up to lake views?

Kirkland may be a perfect choice.

Located on the shores of Lake Washington, Kirkland is a picturesque town with a lively entertainment scene.

It has a bustling Downtown area where you can find many restaurants, bars, and pubs.

Good Places to Live in King County

Various exciting events are also held throughout the year including farmers’ markets during summer where you can see the locals buying fresh produce.

Its proximity to Seattle adds to its desirability. Couple that with numerous excellent schools and many small businesses.

Housing options are expensive here with the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment being around $2,380. 

Redmond #4

Redmond is considered one of the best suburbs to live in the state. The town is home to many reputed companies the likes of Microsoft and Nintendo that offer plenty of lucrative job opportunities.

This is a major draw for young professionals to move here.

Apart from that, it is also home to beautiful parks with the most notable being Marymoor Park which has numerous walking trails, a dog park, a rock-climbing wall, and more.

Good Places to Live in King County

Many lively concerts are also held here. 

Love to cycle?

The city is bike-friendly.  There are plenty of dining and entertainment options that add to its charm.

You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in this bustling city for around $2,186. Even though housing is pricey, the high median household income helps make up for it. 

Renton #5

This vibrant city comes with many attractive offerings.

Good Places to Live in King County

From beautiful parks and recreation centres to well-maintained public libraries and a robust public transportation system, there are many amenities that add to its allure. It also features several stunning beaches.

Relocating with family?

The city is home to Renton Technical College and several excellent schools.

Love to shop?

The Downtown area features many shopping and dining options. You can also find numerous lively events such as the annual farmers’ market and Renton River Days festival that bring the community together.

What’s more?

Housing options are relatively more affordable than many other suburbs in King County.

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment here will cost around $1,692. With so much to offer, it is one of the many good places to live in King County.

Shoreline #6

Nestled in the picturesque Puget Sound bluffs, Shoreline offers lush natural beauty and plenty of recreational activities.

Only a 15-minute drive from Seattle, this growing suburb has a robust economy that adds to its promising job market scene.

Good Places to Live in King County

For students of Washington University, this suburb is an affordable and convenient choice since the Light Rail offers a seamless commute.

The area is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with its numerous beautiful parks and natural attractions.

The downtown area has a bustling nightlife scene and is home to several breweries, taprooms, and restaurants with live music.

It offers relatively affordable housing options with the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment being around $1,901.

North Bend #7

North Bend is a small suburb that offers the perfect combination of a tranquil vibe with big city amenities.

This family-friendly suburb is home to numerous good schools and fun summer camps that draw many families to put down their roots here.

Couple that with a robust job market scene and a high median household income.

From witnessing the beauty of Twin Falls, and catching a spectacular sunset from Rattlesnake Lake to playing frisbee at Tanner Landing Park, a stunning riverside park, there are endless outdoor recreational activities to enjoy here.

Good Places to Live in King County

You can also find many bars, cafes, and restaurants in this charming town.

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $2,300 but the high median household income makes up for the pricey housing prices. 

A notable mention is Seattle which offers plenty of job opportunities, numerous outdoor recreational activities, and an exciting nightlife scene.

So, pick the one that ticks off all the boxes on your checklist and get ready to begin the next chapter of your life in your new home.

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Q. What major cities are in King County Washington?

Seattle and Bellevue are two major cities in King County Washington.

Q. What is the best area to live in Washington state?

King County is considered the best area to live in Washington State.

Q. Where should I move to in Washington?

Seattle, Redmond, and Bellevue are some of the best places to move to in Washington.

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