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Every Guwahatian’s Favorite Comfort Food: Reboti Chat

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Every Guwahatian’s Favorite Comfort Food: Reboti Chat

Every Guwahatian’s favourite Reboti Chat House is located by the Nak-Kata Pukhuri in Panbazar. It is one of the oldest fast food joints in the city. Popular for its desi version of the Chinese chow mein. It is a  tiny kitchen and a few benches in a room, but it is always crowded. Their speciality is chow mein, rolls and soft drinks here.

Every Guwahatian's Favorite Comfort Food: Reboti Chat

Reboti Chat in Guwahati needs no introduction. So people may ask what is the purpose of writing this blog? Well this blog is for the people from other than Guwahati who aspire to snack on lipmacking chow mein and delicious rolls including veg, non-veg and egg. If you are travelling to Guwahati from any part of the world and want to try street food, do remember the name “Reboti Chat”.

This place has a lot of memories for the students who studied in the educational institutes in the vicinity and sure to pull your nostalgic thread.  But best part is they have retained their taste and the originality.

This is one place I always visit without fail whenever I’m in Guwahati. The yummy delicious noodles and the special rolls are the specialty of this place. Highly recommended for street food lovers by team NomadLawyer.

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Why desi chow mein is so special in Reboti

There is a huge difference between chow mein served in a restaurant and the one served by the roadside in Reboti. Desi chow mein is immensely popular in India and Guwahati is no exception to it. It is called by various names like hakka noodles, chow mein noodles etc.

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Chow mein served in Reboti is quite popular as a street food in Guwahati city. People of all ages love this dish due to its tangy, smoky flavor and crunchy texture which makes it scrumptiously delicious in taste. For the non veg, chunks of chicken or mutton, egg and to top up with pieces of raw onion make it really out of this world.

Where is it located

Reboti Chat House

Near Nak- Katta Pukhuri 

Pan Bazaar, Guwahati

Near Don Bosco School

Also watch: https://youtu.be/MrV-_fQ3J0A

It remains crowded especially in evening hours. Snacks can be ordered here at a reasonable price. The service is generally quick.

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