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Different Drug Crime Conspiracy

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Drug Crime Conspiracy is one of the most common crimes in the states. These criminal charges are easy to prove by the prosecutors as they are not obligated to justify the crime. Instead, a tiny proof of plan between two parties to break the drug laws are sufficient to charge you with drug crimes conspiracies. 

However, there may be a chance that you get into a drug crime conspiracy before even committing the crime. During the trial and courtroom sessions, it is vital to have a Mankato criminal defense lawyer by your side who can prevail justice and fight effectively to help you combat the situation. The right and skillful lawyer can find loopholes in the prosecutor’s evidence and help you come out of the trouble. 

Different drug crimes conspiracy. 

Drug crimes conspiracy can be divided into four categories: 

  1. Importation of illegal drugs: This type of crime involves your participation in importing illegal substances in the country by deceiving the customs officers and the government. 
  2. Manufacturing of the illegal drugs: Manufacturing, production, extraction, or preparation of the illegal drugs in the country falls under this category. For example, manufacturing illegal pills, powders, or cultivation of marijuana. 
  3. Supply or distribution of illegal drugs: Any activity resulting in the contribution of distribution or supply of the drugs to other people falls under this crime. For example, supplying drugs from the manufacturer to the consumer. 
  4. Possession of illegal drugs with an intent to distribute them: possession of drugs with an intent to supply them is different from manufacturing the drugs. However, one cannot use the defense that they did not consume it instead of purchasing to supply or distribute it. The penalties for these crimes are equal to that of distributing the substance. 
Drug Crime Conspiracy

The penalties of each crime vary depending on the number of drugs found. For instance, if you were caught with no specified quantifier with marijuana, the penalties would be 20 years of jail time. Similarly, less than 500 grams of cocaine would result in a minimum of five years and a maximum of 40 years of a jail sentence. In case of more than five kilograms of cocaine-related crime, you are entitled to serve at least ten years minimum and maximum life imprisonment. 

Contacting a criminal defense lawyer: 

Drug laws in the states are complex, and if you are charged with drug crime conspiracy, there are high chances you get tangled with the laws and face severe consequences. A criminal defense attorney can bring the best result and find the right defense strategy to fight for your rights. 

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