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Discover the Richest City in Virginia in 2023

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Richest City in Virginia: Located close to Washington DC, Virginia is one of the most affluent states in the US. With an unemployment rate as low as 3.20%, the state has a healthy job market and a robust economy.

From technology and service to agriculture, diverse flourishing industries in the state boost its economy. 

No wonder it offers many high-end amenities to support the lavish lifestyles of millionaires and billionaires.

From excellent schools to global retail brand stores and Michelin-starred restaurants, you can find every upscale amenity you need in this affluent state.

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Within the state, there are many wealthy cities and towns that draw the rich to take up residence there. 

Curious to know which one is the richest city in Virginia?

Dive into our guide on everything you need to know about the wealthiest city in this vibrant state: –

The Richest City in Virginia 

Poquoson is the wealthiest community in Virginia.

The median household income in the city is $104,312 which is significantly higher than the national average.

Richest City in Virginia

The poverty rate is also low at 6.03% while the unemployment rate is around 2.40%. 


This picturesque coastal city is located in the middle of the Hampton Roads region.

Richest City in Virginia

It used to be a fishing village but today, it draws many to enjoy its upscale amenities and tranquil environment.

It features around 87 miles of shoreline on the Chesapeake Bay. 

Businesses & Connectivity  

The city’s business corridor features a plethora of diverse shopping and dining options that draw residents and tourists alike.

Its natural market area includes specialty dining options that use fresh catch from the sea, gift shops, and boutiques.

What’s more?

Richest City in Virginia
Virginia Peninsula

The city is well connected to the areas around the Virginia Peninsula through Interstate 64. The Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport is also only a fifteen-minute drive away. 

Quality of Life 

Poquoson boasts a great quality of life.

Richest City in Virginia
Richest City in Virginia

It has a low crime rate and is home to numerous exceptional schools that draw many families to take up residence here.

What’s more?

The city has a strong community feel and many community events are held throughout the year.

Couple that with excellent shopping and dining options and numerous beautiful parks. Owing to its coastal location, it offers a plethora of activities for outdoor recreation.

Attractions & Recreational Activities 

The Poquoson Museum #1

This charming museum depicts the rich culture and historical heritage of the city.

After witnessing its various fascinating exhibits, you can explore the grounds which contain a farmhouse from 1900, agricultural buildings, and frontage along Topping Creek’s marshes.

You’ll also find “Miss Becky’s Store”, a country store that served locals for a long time.

If you’re a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast, explore the march walk with raised platforms where you’ll find boards depicting information about native wildlife and plants. 

Mission Escape Virginia #2

This amusement centre features next generation Escape rooms where participants are supposed to solve complex puzzles.

They combine high-tech with mission-based scenarios to offer an exciting immersive experience.

It draws families and youngsters alike for a fun outing. 

Community Events #3

There are various exciting community events held throughout the year.

One of the most notable events is the Poquoson Seafood Festival, a three-day-long event that celebrates the coastal history of the city.

It features many artisans and craft vendors, food stalls, and regional entertainment.

It takes place on the third weekend of October in Poquoson Municipal Park. Another notable event is the City’s Holiday Parade which takes place in early December. 

Water Sports #4

The city’s 87 miles of picturesque coastline makes it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

From boating and kayaking to fishing, a wide variety of water sports are available.

You’ll find many inlets and channels, public boat landings, and easily accessible coves close to the centre of the Chesapeake Bay.

The city is also home to an impressive variety of wildlife including herons, bald eagles, and many other coastal birds, which makes canoeing and kayaking trips more special. 

Culinary Scene #5

If you’re a foodie, the city won’t disappoint.

Whether you’re looking for Italian delicacies, classic American fare, or Mexican delights, there is a wide variety of restaurants here serving different cuisines.

There are also many specialty restaurants that use fresh catches for seafood delicacies. 


The chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Poquoson is 1 in 193. This is significantly less than the national average. The city’s low crime rate adds to its desirability. 

Housing Market 

From single-family homes to townhouses and apartments, there is a variety of accommodation types available in the city.

The median home price is around $331K. If you’re looking to rent, the average rent for a three-bedroom apartment here is around $2,273 per month. 

Whether you’re thinking of travelling to or settling down in this affluent city, it is well worth every penny. 

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Q. What is the richest place in Virginia?

Poquoson and Great Falls are the richest cities in Virginia. 

Q. Where do most millionaires live in Virginia?

Great Falls is home to many millionaires. 

Q. What is Virginia’s wealthiest county?

 Loudoun County is the wealthiest county in Virginia. 

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