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Best Things to Do in Safety Harbor (FL) in 2023

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Best Things to Do in Safety Harbor: Founded in 1917, Safety Harbor is a charming city near Tampa Bay. It is believed that the city got its name because Florida was known to be home to many pirates. This meant that when people caught sight of the land, they were in a safe harbour. 

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Today, the city is home to many impressive attractions including fascinating museums, beautiful parks, and outdoor recreational spots. 

Planning a trip to this stunning city?

Let’s help you create the perfect itinerary with our list of the best things to do in Safety Harbor: – 

Soak in some history at Safety Harbor Museum & Culture Center #1

Travel back in time at this impressive museum. It houses various fascinating exhibits that display the town’s history.

Best Things to Do in Safety Harbor

From exhibits about the Tocobaga Indians to those depicting Florida in the Civil War, the collection here is noteworthy.

You may also find new works by local or national artists in the temporary exhibits.

What’s more?

It also offers numerous programs, classes, and workshops for kids and adults alike including programs such as Safety Harbor Stories and the Historical Markers.  

Explore Whimzey Bowling Ball House #2

As its name suggests, you’ll get a whimsical vibe here. From vibrant walls featuring murals, colourful tiles, and unique sculptures, you’ll find many creative features here.

Couple that with around 800 bowling balls on the house’s racks.

There are many diverse materials used to decorate the house here including plexiglass sculptures, bottle trees, recycled material sculptures, and more. 

Go fishing at the Safety Harbor Marina Park and Fishing Pier #3

Try your luck getting a good catch at the Safety Harbor Marina Park and Fishing Pier.

Best Things to Do in Safety Harbor

Not a fan of fishing?

There are various trails in the park, perfect for joggers. You can also enjoy a picnic on one of its many benches and catch a mesmerising sunset over Tampa Bay.

You may even catch sight of dolphins and manatees from the pier. 

Rejuvenate your senses at Philippe Park #4

Known as the oldest park in Pinellas County, Philippe Park is sprawled over 122 acres.

Best Things to Do in Safety Harbor

It is named after Count Odet Philippe who began the citrus culture in the state.

You can relax under the shade of huge oak trees, enjoy a picnic at one of the many picnic spots, soak in stunning views of Old Tampa Bay, or even go fishing and boating, there is a plethora of activities to keep you engaged. 

Sip on your favourite beer at Crooked Thumb Brewery #5

Love craft beer?

This brewery won’t disappoint.

Try some of the most delectable beer in the county here. The place also hosts various events such as live music, quiz nights, and pizza nights.

Visiting for a special occasion?

You can book it for a fun celebration too. 

Enjoy birdwatching from Safety Harbor Park Nature Boardwalk #6

This 2,500-foot Boardwalk is located in the core of Safety Harbor, offering beautiful nature views.

You can catch the sunset over the lake from the end of the boardwalk or enjoy birdwatching since many birds live in the area.

It offers a great opportunity to relax amidst nature. 

 Meet butterflies at Folly Farms Nature Preserve #7

Located only a mile away from downtown, Folly Farms Nature Preserve offers a serene escape into nature.

It is home to a scenic butterfly garden which is full of colourful flowers and butterflies.

You’ll also find a gazebo, a community orchard, and numerous walking trails in this beautiful preserve.

Visiting with kids?

There’s also a playground to keep the little ones delighted. 

Take a swing at Chi Chi Rodriquez’s golf course #8

How about a friendly match of gold on stunning greens?

Head to this par-69 course with 12 holes.  The impressive course features 70 sand traps, two-tiered greens, and water hazards.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll have a great time on the vast course which covers around 140 acres.  

Watch live racing at Tampa Downs #9

Cheer for your favourite horse as you witness a thrilling race at Tampa Bay Downs.

Best Things to Do in Safety Harbor

From catching a live race to enjoying some poker or golf, there are various activities to enjoy here.

When hunger strikes, head to one of the many restaurants nearby. 

Go wildlife spotting at Upper Tampa Bay Park #10

There’s a wide variety of flora and fauna to witness at this beautiful park.

Sprawled over 596 acres, the park has been protected since 1982. It is home to beautiful mangroves, flat-woods, and marches.

There are many animals that live here including otters, manatees, tortoises, and dolphins.

There is also a playground for children.

What’s more?

You can also kayak and canoe on the bay. 

Bike on the Ream Wilson Trail #11

Love the idea of cycling across some scenic places in the city?

Head to the Ream Wilson Trail.

The beautiful 13-mile ride will take you through Clearwater and Cliff Stephens Park.

If you’re visiting during summer, it’s best to head out early in the morning to avoid the heat.  

Spot alligators at Alligator Park #12

Observe alligators move around in this popular park. It’s located close to the Crooked Thumb Brewery.

The best place to view the mighty gators is via the Montgomery Trail. You’ll also find many beautiful pelicans around.

What’s more?

The lake also has a ramp if you’re daring enough to go boating on it. 

Explore Sunday Safety Harbor Market on the Main #13

Get a taste of local flavour as you explore the weekly Sunday Safety Harbor Market on Main.

From relishing fresh fruit juice to tasting pickled goods and buying local food items, there is something here for everyone.

You can also enjoy live music on the gazebo lawn after indulging in a scrumptious lunch.

The market sometimes also hosts art workshops, musical performances, educational seminars on agriculture, and charity events. 

Enjoy food and a movie at Gigglewaters #14

Relish your favourite snacks as you enjoy watching a fun movie.

Located on the city’s main street, this unique social club and screening room is perfect for a fun outing.

The place takes its name from the fact that alcoholic drinks were called “giggle water”. You can enjoy drinks, food, and movies all at the same place. 

Play basketball at Safety Harbor City Park #15

Sprawled over 21 acres, Safety Harbor City Park is perfect for a fun outing.

The park has various sports fields and offers plenty of recreational activities.

You can play baseball, basketball, tennis, and tennis.

The park is known for being the first to be certified municipal “Boundless Playground” in Pinellas County.

There’s also a picnic shelter as well as a concession stand that opens only during sports tournaments. 

So, pick the one that attracts you the most and head to this incredible city for an epic vacation. 

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Q. What parks are in Safety Harbor?

Safety Harbor City Park, Philippe Park, and Marshall Street Park are some of the popular parks in Safety Harbor.

Q. What county is Safety Harbor in?

Safety Harbor is in Pinellas County.

Q. What is the definition of a city park?

A city park is a public area of land in a city that features greenery, drawing many people to relax amidst nature.

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