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Best Places to Live in Missouri for Families  in 2023

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Best Places to Live in Missouri for Families: From the majestic Ozark mountains to the impressive Missouri River, Missouri is home to many beautiful natural attractions. Located near the centre of the nation, the state offers something for everyone. 

It has thriving industries such as food processing, transportation equipment, and aerospace amongst others that add to its robust job market scene.

What’s more?

The state has a vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene. Couple that with numerous excellent schools and an affordable cost of living.

Whether you’re looking for a bustling city or a tranquil rural vibe, you can find it here. 

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Relocating with family to the “Show me state”?

Let’s help you choose the perfect place to call home with our list of the best places to live in Missouri for families: –

Clayton #1

Looking for a small-town vibe with access to the big city amenities?

Clayton offers the best of both worlds.

A suburb of St. Louis, it is home to many walkable neighbourhoods, most of which are close to small central business districts. 

The city’s downtown area features many excellent restaurants and bars, perfect for a lively evening out.

Looking for some outdoor recreation?

You’ll find many beautiful parks here including the popular Shaw Park which features an ice rink, swimming pools, tennis courts, walking trails, and an outdoor pavilion.

Couple that with numerous highly-rated schools and a low crime rate. The median home price here is around $599K. The offerings make it worth the splurge.

Chesterfield #2

Another great place to raise a family in Missouri, Chesterfield is located on the western edge of St. Louis.

It is home to many highly-rated schools and has a significantly lower crime rate than the rest of the state. Its proximity to Downtown St.

Louis offers easy access to the city’s lively entertainment scene.

Love spending time amidst nature?

The town features many beautiful parks including the popular Rivers Edge Park and Veterans Honor Park.

You’ll also find the Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex and the Chesterfield Family Aquatic Center which offer a host of outdoor recreational activities.

The city also has numerous malls and an outdoor shopping area. The median home price here is around $558K. Considering the offerings, it is well worth every penny. 

Parkville #3

Perched in the western part of the state, Parkville comes with a host of attractive offerings. It is home to a historic downtown area where you’ll find many restaurants, boutique shops, and small businesses.

Its proximity to Kansas City enables easy access to the big city entertainment city.

What’s more?

You’ll find many vineyards, distilleries, theatres, and parks here along with a campground, offering plenty of recreational activities. Couple that with a high median household income, and excellent schools.

Buying a house can be slightly expensive here with the median home price being around $572 but if budget is not a constraint, go for it. 

Kearney #4

Whether you’re a nature lover or an adventure junkie, Kearney won’t disappoint.

Located in Clay County, this charming town is home to many scenic walking trails, beautiful parks, sparkling lakes, and sprawling golf courses.

It is also known for being the birthplace of Jesse James. The town features many historic buildings, restaurants, and shops here, enabling easy access to amenities.

What’s more?

There are many A-rated schools here and low crime and unemployment rates. The median home price here is relatively affordable at around $445K.

Columbia #5

Home to the University of Missouri, Columbia is a bustling city with a robust economy. Home to the university and two colleges, it has a sizeable student population and a vibrant arts scene.

You’ll also find a thriving nightlife scene here with many nightclubs, bars, and entertainment venues.

If you love sports, there are various sports events organised throughout the year.

What’s more?

You’ll find many top-rated schools in the city. The city also features buildings with impressive architecture, beautiful parks, and four historic districts. The median home price here is around $315K. 

Ozark #6

Nestled in the Ozark mountain range, this charming town boasts of lush natural beauty.

With its stunning terrain and numerous natural attractions, it offers a plethora of outdoor recreation activities including hiking, birding, biking, and more.

Ozark City Football club

With a crime rate less than the state average and many good schools, this is a great place to raise a family.

You’ll also find a charming downtown area here with beautiful architecture. If you’re a history buff, the city has plenty of fascinating historic sites.

The median home price here is around $300K which is significantly less than in many other places on the list.

Maryville #7

Looking for a small-town charm?

Head to Maryville.

From scenic walking trails to secluded woods and the beautiful Mozingo Lake, the town has plenty of natural attractions that add to its desirability.

You’ll also find a variety of restaurants here serving different cuisines.

Couple that with a vibrant arts and culture scene and numerous good schools. The median home price here is affordable at around $191K.

St. Charles #8

Another suburb of St. Louis, St. Charles was the first capital of Missouri. Its rich history can be seen in its various fascinating historic sites.

Love spending time amidst nature?

The city is home to many beautiful parks and the Katy Trail, offering abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. Its low cost of living adds to its desirability.

What’s more?

The city is also known for its historic shopping district that features many fascinating shops and plenty of excellent restaurants, perfect for an exciting evening out.

The median home price here is around $325K. With so much to offer, it is one of the best places to live in Missouri.

Pleasant Hill #9

Located in Cass County, Pleasant Hill is a small city that exudes a tranquil suburban vibe.

It has a historic Downtown area that offers plenty of entertainment options.

From picnicking at Depot Park, and exploring the 1899 Kellogg Opera House, to admiring murals and shopping from a variety of specialty shops, there is a range of activities to enjoy here.

Looking for some outdoor recreation?

There’s also a cycle track that connects the Old MOPAC Trail with the new Rock Island Trail State Park.

What’s more?

There are many excellent schools here. The median home price here is around $303K.

So, pick the one that ticks off all the boxes on your checklist and get ready to begin the next chapter of your life in your brand-new home. 

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FAQs :-

Q. Is Missouri a good state to raise kids?

With abundant natural beauty, plenty of cultural attractions, excellent schools, beautiful parks, and a relatively affordable cost of living, Missouri is a great place to raise kids. 

Q. Where is it a good place to raise a family in Missouri?

Kearney and Chesterfield are good places to raise a family in Missouri.

Q. Where is the best place in Missouri to live?

Clayton is considered the best place to live in Missouri. 

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