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08 Best Places to Live in Florida for Families Near the Beach

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Best Places to Live in Florida for Families: Adorned with clear waters, white sand, and plenty of attractions, Florida’s beautiful beaches make it a popular tourist destination in the world.

The Sunshine State is also home to many fascinating museums, world-class restaurants, and a lively entertainment scene.

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Couple that with plenty of excellent schools and a robust job market.

Planning to move to a stunning coastal town with family in this beautiful state?

Let’s help you narrow down your choices with our list of the best places to live in Florida for families near the beach:-

Dive in!

Palm Coast #1

Palm Coast is a small town on Florida’s east coast surrounded by beautiful uncrowded beaches.

The area’s charm is enhanced by its low-key atmosphere, making it a great place to raise a family.

Best Places to Live in Florida

The median home price of $389,000 is 14% below the national average and 13% below the state average.

Explore the beaches and nearby parks, or enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants in the area, there are ample recreational activities to enjoy here.

You’ll also find mom-and-pop eateries and franchises in this coastal town.

What’s more?

The town is home to exemplary schools and has a low crime rate, drawing many families to put down their roots here.

Jensen Beach #2

Jensen Beach offers the conveniences of a big city with a small-town vibe. The city is home to a friendly community and features plenty of boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops.

What’s more?

Schools in Jensen are well-funded and have an excellent reputation. Couple that with a low crime rate which means families can live securely in the area.

Best Places to Live in Florida

Love some outdoor adventure?

There is no dearth of outdoor recreational activities here with some of the most common ones being kayaking, boating, surfing, and scuba diving.

Jensen Beach has an average house price of $380,000, which is expensive for a seaside town in Martin County. But if budget is not a constraint, this scenic place won’t disappoint.

Cape Canaveral #3

Cape Canaveral is the perfect location for families looking for a laid-back lifestyle in an affordable place. A strong sense of community is evident in the city.

What’s more?

Schools in Cape Canaveral are amongst the top 20% of public schools in Florida, drawing many families to call it home.

Best Places to Live in Florida

The police are friendly and helpful, and public transport is reliable, making it easy for families without a car to get around.

With the beach just a short walk away and cruise ships nearby in Port Canaveral, there are plenty of activities for those who like to spend time on the water.

In addition to natural beauty and a friendly community, Cape Canaveral has a wide variety of restaurants and grocery stores.

While some people find early closing times uncomfortable, it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind of living in such a safe and family-friendly city. The median home price is around $270,000.

North River Shores #4

The weather in this part of Florida is great. While there are occasional violent thunderstorms, the pleasant summers make up for that.

Love enjoying outdoor recreational activities?

The city is known for offering many. From water skiing and fishing to parasailing, there is something here for everyone.

Best Places to Live in Florida

It has a median home price of $272,900 which is quite affordable as compared to many other beach towns in the state.

The quality of the schools, as well as its low crime rate, make it a desirable place to live for families.

Destin #5

Destin, a small town in the Florida Panhandle, has an average home price of $357,400. Due to its quality schools, Destin’s housing market is highly sought after, driving up prices.

What’s more?

The town is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the country featuring white sand and crystal-clear blue waters.

Best Places to Live in Florida

The city also has a variety of activities to offer, such as fishing, kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling.

If you’re a foodie, there are plenty of excellent restaurants and bars, perfect for a lively evening out.

Palm City #6

A quiet place away from downtown hustle and bustle, Palm City’s proximity to many beaches offers the quintessential Florida experience.

Best Places to Live in Florida

It is a great place to raise a family with good local schools and lots of kid-friendly activities. It also has a low crime rate and a strong community vibe.

What’s more?

There are plenty of parks, restaurants, and shops. The city also has great public transportation, making it easy to get around without having to rely on a car.

The median home price is around $417,000. The offerings make it worth the splurge.

Melbourne Beach #7

This coastal town offers a safe family-friendly atmosphere. Its excellent school district appeals to parents looking for quality education for their children.

What’s more?

There are numerous recreational activities to enjoy here such as swimming, fishing, boating, and more.

Best Places to Live in Florida

The town is home to many beautiful parks, and numerous great restaurants and cafes.

Considering the amenities, housing options are expensive here with the average home price being around $767K.

Merritt Island #8

Merritt Island has excellent resources for health care, education, and leisure activities, making it a great place to settle down and start a family.

The local government is very welcoming and supportive of families, offering programs to help them with housing, childcare, and even job placement.

It’s a small “town”, but it often feels like one tight-knit family.

Best Places to Live in Florida

The low crime rate and strong community vibe make it a pleasant place to call home.

Couple that with affordable housing options with the median home price here being $316,400. The town is close to all the attractions and activities of Cocoa Beach, and the cost of living is fairly low.

Other notable mentions include Pass-a-Grille and Daytona Beach.

So, pick the one that attracts you the most and head to this charming state to begin the next chapter of your life.

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Q. What is the best coastal town to raise a family in Florida?

Cape Canaveral and Jensen Beach are amongst the best coastal towns to raise a family in Florida.

Q. What is the safest city in Florida to raise a family?

Palm Coast and Riverview are the safest cities in Florida to raise a family.

Q. Is Florida a good place to raise a family?

With its beautiful weather, stunning beaches, and excellent schools, Florida is a great place to raise a family.

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