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Victoria Gerrard La Crosse, WI Shares Best Hiking Trails To Hit On Your Trip to Sedona

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If you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor adventure, look no further than Sedona, Arizona. With its stunning red rock formations, dramatic vistas, and endless trails, Sedona is a hiker’s paradise.

It can be overwhelming to choose which courses are best suited for your skill level and interests. But not to worry! Victoria Gerrard, La Crosse, WI resident, has traveled extensively in the area and shares her expertise on the best hiking trails to hit on your trip to Sedona.

Best Hiking Trails To Hit On Your Trip to Sedona

Llama Trail #1

If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging than Oak Creek Canyon Trail but still doable for most beginner hikers, then Llama Trail is an excellent choice. Located in Red Rock State Park, this trail takes you through some of Sedona’s most stunning scenery as it winds up and down hillsides lined with graceful juniper trees and towering red rocks. Be sure to bring your camera to capture fantastic panoramic views of the area!

Oak Creek Canyon Trail #2

This trail is especially popular among hikers due to its easy access to the highway.

The trailhead is right off State Route 89A and winds along a scenic creek that runs through Oak Creek Canyon.

The trail is relatively flat and well-maintained, making it perfect for beginning hikers or families with small children. As you hike along the creek, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife such as deer, elk, and birds.

Boynton Canyon Trail #3

For those seeking a more challenging trek in Sedona, Boynton Canyon Trail offers plenty of challenges without being too strenuous. This moderate hike starts at the base of Boynton Canyon and follows a winding path into the canyon before eventually looping back around again.

Along the way, you’ll pass several ancient Native American sites where you can learn about the region’s rich cultural history while enjoying breathtaking views of Cathedral Rock.

The Cathedral Rock Trail #4

This trail winds up a red sandstone butte, providing hikers with stunning views of the surrounding area from the top. The estimated time for this hike is around two hours, depending on your pace and how many stops you make along the way. While moderately strenuous, this trail is suitable for hikers of all skill levels as long as they are prepared with proper footwear and plenty of water.

Devil’s Bridge Trail #5

The Devil’s Bridge Trail is ideal for those looking for a short but challenging hike. With an estimated time of about one hour roundtrip, this trail will take you to a natural sandstone arch that towers above one hundred feet off the ground—perfect for taking some epic photos! Wear sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water as you make your way through this rugged terrain.

West Fork Oak Creek Trail #6

The West Fork Oak Creek Trail is a 6-mile loop that takes approximately four hours to complete, making it ideal for an afternoon or full-day outing. Along this trail, hikers will find lush forests that provide shade and respite from the hot desert sun.

Make sure to pack a lunch if you spend several hours here; there are plenty of scenic spots along the route, perfect for a picnic!  

How To Stay Safe While Hiking

Going for a hike can be a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature, but it’s essential to follow specific safety protocols while out. The most crucial step is to plan and ensure that your route is suitable based on the terrain, difficulty, and environment of the area. Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back; this lists your expected route and should also include estimated travel times. Knowing these details can make it easier for search parties to find you if needed.

Additionally, bring some essentials with you such as extra water, snacks, an emergency whistle, first aid supplies, flashlights or headlamps, weather protection gear like a raincoat or sunscreen depending on the season, a map of the area, even if electronic equipment will be used (e.g., phone with navigation app), a compass or GPS, appropriate footwear and clothes for the conditions on your hike. Preparing yourself beforehand can go a long way in ensuring your safety in case of trouble!

What Makes Up A Good Hiking Shoe?

Good hiking shoes are an essential component of any hiker’s gear. When shopping for the right hiking shoes, it is necessary to consider fit, material, and durability. Fit is arguably the most critical factor; shoes that are too tight or loose can lead to blisters and sore feet on longer hikes. Be sure to try on multiple styles, materials, and sizes before deciding what to purchase.

It is also essential to check the material; good hiking shoes should support and be comfortable but waterproof in inclement weather. Lastly, look for quality craftsmanship and a durable sole. A good hiking sole will provide proper cushioning and traction for different trail terrains. When these elements come together, you can enjoy long hikes with comfort and security, knowing you have chosen the right pair of hiking shoes.


No matter what kind of hiking experience you’re looking for in Sedona—easy or challenging—there are plenty of options depending on your skill level and interests. With Victoria Gerrard La Crosse WI’s tips on these top trails in mind, you’re sure to have an incredible time exploring this beautiful desert landscape! So don’t delay—pack your bags today and start planning your next adventure!

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