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Best 10 Places to Live in California for Families

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California is an incredible place to reside in.

Places to Live in California for Families: From the unmatched inland beauty to delightful year-round weather and thriving city centers that offer top-tier schools for children and excellent employment opportunities for young professionals, it’s no surprise that hundreds of residents move to the Golden State every year.

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Here’s a roundup of the best Places to Live in California for Families.

San Diego #1

Regarded as one of the best places to live in California, San Diego is an eminently hot-moving city for families, thanks to its picturesque beaches, superlative golf courses, bustling nightlife, and remarkable eateries.

San Diego

It has a booming job market providing employment opportunities to young professionals and plenty of schools, zoos, parks, museums, and outdoor amusement activities to keep the little ones occupied.

San Diego is the perfect place to reside with family, with the only downside being the high cost of living.

Sacramento #2

A top choice for families to settle in, Sacramento is one of the most economical cities in the Golden State.

The place boasts an affordable cost of living, abundant educational and employment opportunities, as well as an up-and-coming healthcare industry.

With several bike trails, trekking paths, and sports activities, Sacramento has a lot to offer to adrenaline junkies.


The availability of various breweries, shops, pubs, and restaurants means you’ll always have something to explore in the city.

Bakersfield #3

Another affordable city in California, Bakersfield, is a perfect choice to live for families.

The city boasts a respectable per capita income, a high standard of living, and reasonable housing costs, plus the taxes on income and property are relatively low as compared to other California cities.


Famous for its music scene, this mid-sized city is located just a short drive away from Los Angeles and is home to many promising sectors, including agriculture, healthcare, and oil.

Irvine #4

Irvine, a beautiful city situated in Orange County, is recognized for its well-paying jobs, top-tier educational institutions, world-class shopping centers, stable housing prices, and pleasant weather all year round.


This suburban city boasts breathtaking landscapes and a low crime rate making it one of the best places to live in California and raise a family. 

Los Angeles #5

If the big city life excites you, there is no better place to live than Los Angeles.

Here you get the best of both worlds – Hollywood glamour and plenty of bike hiking trails just waiting to be explored by the adrenaline junkie in you.

While life in the “City of Angels” is all about soaking in the sun and chilling by the ocean, it also provides ample employment possibilities for people from all backgrounds.

Los Angeles

The high cost of living in the city is common knowledge, but only a few cities in the country can match up to what Los Angeles offers to its inhabitants – from the best of schools, outdoor recreational activities, parks, and libraries to incredible food scene and entertainment options to wonderful climate and cosmopolitan lifestyle, the list goes on.

San Jose #6

If you are a tech worker searching for the best places to live in California, San Jose might just be the right choice.

A hub for innovation and technology, San Jose homes thousands of tech companies – Adobe, Netflix, PayPal, eBay, Cisco, Apple, Oracle, and Uber, just to name a few.

Though the cost of living in the city is quite high, the abundance of lucrative job opportunities should enable you to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

San Jose

Low crime rates, top-class schools, beautiful neighbourhoods, and plenty of fun activities to indulge in makes San Jose a great place for families to settle in.

Fremont #7

Located in close proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Fremont attracts a lot of professionals who commute to nearby cities for work or business.


Its affordable housing prices and reasonable cost of living, combined with its sunny summers, mild winters, safe neighbourhoods, superior education, and efficient public transportation, make Fremont a top pick for families when choosing the best places to live in California.

Pasadena #8

A family-friendly city, Pasadena boasts an easy-going atmosphere that stands in stark contrast to the adrenaline-fuelled and fast-paced lifestyle typical of Southern California.


The city is situated right outside Hollywood city and is considered one of the safest places to live in California.

From scenic landscapes and favourable weather conditions to affordable schooling and a thriving job market to diverse dining options and year-round outdoor recreational activities, Pasadena has everything its residents could ask for.

Oxnard #9

Next in, our roundup of the best places to live in California features Oxnard,  a mid-sized coastal city that homes pristine beaches, national parks, and the famous California Strawberry festival.

Oxnard features a bountiful of reputed schools, art and cultural institutions, restaurants, and green spaces.

With a fair cost of living, robust job market, and safe neibourhoods, Oxnard makes a great place for families to move to.

San Marino #10

Whether you prefer to live in a tight-knit community away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles or want to have all the big city amenities at your disposal, San Marino has something for everybody.

San Marino

It’s one of the safest places to live in California; no wonder it appeals to both young families and retirees.

Owning a house here is sure to cost you a fortune; however, the prices are reasonable compared to the neighboring communities.


What are the advantages of living in California?

California is known for its year-round pleasant weather, mesmerizing beaches, and national parks. The Golden State is boastful of having some of the safest cities in the US, as well as a robust job market, an excellent education system, and a distinctive amalgamation of city and suburban living.

Are there any downsides to residing in California?

As with any other place in the world, moving to California also has its downsides, including the high cost of living, heavy taxes, and scarce public transportation.

Why living in California so expensive?

Due to the huge gap in the demand and supply of resources, California is one of the most expensive states in the US. The state is ideally suited for families that are able to afford the high cost of living.

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