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Best 10 Places to Live in Arkansas State for Families

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Places to Live in Arkansas State: For families wishing to live amidst nature, Arkansas is a dream state. This underrated state has everything in it to make your life happy and comfortable.

From pristine lakes and free-flowing rivers to rugged mountains, there are so many natural wonders one can explore here.

Leaving aside the natural beauty, Arkansas is an affordable state.

While the housing rates are low, even daily items like groceries can be had in plenty without creating a hole in your pocket.

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The towns have something special about them and you will never find it boring discovering more about them.

We have compiled some of the best places to live in Arkansas State.

1. Bentonville

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about Bentonville is Walmart. The largest retailer in the world has its headquarters and a museum dedicated to highlighting its growth in this small town.

However, there is more to Bentonville than Walmart!

Families willing to relocate here will be happy to discover that the town has some of the best schools in Arkansas. Also, the public transportation system here is reliable and good.

The crime rate is on the lower side and there are lots of parks to socialize with others and relax for a while. Housing rates are affordable for most families.

2. Little Rock

Your list of best places to live in Arkansas is incomplete without having Little Rock in it. Being the state capital, Little Rock is the economic and cultural hub of the region.

There are tons of job opportunities here and finding a house within the budget is easy for most families wishing to live here.

The city is densely populated compared to other towns in the state.

However, the standard of living here is good as all the basic amenities are available within the urban area.

Little Rock

If there are young members in your family, they are sure to get attracted to one of the many entertainment options available in the city.

And if you are an art buff, you can consider exploring many art centres in the city.

3. Jonesboro

Jonesboro is the hub of many sectors, including manufacturing, education, healthcare, and agriculture.

Therefore, if your family is thinking of living here, you can easily expect plenty of job opportunities coming your way.


The city houses several shopping centres and entertainment zones to keep everyone in the family interested.

The younger ones in the family will find the parks, zoos, and museums worth visiting during their free time. Jonesboro has a low crime rate and enjoys excellent weather conditions for major portions of the year.

Being a small city, commuting time is also on the smaller side.

4. Bella Vista

If you are looking for a homely atmosphere to grow with your family, then Bella Vista is ideal.

This small town has lots of homes where retired people live. However, young families are also welcome here and connect themselves with nature.

Bella Vista

There are good hiking trails and lakes for anyone who loves the outdoors and exploring nature.

The education system of Bella Vista is good and has several reputed public schools in the vicinity.

The soothing atmosphere of Bella Vista should appeal to everyone in the family and the crime rate here is low. Also, as the town is located close to Bentonville, residents shouldn’t have a problem accessing basic amenities.

5. Hot Springs

A lot of people know Hot Springs as a picturesque town with healing waters. However, there is much more in this town that has made it possible for it to be on the list of best places to live in Arkansas.

This small town has some of the most beautiful architecture you will ever come across in Arkansas.

Hot Springs

There are also many bathhouses in the town whose warm waters help residents and visitors relax after a long and tiring day.

To top it there are many good public schools and shopping centres. The cost of living in Hot Springs is also on the lower side.

For family members who love the outdoors, the town has several hiking trails, forests, and gardens.

6. Siloam Springs

Siloam Springs is a small and beautiful town located close to Oklahoma. The town was initially inhabited by people in the late 19th century owing to the healing powers of its natural springs.

Siloam Springs

Today, it is a fast-growing town that has many modern restaurants and shopping centres.

Siloam Springs is also ideal for people who love being close to nature.

The annual Dogwood Festival attracts thousands of visitors each year to this peaceful town. Families will find it easier to settle down here as the crime rate is low and commuting time is also on the lower side.

7. Bryant

Located close to Little Rock is the small town of Bryant. The best part about this small town is that it has a small but well-connected community of its own.

If you are considering living here with your family, you can expect to have a great time.

One of the perks of living here is that the town is safe and has a posh neighbourhood.

Public schools in the region are good and are considered to be amongst the best in the region.


Job opportunities in the town are on the upside owing to booming sectors like healthcare, high-tech, and retail.

The low cost of living and relatively better recreational options make Bryant an ideal place for most families to live.

8. Cammack Village

Cammack Village is one of the best places to live in Arkansas as it has a low crime rate and its community is vibrant and friendly.

As the place is small, most people own their houses and the entire village is a bit conservative.

There are many public schools of repute in Cammack Village.

Families wishing to live here can also look forward to exploring a variety of restaurants, parks, and shopping centres.

9. Conway

If you want to have all the amenities of a big city but still want the vibes of a rural area, then consider living in Conway.

This small city should be on your list of best places to live in Arkansas as it is an educational hub and has a low crime rate, some of the parameters that most families consider while relocating.


The city provides plenty of job opportunities in sectors like education and tech companies.

Conway also serves as a major hub for healthcare and shopping for nearby regions.

Plenty of cultural activities, including orchestras, also are conducted in the city, along with theatre programs. Children in the family should have a great time visiting places like Hogwild Family Fun Center, Cadron Settlement Park, etc.

10. Fayetteville

One of the fabulous places to settle down in Arkansas, Fayetteville has a youthful and energetic feel to it, owing to the presence of a large university in the region.

Living in this city means you get ample opportunities to explore natural surroundings, including forests and mountains.

Besides being close to nature, residents of Fayetteville have several beautiful parks, nightclubs, and markets to check out and spend their time in.


The carnival-like atmosphere of the city makes it interesting and an automatic choice for many families wishing to live in Arkansas.  


What is the best part of Arkansas to live in?

If you are looking for the best places to live in Arkansas, then consider moving to Bentonville. There are so many things in this small town to falling in love with it. All your family members will associate themselves with it. Besides being a natural paradise, Bentonville is a cultural hub, a culinary hotspot, and an educational hub. The town also provides plenty of job opportunities to residents as its economy is vibrant and growing.

Where is the most beautiful place to live in Arkansas?

Eureka Springs is one of the most beautiful places to live in Arkansas. This small picturesque town is well known for its spas and natural springs. There are numerous art galleries spread across the town for people to be interested in. There are also tons of outdoor options for you to explore to make your stay here happy and memorable. From parks and lakes to historic castles, there are so many things to see and admire here.

Is Arkansas a Cheap State to Live?

Arkansas is one of the cheapest states to live in the US. So, if your family is on a budget, you can easily find a variety of housing options in Arkansas. The average rent in this state is also on the lower side.

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