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ASRA Transforming Lives Of Destitute Women

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SalamatRaho presents to you the inspiring story of ASRA. Aligarh Self Reliance Alliance (ASRA) is a platform to transform the lives of destitute women and to change the narrative of their identity. This venture was created in 2019 by the Muslim Social Uplift Society (MSUS), a registered NGO in Aligarh(U.P.), working for the education of Muslims since 1981. 

It facilitates the overall personality development of trainees through 40 weeks hands-on skill training. The Alliance aims to make them independent and alleviate labels such as ‘destitute’ or ‘deprived’. It nurtures them to grow, build a sense of community, rekindle their thought process, and enables them to undertake independent decision making. ‘Economic independence’ is the central theme of activities undertaken at ASRA.

development of trainees

The alliance aspires to align and work in pursuance of the Government of India’s initiative of “beti bachao, beti padhao” (save daughters, educate daughters) by adding “beti kamao” (earning daughters) to it.

development of trainees


  • ASRA runs two programs simultaneously –first is orchestrated to hone the needle-work related skill sets honed being fabric painting, tailoring, needle work- crochet, appliqué phool-patti work, while the second is digital literacy.
  • The proceeds of the products prepared by trainees during the training are distributed amongst them as remuneration for their services.
  • To train girls in online marketing social media handles and a website have been created which are operated by trainees under the supervision of ICT trainer.
  • Mid-day meal and dietary supplements are provided on a regular basis to meet the nutritional needs of women in general. Further, physical and mental wellness of girls is closed monitored by experts and professionals. 
  • Personality development, career counselling and facilitating enrolment in formal educational institutional are others areas ASRA works for the holistic development of trainees.

For Donations and Charities:

Account No: 86212010037605

Account Name: ASRA 

IFSC: CNRB0018621

Contact No: +91 7895659800

Email: asraforwomen@gmail.com

Team NomadLawyer salutes ASRA for doing a commendable job for the destitute women in showing them the path of light and enabling them to be independent.

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