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Askalu – A local food during Diyali festival in Upper Kullu

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Did you know about Diyali Festival?

Diyali is a local festival celebrated in Upper Kullu valley.

Local Dance during Diyali

Diyali festival

Diyali is celebrated on the night of a new moon in the Poush month and villagers illuminate the valley by burning small stacks of wood on rock slabs.

This festival ends with throwing abusive phrases to evil spirits. It is believed that hurling abuses will ward away evil spirits.

Diyali festival
Local temple where puja is performed during Diyali

A procession is taken out where hundreds of drummers and trumpeters visit every house and walnuts and peanuts are thrown at them. 

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It was lovely meeting you Aunty

Local food served during Diyali

Guests are invited and served local delicacies such as Giche, Askalu, Chiladae, Bade and many other traditional dishes from the region.

Local Dish- Askalu

Team NomadLawyer celebrates Diyali with Kapil Thakur’s Family in Palchan, Manali

Mr. And Mrs. Thakur- you guys are amazing hosts at Clifftop Cottage

I consider(Team NomadLawyer) fortunate to be part of this local festival in Manali with Kapil Thakur’s family. Kapil Thakur runs the Clifftop Cottage in Palchan Manali. Kapil bhai and his wife introduced us to a traditional local dish called Askalu. Kapil’s mom prepared this local dish in a very traditional way. Let us delve more into Askalu.

Kapil’s wife explaining how it is served

If you wish to know more about Clifftop Cottage, here is the link:

Watch the video on YouTube:

What is Askalu

Ainkulu, also called askalu, is a festive dish made from rice flour slurry mainly in Kullu region. It is prepared in Askaali, a traditional stone made utensil used to make Askalu.

The Askaali used by Kapil bhai’s mom is approximately 100 years old and it runs through their family. His mom is really proud of this possession.

The religious belief of offering Askalu to the local deity

100 years old Askaali- made from stones

Kapil’s mom

The final dish is mixed with local ghee and milk produced at home.

Interacting with Local People

We had really good conversations with the local people from different age groups. The idea behind such conversations were to understand the religious beliefs, traditions, local dishes that encompasses this festival. We would love to show these conversations through our YouTube channel. 

150 years ancestral kath-kuni house

Do watch the video on YouTube channel- NomadLawyer, to know the process of Askalu making.

Don’t forget to subscribe the channel.


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