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7 Best Things to do in Montana de Oro State Park for a Memorable Outing

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The towering cliffs make for a spectacular border of the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean at the picturesque Montaña de Oro State Park. Located along California’s Central Coast, this park features great oceanfront viewpoints and offers a plethora of activities to indulge in. 

From kayaking in Spooner’s Cove to watching seabirds, and spotting wildflowers, to simply lounging about on the beach, there’s something to do here for everyone.

Wondering what to do in Montaña de Oro State Park? 

To help you narrow down your choices, we have curated a list of the best things to do here for a fun outing: – 

Travel back in time at Spooner Ranch House #1

Sneak a peek into the rich history of this ranch house which has an intriguing story. Dating back to the 1800s, this historic site will transport you to a different era.

Spooner Ranch House

 In 1892, Alden Bradford Spooner II began developing this ranch. It eventually grew to 9000 acres and spanned three generations of Spooners. You can explore the vintage furnishings in the rooms and soak in the spectacular views of the coastline.

Imagine what it would have been like for the Spooners to live in such a picturesque location!

If you’re a history buff, you’ll love exploring the displays which provide information on the significant role played by the ranch during the Prohibition Era in the 1900s when producing & selling alcoholic beverages was banned.

You’ll also get to know about the ingenious practices of the Spooners to run a ranch in such a remote location. 

Kayak in Spooner’s Cove #2

With pebbly sand, tide pools, unique rock formations, and caves, this beautiful cove is a must-have on your places-to-visit list. You can kayak into the cobalt-blue waters of the ocean for a thrilling outing.

Kayak in Spooner’s Cove

You’ll find many families enjoying picnics and taking in the beauty of their splendid surroundings. You can even find some furry creatures happily running around since this beach is dog-friendly.

With so many offerings, this is perfect for a fun day out. 

Go hiking on Valencia Peak Trail #3

Seeking some adventure?

Hike to one of the highest peaks of Montaña de Oro State Park. At an elevation of 1,275 feet, you will be rewarded with breath-taking views from the top, which makes it worth the effort.

Valencia Peak Trail

You can relax at the picnic table on the top and soak in the sublime views of Morro Rock, Cerro Cabrillo & Point Buchon.

Don’t forget to put on sunscreen as there’s little shade on the way. 

Explore sea life in tidepools  #4

Low tide at Corallina Cove features an area of rocky reefs. You can find exquisite sea life here, from ochre sea stars, and black abalone to lined shore crab. If you’re travelling with kids, it is one of the best activities to do here.

source: facebook

Watch them light up with enthusiasm as they spot beautiful sea life creatures. 

Walkers are advised to walk lightly in the area to protect the wildlife so make sure you enjoy this in an environmentally conscious way. 

Go biking #5

Craving some adrenaline rush? Go biking.

Wonderful views and plenty of trails make this place ideal for mountain biking.

source; facebook

With exciting paths, pleasant weather & scenic views, you will love exploring the mountains on your bike. Make sure that your bike’s bell works since hikers & bikers share these trails. 

Appreciate exquisite wildlife #6

Montaña de Oro is a part of the Whale trail where you can utilize the best viewing opportunities from December to April.

Other than these gigantic creatures, there is a variety of wildlife that you can spot here.

Appreciate exquisite wildlife

From otters, dolphins, deer, and squirrels to different kinds of birds perched atop cliffs, there is a lot to see.

Bring along your binoculars to make the most of your experience. 

Soak in the views on the Bluff Trail  #7

Offering some of the best views, Bluff Trail is a 3.4-mile path along the coastline. Rated as easy, this has a gentle slope. 

Bluff Trail

You’ll find many tidepools & bridges over washes, which make for an interesting walk. 

It takes about an hour and a half to complete so if you’re short on time, this is one of the most convenient trails for an easier but wonderful hike. 

So many activities offered by this coastal paradise make it one of the best destinations for all kinds of travelers.

Be it a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, Montaña de Oro State Park is sure to delight. 


Q. What to do in Montaña de Oro State Park?

From exploring tidepools, hiking, and mountain biking to kayaking and birdwatching, there are a plethora of different activities to do here. 

Q. What is the highest peak in Montaña de Oro State Park?

Alan Peak is the tallest peak in Montaña de Oro state park. 

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