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5 Reasons Atlanta Has Become Such a Desirable Place to Live

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5 Reasons Atlanta Has Become Such a Desirable Place to Live:- Atlanta, Georgia, has a rich history and is a place of culture, entertainment and innovation. The city’s population is continuously growing and for good reason. Many things make the city attractive. 

Here are the 5 Reasons Atlanta Has Become Such a Desirable Place to Live:-

Growth of the Big Peach 

The phoenix is a common symbol for Atlanta because it’s the only North American city destroyed by war. In 1864, it was set on fire by General William Sherman as part of the Civil War, with only 400 buildings surviving. 

Rising again, Atlanta’s now back to being one of the largest cities in the United States.

It’s one of the most popular among artists, outdoor enthusiasts and people who want a big-city experience with the hospitality many small-town southerners specialize in. Here are the five top reasons Atlanta is such a desirable place to live. 

Cost of Living

Unlike other major cities like New York and Los Angeles, Atlanta’s cost of living is just 2% over the national average, making it affordable for people who want to live an urban lifestyle with opportunities to advance in many industries.

Reasons Atlanta Has Become Such a Desirable Place to Live
Atlanta Has Become Such a Desirable Place to Live

The median home price in Atlanta is under $500,000, with booming technology, transportation, finance, education and media all around. 

Film Industry 

While the center of the American film industry lies on the West Coast, that could soon change. For years, Atlanta grew from a small occasional filming location to a hub for major Lionsgate, Disney and Universal.

The Hunger Games movies, Fast and the Furious sequels and several major Marvel Cinematic Universe pictures were at least partly filmed in the city.

Recently, experts identified Georgia as the country’s fastest-growing film industry, centered around Atlanta and nearby Savannah. Tax incentives are a large draw for studios, and Atlanta greatly benefits from the cast and crew, who sometimes spend months in the city.

Thanks to its growth, more actors and aspiring filmmakers are flocking to the metro Atlanta area instead of LA.

The Weather 

Atlanta is a rare southern city with four distinct seasons and an average annual temperature of 61° Fahrenheit. That starkly contrasts how most of the country thinks about it. While it’s true that mid-summer averages 89° F, January has an average low of 34° F.

It has a temperate climate with less than two inches of annual snowfall, making it an excellent location for snowbirds who want a seasonal change while escaping harsh temperatures and blizzards.

Atlanta also isn’t on the coast, but it’s near enough to enjoy it. The beach can be a day trip, but residents are less likely to face major damage from extreme weather events.


There are many ways for people of all ages to enjoy the city and its surrounding areas. Atlanta has over 3,000 parks and recreation centers where families and friends can hike, explore, and play together. Opportunities to connect with nature include the botanical gardens and Beltway trail system.

Enjoy the city’s zoo, aquarium, museums and history centers, including Jimmy Carter’s presidential library. It’s also home to Coca-Cola World and the College Football Hall of Fame.

At a plethora of locations, you can find live music and comedians. There’s always something to do there.

You can’t talk about Atlanta without mentioning the thriving sports scene. Home to the Atlanta Falcons and Hawks, football and basketball only crack the surface of the sports opportunities available in the city.

In just past decade, the Atlanta Hawks Foundation has helped contribute 25 new sports surfaces to provide easy access to community courts for over 750,000 residents.

The Locals 

It’s easy to feel lost and unwelcome in a large city, but Atlanta has the spirit of Southern hospitality. There’s a stereotype that all Southerners are kind and welcoming.

While every location has outliers, many tout the ability of residents to maintain a comforting environment among areas of concrete jungles.

Offering smiles and greetings to strangers is commonplace. Though over 5 million people are living there, many will stop a visitor to help them navigate and discuss what they love about the city.

The city is especially welcoming to younger generations, with a conscious effort to cater to Millennials and Generation Z.

Enjoy the Advantages of Atlanta Living 

There are many perks to living in Atlanta. If these five appeal to you, the city might suit you.

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